Annates for the Diocese of Emly


).  5th June (1452 or 1460) - see (C.P.R., X, 593; XII, 92) Malachy Willialmi, O’Mulryan the beneficiary, pledges himself to the Camera for the annates of the monastery of B.V.M. of Wothina (Abington) alias de Wothania, of the Cistercian order in diocese of Emly, whose fruits are 4 marks Stg. vacant by deprivation of Richard or Risterd Smllr made in forma jeiris, and given to above at Rome, 5 Kal June, Anno sexto. (C.P.R. X, 593; XII, 92).



1506.  25th Feb.  Philip Ymulin (O’Mulryan) Mullane priest of Cashel diocese pledged himself to Camera for annates of perpetual vicarages of Cashel, Emly and Killaloe diocese, vacant in certain manner-fruits of which exceed 36 marks stg. They are united for Philips lifetime, dated 7 Id Feb. Anno III.  He promised to pay Collector etc.  (Arch. Hib. X,91).


1511.  23rd March.  Master William O’Mulryayy (O’Mulryan) cleric of Emly diocese pledged himself to the Camera for annates of Kyllicnagaruf Straduale, Killaloe; and of Kyllosaile (Killoscully?) Cashel diocese, parochial churches of perpetual vicarages, vacant in a certain manner, whose fruits all told do not exceed 20 marks. Mandate of provision, 3 Kal Mar. Anno VIII.  He promised to pay Collector etc.  A Bull was delivered because (vacant) by judicial deprivation.  (Arch. Hib X, 94).



(1533).  12th May.  Donald Imolrian, (O’Mulryan) monk of the monastery of B.V.M. of Hoyna (Owney alias Abington).  Cistercian order, of Cashel? diocese, pledged himself for the annats , one part, of Holy cross of Octorlauroir (Holy Cross Abbey), on the other part, of B.V.M of Honya (Owney), monasteries of the  Cistercian order, and of St. Monsini (Munchin’s) and also St. Nicholas parish churches of perpetual vicarages of Cashel, Emly and Limerick diocese respectively vacant in certain manner, fruits not exceeding 250 marks stg.  Mandate of provision to said Donald, dated 16 Kal May, Anno X.  He promised to pay Collector in the district etc.





262(323).  Pardon to William Sex of Bolyike Co. Tipp (gent), Thady M’Phillipe O’ Mulriane, Walter Morres and William Redmond, of same; Rd Fitz Piers Buttler, Donagh O Magher of Ballymolmer, Thomas Cantwell of Glangowill, Rd Cantwell of Moylossan and Peter Butler of Cloneouer, kerns;(Philip Hennebre of Grannagh, horseman and Gerald mTeige, horseman - last two crossed out in original).  1 Apr III (CPR, p176, art 32)



326(99).  Grant of English Liberty to Patrick O’Mulryan of Ballynymyake, Co. Tipperary husbandman, and his issue - 28 May III.


398 (258).  Pardon to Thomas Purcell gent alias Thomas Purcell baron of Loghney (Loughmoe), James fitz Robenete Purcell of Amydde (Athnid), John Purcell of Gragyfraghan, and Walter Stapulton of Killagan horsemen; Philip Purcell of Ballycormycke, Cornelius or Conghor O’Fogerde of Monerowe (Munroe, Inch), Thady riaghe O’Mulryan of Ballymekaughe, Philip reagh O’Meagher of Loghney, Rd. Purcell Fitz Phillipe of same, and Rd. Cantwell of same, kerns - 20 Nov. III




491 (454).  Pardon to Philip Purcell, provost of Holy Cross; Dermot Riane official of Cashel;  Patrick Coursy, archdeacon of Cashel;  Rd. Archdeacon, treasurer of Cashel; Thomas Cantwell, chancellor of Cashel;  Nicholas Gerrode, vicar of Moyne; John Sall, rector of Kilconyll; Rd. Haly, of Cashel, clerk;  Philip Farrell, chaplain ; Malachy Nadde, vicar of Ballyngarye Thady O’Dure and Thady Connowe of Caisshell, chaplains ; Stephen Herrold, treasurer of Limerick ; Donald m’Reyry O’Mulriane of M’Kenye [clerk in C.P.R.]; Donald M’Doermode O’Mulriane of Killmocowoge [clerk]; and Donogh O’Kearny of Ballyduaghe, clerks - 11 May IV.  (C.P.R., p. 205, art 67).



625 (376).  Lease to Thomas (Butler) Earl of Ormond and Ossory ; of the manors of Kilkenny, Gawrane, Fowkscourte, Callane, and Damaghe, Co. Kilkenny;  Carryckmagriffyn, Knockgraffan, Thurles, Mohobbor, and Shancourte, Co. Tipperary;  Rathvilli, Clonemore, and Arclo, Co. Carlow; two parts of the manors of Rushe, Ballscadan, and Portraven alias Portrarne, Co. Dublin; Blackcastell, and Donamore, Co. Meath; Oughterard, Castellwarmynge, and Clyntonscowrte, Co. Kildare;  lands in Kilkenny, Gawran, Fowkescourte, Callan, Damaghe, Ballycallan, Garranbehye, Cowleshyll by Ballykife, Rossmore, Ballyleyn, Aghemure, Killmanaghe, Rossebarcon, Ballaghclonym, the mill of Jeryponte, Gragewoleye, Ballywontyn, Kilkenny, Shoterslande, Newcasetle, Kyllalloo, Keppehedyn, Phisiccioneston, Listerlynge, Tullougher, Cowleyshil by Bawon O’Dowghe, Donferte, Ceylaghmore, Pottelrathe, Dengenmore, Ballynlobbe, Kylderye, Fosse by; Thomastown, Cloghemllete, Garranyvoltere, Racashe, Cnockantrowley, Killmoycayle, Kyllonyrrye, Garranconyll, Kilcrony, Bryttas, Skarrye, Shraghgaddye, Leannaght, Gurtyn in Ferryn - O’Ryane, Inche, Kyllye, Derrenehinche, Bennetisrathe, Rossonensghe, Browneston Warynge, Gragrawe, Castlekellye, Cashellaryell, Newhouse, Tomastown, the O’Brenans Ballytarsnye, the mill of Bennetsbridge, the mill of Cloggaghe, Ballydonyll, Balldowyll, Bodaylle, Kylmacowe, Julyanston, Garrydowe, Killmakere, Tomkene, Dirrenetoyke, Rathowterneye, Shortalleston, Monamocke, Krynkyll, Raloghan, the mill of Cowlebane, Rathricken, Ballymackgyllegill, Cownfile, Garranroo, Ballydare, Ballygennet, Kylgrybe, Garrancownall, Ballynasownsen, Ollordelyaghe, Ballynrusshyllye, Ballyphillip, Knockroo, Rosenharly, and Athynowe in Co. Kilkenny; Carrykmagriffyn, Cnockgraffyn, Thurles, Mohobbor, Shanecort, Garryweyle, Cloghmonocodde, Garrynereye, Ilylhmoreorcusshen, Blackcastle, Cloghmonocoddes, Glangoyle, Ballyamyrry, Baronslands in Clonmel the late Abbey of the Grey Friars, Clonmel, Castlelleurre, Rathkene, the Grayge coy Cnockegraffyn, Balymore, Kylkane, Knockinglashe, Kylboyne, Montample, Ballyntagart, Pouerslands by Ardefenane, Ballyglishe, Garranrowe, Ballynteysere, Barrewaghe, Loghekean, Kylltalaghe by Kyllconyll, Shanavalledowe, Kyllmogorbane, Mogorbane, Breany, Crompiscastell, Lyscayll, Ahennye, Moyclere, Pykardeston, Glanegowell,raeperkyn, Kylbryde, Ravin, Rowane, Lisseduffe, Tibberdowne, Ballyartelle, Grageperkyn, Byalafynweye, Ballecomyn, Kyllslowane, Rosserke, Ballevicredmond, Enaghe and Corckhenny, Co. Tipperary; Rathville, Clonmore, Arclo, Garrane by Pouerseourte, Pouerscowat in Ferryn - O’Ryane, Ballywalltryn, Rayn, Rapett, Seskyn, and Ryane in Co. Carlow; Rushe, Ballscadden, Portraven alias Portrarne, Co. Dublin; Blakcastell and Donamore, Co. Meath; and Oughterard, Castellwaring, and Clyntonscourte, Co. Kildare; Certain lands in the cities of Dublin and Waterford; the towns of Wattonreade and Rathtrone; Greate Ilande in Co. Wexford; lands of Elanewrycke, Keppaghe, and Barrewakin.  The prise of wines of Waterford, Rosse, Limerick, Dublin, Drogheda, and Dundalk.  All which were in the lands of the King by the minority of the said Earl. To hold during the minority and until livery shall be granted, at a rent of £681-4-2 ¾ and £6-13-4, out of the manor of Kilkenny to Martin Potterchelo - 18 Nov. IV.

(This would be the extent of the Earl’s possessions at this time, apart from dower lands etc.)




681 (670). Presentation of John Ryan, clerk; to the vicarages of the Cathedral church of Emly and of the parish of Cullen, diocese of Emly, vacant because the late incumbents Dermot O’Cahill and Reiry O’Hiffernan were of the Irish nation.- 13 Feb. V.  (C.P.R. p. 237 arty 28)



1159 (902).  Presentation of Donald Rean (Ryan) of Solchoid, clerk, to the rectory of Cromye (Croom) diocese of Limerick, vacant by the death of Thady Rean and usurped by Wm. O’Hurnly (O’Hurley?) (No date) (Feb. 1 in C.P.R.).  (C.P.R. p. 282, art. 132).



157 (137).  Pardon to Master Dermot O’Mulryan and Donald O’Mulryan of Solchoid, Co. Tipperary, clerk and bachelors of laws; John and Dermot O’Mulryan of the same place, clerks; Donald O’MulRyan of the monastery of Uathine, Co. Limerick, clerk; Sir William Stackbolde otherwise Stapelton, dean of Cashel; Sir Dionisius or Donal O’Mulryan B.C.L. a canon regular [of Cahir]; John Browne of Any, Co. Limerick, clerk; and Corneluis O’Cailte of Any, and Donat or Dionisius Goffrey of Cashel, priests - 5 Aug. IV and V.  (C.P.R. p.364, art. 5)

Old Style Note:- dates from 1st  Jan up to 25th of March in each year, are written, eq. 1599-1600; 1601-02; Etc.

Silk value 40/= a pound; knives 25/= a dozen; thread 10/= a pound; 500 herrings @ 6/8 Cow-40/=.


158 (154).  Confirmation of Donald O’Mulryan in the deanery of Emly, the rectories of Brivis (Bruis) and Kilconyll, the vicarage of Nayra (Templeniry?) and the prebend of Kilbeakeakayn (Kilbrickane in Loughmore) in the church of Cashel; of Donat O’Mulryan B.C.L., canon regular of the order of St. Augustine, in the priory of B.V.M. Cahir (Kahyr); of John O’Mulryan in the priory of B.V.M. Athaisshell in commendam, the archdeaconry of Cashel and the vicarage of Cuillin (Cullen) erected into a canonry and prebend in the church of Emly; and of Dermot O’Mulryan (of Solchoyde - in C.P.R.) in the prebend of Kilbeacan in the cathedral of Limerick, and the chaplaincy of Nalt (Killeenagallive?); all having been obtained by pontifical provision - 6 Aug. IV and V.  (CPR - p. 373, art. 79).



686 (519).  Presentation of Rd. Beard, clerk; to archdeaconry of Cashel, vacant by the death of Master John Rian and in the gift of the crown by the vacancy of the see - 26 Nov. VII.





921 (656).  Rd. Crok Fitz Thomas of Boyllick, Co. Tipp in an extensive Kilkenny pardon - 28 July VIII. (A great number of O’Ryans in it).



1055(753).  Pardon to Wm. O’Mulrean chief of his nation; Donald O’Mulryan gent. his brother; Conoghor O’Mulryan; Dermot O’Mulryan; Ely O’Mulryan, and John O’Mulryan gents. sons of the said William. Security as in 900 (in Co. Limerick) - 13 May IX.



1342 (1127).  Pardon to Wm. alias Hullock Bourke of Kahirkinlish, Wm. Fitz John Ivaninine of same. Henry m’lysagh O’Mulrian of Keapeyewillin, walter Fitz John of Kyloulyne gents; Roland Bourck Fitz Redmond and Logklyn balluff O’Manynane of Kahirkinlish, horsemen; Rd. Fitz Thomas Bourke of Killenane, Wm. alias Hullock m’Thomas [Bourke} of Ballynycarrygy, John Fitz Edmund [Burke] of Beallasymon, gents. Security as in 900 - 31 Mar. XI.




1862-1890.  Numerous Pardons with address seldom specified; some are in Co. Carlow and others appear to be of Kilkenny.  None seem of Tipperary although there are numerous Butlers, Wales, Meaghers, Tobins, Purcells, Fannings, Nolans, Hacketts, Keatings, some Fogartys, Ryans, numerous Graces, some Comefords, Carrolls, Burkes.



2256 (1847).  Pardon to (among others in Cork or Limerick), William m’ Morish (FitzGibbon) son of the White Knight; Garret Morish his brother; Walter m’ Shane of Knockorne (Knockordan) gent; Donald O’ Mulrian of Annagh gent; also O Briens O Mulyrans etc, all gents, but no address given - 6 May XV. (O Sullivan, Bourke, O Grady, Lacy, Moris, O Gorman, O Cehisay etc).




2262 (1819).  Pardon to (among others in S and W Limerick ) Dermot Ryan of Solghot; Thomas Fitz Morish Tomekyn of Ballencourte; Garret Ganagh Rolley of Rolleiston; Edmund Bourke m’ ‘Richard of Grenan.  Fine, one fat cow each 8 May XV


2282(1816).  Pardon to Rd Butler  Fitz Piers of Gralagh, gent;  Tiblad owre Butler Fitz Piers of same gent; Margaret ni Mulrian, wife of John Butler fitz Pieri; Patk Power of Grallagh yeoman; Rd Fitz Piers Fitz John Butler; Redmund Hacket of Horeaby (Hore Abbey); Teige McConave of Gralaghe; Philip O’ Spillan of Synon (e); Rd Bwy Fleming of same David m’ Teig O Conill of Erry; Teig O Spilan of Synon; Philip duff O Shee of Grallagh, Wm O Shea of same; Rory McShean, alias Shannagh of Synon; Thos Fitz Tibot duffe Butler of same; Peter Reighe O Heyde of Magawrye; Wm Keile Burke of Gralagh; John m’ Konyghan of Ballee; Terrelagh rwo m’ Konningham of same; Donald O Dowgane of Billaghlin Dromy, Yeomen.  Fine one (fat cow each - 26 May XV.



2303(1797).  Pardon to Connell m’Shane glas O’mulryan of Kilcaloughard Co. Limk; Morogh of m’ Bryen of Paleys, Co. Limk.  Turlaghe m’ Connor m’ Bryen Whiteston, Co. Limk; Down m’ Connor, m’ Brien, and Connor M’ Brien, gentlemen, Bryne m’ Connor m’ Bryne, Kenny m’ Leisye I Mulrian, of same place and ThomasKeating Fitz James, of our Lady abbey, CO. Tipperary horseman.  Jooan fitz Owne m’ Craghe of our Lady abbey, Co. Tipp; and Henry O Mulrian Fitz Donnell of Ownhye Co. limk.  Fine one fat cow each - 26 June XV.



2514 (2142).  Pardon to Donald O Royn alias Eglanney, Redmund Condon m’ Walter, Mortaugh O’ Caise, Brian m’ Kennedy m’ Tirelagh O Brene, Donald m’ Melaghlen Reagh of the Rians of Downe (Doon), Wm. Browne Fitz John of the Hospitall, Donald m’ Fynyne of Carties, Fynyne Lisson, Thady m’ Donyll of Carties, Thady m’ Moriertagh I Rywardan, Mathew m’ Morachagh O’ Brian; Gibbon m’ Richard of the Gibbons, James Fitz Rd of same, Maurice Fitz Richard of same and Thady O Cassy gent - 17 Nov. XXV.





2637(2116).  Pardon to Conell O Mulmoye of Cloghehensy, Co. Tipp., horseman; Rich Power of Grauntiston, James Laffan of Ballingre and Walter Laffan of same, gentlemen, Peter Laffan of same, arquebusier; John oge Burke Fitz John of Ballacaren and Thos Butler Fitz Richard of Cabbraghe, gentlemen; Gillepatrick Moile O Lorcan of Ballynehinche, horseman, same Co.; Feragal beig m’morish of Irry kern, Edm begh Power of Grauntiston Co. Tipp., groom; Maurice Power of Fowkeston; James Butler, Fitz Piers oge of  Archeriston; Walter Butler more Fitz Piers of same; Theobald Butler Fitz Piers oge of same; David Gall of Ardfynan same Co., horsemen; Wm Daton of Ballyn Co Kilk gent; John Keating of Gorteallen Co. Tipp., sergeant; Wm Keating of same horseman; Mich Daton of Grauntiston, footman; Teig o Corran m’ Wm reogh, footman; Edm English of Rocheiston, gent in same Co.;  Thos Purcell Fitz Piers of Kilclone Co. Kilk footman; John Fitz James Fitz Morish of Ardartie Co. Kerry; Connor O’ Moilryan of Craige Co. Tipp., and Shane Ynglane or England O’ Meagher of Glanebeagh gents; Wm Comen Fitz George of Knockgarrancrahyn, and Peter Comen Fitz George m’ of same, footmen; Edw Moreshe of Drohedneferne (Farneybridge) horseman; Brian Swyne m’ Gilleduff of Cloghynsie, Dermot m’ Wm Bourke of same and John was O Lonergane of same, galloglasses.



2784(2420).  Pardon to James Fitz John Fitzgerald of Carryghyttell, Co. Limk gent; Conell m’ Shane glasse O Molrian of Capecullen; Donough gawe m’Bryen of  Balleniette, Donald in Dierwood, m’Shane glass O Mollryan of Glanega same Co gent; Oliver Lacy of Alackagh horseman; Gibbon Cowshen of Ygalloghowe, husbandmanman; Moiretagh m’ Morghe m’ Shirly of Malla, gent; Gerald m’ Philip of Ballenprior, horseman; Donoghe roe m”Shurdan of Terbert; Wm Leigh m’ Tho. Barry of Ballenytie, husbandmanman; Walter Leo Donkipp and Tho Lacy of Cnocksany same Co, gent Security as in 900.  “Sir John of Desmond’s men” (Several other pardons this year in Cork and Waterford of Sir John’s men at his earnest suit sometimes - 5 May xvii.



2968 (2558).  Lease (under commission, 6 Aug XVII) to  James Butler Lord Baron of Dunboine: of the site of the Abbey of Rupe alias Hore Abbey, Co. Tipp., lands and a warren of conies in Hore in the tenure of Edm. O’ Farane, Messuages and lands there in the tenure of John Menane, Derby Riane, Thadee Duf, John Shallie, Stephen Gregorge, Patr. White, Mathew Thirney, Nich. Tallaughan, Moryee Butler, John O’ Kelle, Rich. Heynie, Rich. Bryste, Nich Rawe, John Roche, Wm Saunton, Donough O Merye, Hobbert Stackbowe, John Followe, Tho Roche, Wm Coman and the customs of the tenants there; messuages and lands in Cashel in the tenure of Hobbert, Stockbowe, John Sale, Tho Halie, Rich Vale, and the customs of the tenants and one gallon of every brewing of ale for sale in Casshell; land and tithes in the Grange of Irre and the Grange by Feddart, the rectory of Rupe, the rectory of  Raileston with its tithes extending to Moholker, Illane and parcel of  Rosharline Co. Tipp.  To hold for 21 years; rent £20; Provided that he shall not alien to any except they be of the English nation both by father and mother, without licence under the great seal, also he shall not charge coyne or livery or other unlawful impositions.  Fine £20 - last of Feb XIX


3097 (2325).  Pardon to Donogho M’Crah of Gallally in Arhlo, Co. Limerick, gent; Muirrihirtagh McRery O’ Hirnan of same, kerns; Donald m’Ne Marra of  Galbally, harper; Ryckers O See husbandmanman; John roa O Brenan kern; Rory m’ Donell, tailor; Philip m’ E’den M’ Gubbin; Philip m’ Teig O Kelly and Ea more O Hickye kerns; Conoghor m’ Deirmod O Mulrian husbandman; Ullig m’ Miler Burck and Tho m’ Shane O Keylye, kerns, of the same place.  Fine one cow each. 7 Sept XIX.



3102(2312).  Pardon to Melomory m’ Enish O Hernane of Sroyll, Co. Tipp; Farraghell m’Meolmory O Hernane, MacCrah O’ Hernane and Ahery O Hernane of same, Thymors Teig O Hernane of same Clerk; Enias m’ Fariell O Hernan and Shane mTeigh O Hernan of same and Wm Fitz Walter English of Rahyencott clerk; Donogho O Mulruony of Sronyll and Conoghor m’ Shane I Mulrian of  Salighode, husbandmanmen; Morish Fitz Edm O Lalor of Ballyclohy (Ballyclohy) tailor; Margaret my Ahirny of same; Sir  Kenedy m’ Brien (Dean of Emly) priest of same; Onory ny Gwyer (Dwyer) of Kylmynonagh (Kilnananagh ) Shane m’ Owen Odwyer gent; Edm O’ Dwyer of  Kylmynaogh; Kahir m’ Shane glish I Mulrian and Philip m’ Shane glish I Mulrian and Philip m’ Shane glish I Mulrain of Kylynalongford and Shane m’ Donell m’ Donogho I Mulryan, kerns - all in Co. Tipp; Conoghor M’Henry of Capricolyne, Co. Limerick gent; and Donogho m’ Donill merigy of Ballyngarran, Co. Limerick, gent; kern.  Security as in 900.  Fine one cow each - 12 Sept XIX.



3364(3072).  Pardon to Philip O Dowire of Dondromy (Dundrum) Co. Tipp gent.  Dermot O’ Dowire of same, John O Dowire of same and Philip rueagh O Mulryan of Dromban, Rory Duf Dowire of Gortessa, Molaghlem O’ Daworen of Kernyn and Donough O Dowaire of Ballytempell, gents; Gilleduff Fitz Edmonde of Clonnespoe, Wm Leigh O’Dowaire of Gortossa, John Cantwell of Milton and John Hackett of Ballenconrine, horsemen, Donoghue o Kowrke of Dondromy husbandmanman, John Fitz Edm. Hogan of Clonnegon, Clerk; Edm. Fitz Davy of Belly Thomas Redm. Fitz Davy of same gents; Edm. Fyne Tobyn of Granteston and Wm Fitz Jeffery of Sronhill same Co - yeoman. John Fitz Edm Hogan of Donoghell same Co. Priest, Wm Fitz Donell Hogan of BallyDonoghe, Mollaghlem Fitz Derby O Dowire of Ballynekerny, Mahon O Hogan of Ballydonoghe and Mahon Fitz Donoghe O Dowire of Crossaill, freeholders; Kenedy beg m’ Mahon O Mullyryan of Donogell, husbandman; Johanna Hogan of same, widow; Boellagh m’ Clanchy of Ballyglassse husb.; John O’ Kahell of Temple Ivrydan (Templebraden Co. Limk. Priest Dermot O Kahill of same husb; Morough kiaghe m’Teig mBryn of Ballytarsna same Co. gent; Knogher rioghe O ‘Hee of Carikeogwnaghe same Co. and Teige O Muldony of Limerick, yeoman (& 5 others of Cromae(Croom?).  Security as in 900.  Fine one cow each.  Commended by the Lord President of Munster - 12 July XX.





4168(3430).  Lease (under Queen’s letter, 9 Feb. XXV) to Peter Sherlocke of Waterford gent; of the site of the Priory of Caier alias Cairdonesk, Co. Tipp, the demense land of Kilmchelaghe, the new Graunge, the greatGraunge, late in the tenure of Tho. Donnoghe, a mill late in the tenure of John Galban, 2 eel weirs late in tenure of Philip Rian, a tenenent and gardens in Caier, 3/4 chief rent out of the burgage of the town of Caier, land in Knockheale, Co. Tipp., the rectories of Caier, Donohill and Ganoghe Loghlore (  ) and rectory of Feadamore in Co. Limk.  To hold for 40 years from the determination of No 3377.  Rent £24-11-6.  Maintaining one English horseman.  Provisions as in 2938.  Person born in English Pale included with English by birth - 17 June XXV.




4371(3476).  Pardon to James Butler of Lysmallen (Lismalin) Co. Tipp, Pierce Butler Fitz tho of Grandge; Pierce Butler Fitz Edm of Roskrey; Tho Butler Fitz Pierce of Crochane; Tho Butler Fitz John of Ardmaile; James Butler Fitz John of same; John Cantwell of Kyllens; Mylesw Cantwell of same; John m’ Garrald O Bryn of Cowlyns; James Fannyng of Ballikele (Ballkeely, ? Cashel), Oliver Mores of Drohidinefaryn (Farneybridge);Cahir O Mulryan of Cangorte; David Fannynge of Tully; Richard Purcell of Knohye; Philip O Dwyre (the chief) Clonyhorph(Clonyharp) Derby O Dwyre of same; John Dwyre of Bealanekilly; Mahone O Daverin of Karone; Pierce Butler Fitz Edm. of Rathcowle(Rathcoole); John Butler Fitz Edm of Woddingeston and Gilleduff - alias Philip O Dwyre of Clonelysboy.  Security as in 900  - 26 April XXIV.


4508 (3492).  Pardon to Derby oige Ryan alias Mulreane, clerk of Solohod,  Tho Ryan, Donogho Ryan, Donell O Meary, Lysenusgy, clerk, Daniel mNogly, Cornell m’ Sheane I Mulryan of Sholdode, Konoghor m’ Dermodite M’ Brien of same, Matthew Fitz Tireligh M’Brien, John O Kenedigh of  BallyIngarga , Edm Kearney of the Holie Crosse, Philip O Kenedigh of Ballyncloghe, Owen m’ Othney I Kenedigh Fitz Donogho oyge, John Fitz Philip O Kenedigh of Ballynycloghe,

Melaghlin Fitz Teig m’ Gullymarten, Brian O Kenedigh Fitz Hugh of Raplagh, Sewf Fitz James m’ Nogly of Solohod, Onory Hurley of Tipperary and Kathlen alias Katherin Moris of Lysenusy.  Provisions as in 4475 - 14 Aug XXVI


4520 (3966). (Pardon to Ullig Brown of Kilkellain  gent, Philip Brown of same, Edm Brown of same horseman, Ulig Brown Fitz David kern, Connellym Cahir Owlrian, Edm Tobin, kern, Moris O Leny, kern, Loughlin m’ Donoghe I Grady, Gwlla ni Comyn O Leighe, Moris meryagh Fitz Tho Gibbon, Hey m’ Shane I Mulkierie, Edm duff Brown kern, Donnell m’ Teig I Conboy, Hary Grady m’ Mahowny,.  Conoghor ni Wm Igowregan, Teige oge m’ Drohid, Morish O Riegain, Teig O Heie, Morishe og Hurbeard, Philip Namoney and Shane na Kelly na ’Keogh.  Provisions as in 4475 - 20 Oct. XXVI .



4535 (3879).  pardon to Mulmory M Erevan M’ Connigan of Woony , Margaret ny Thomas ny Gybon, his wife; Rory m’Owen O Mulrean of Clonbonny, Rich O Holligan, Conghor Leigh m’ Conghor O Mulrean, Tho reogh Cantwell, Thady m’ Owen O ‘ Mulrean, Edm Roe Fitz John Butler Edm Fanninge m’ Rich, Rich m’ David mCodey, Derby Glassam of Kahirgillewogre (Carrigoreilly?), Teig m’ Canny,. Ellice ny Mahown his wife, Donell O Barry Mc Mahon m’ Teig O Mulrean, Donough m’ Teig O Mulrean, Donogh m’ Owen O Mulrean, Donogh m’ Conoghor Bwoy, Gilleduffe m’ Innir, Mahown bragagh O Dwyre, Mahown O Goherye, Mahown Bwoy.  Security  provisions as in 4475. - 26 Nov XXVII. ( Same date pardon to more O Mulryans, Walshes etc in Co. Limerick, without further address; but probabley of Owenbeg and Clanwillian.



4659 (3813).  Pardon to Wm Fitz Rich Purcell of Aghcale, yeoman, Walter Fitz Wm Fitz Theobald Bourke of Gleaghe, gent.,  Gyles alias Sylye of same, Donogh O Fogorttie of the Pallice gent.,( Pallas, Borrisoleigh), Melaughlin m’Donoghe Senneghan of Rathunoy, Tho. O’Sennaghan of Keappagh na Moddaghe, and Edm I gleanna Bourke of Ileagh, husbandmanmen, Wony Fitz Connor O Kenneydy of Keill-m’ Phillippoig, Feaghy O Ha of Crulceill, Keadagh O Kennydy of Ballynigarry, Derby Duffe O Mulryan and Teige O Sheaghasse, yeoman, Redmund Morris the  Templemore, freeholder, Melaughlin fitz Donell O Spellian of Kilcowlian, Wony rewagh m’ Padyn of Thome (Toomevara), Rory alias Gilleduffe M’ Padyn of same husbandmanman, John Keill O Carroull of same yeoman, Katherine Fitz Wm I Dowir of Keallnymanaghe, widow, Edm Purcell of Aghcale and Wm Garraine I Carroull of Ballyin Loghe yeoman,  Donogh O Broghan husb, John Kearny Fitz Wm of the Ballytrassny, Rich  more Fitz Wm Fitz Redmund Purcell of Borres, Tho Hackett Fitz Peirs of Blean Hackett yeoman.  Provision as in 4553; excepting also any who have received pardon or have committed any offence worthy death during the government of the present deputy (Perrot) - 14 May XXVII.



4674 (3825).  Pardon to Teig O Meagher of Cluoin in Keany Co. Tipp.  Conoghor m’ Gilleduff O Meagher of Kilcormayckee, Wm McDonogh O Meagher of Kileoghe, Margaret Fitz Torna I Mulconary, Margarte Fitz Conoghor o Meagher, Owny O Mulryan of Balyn ky, Kyen m’ Donell of Kilcommyne in Ely, Owny Fitz Gillypoill of Synroyn in Ely Solly, m’ Egan of Corrovill, McLaughlin Fitz Cowrogry of Keilnycry in Ormond and James Fitz Morris I Leaghlowir of Gawlin Co. Tipp..   Provisions as in 4620 - 31 May XXVII.


4694 (3811).  Pardon to Wm M’Deirmod of Creighe.  John O Olay of same, Brene M’Olay of same, John m’ Donell of Urra, Donogho m’ Teig of Balcollatin, Dermod boy O’ Maghair of Killosagathin, Morough m’Cay of Creighe, Henry Nasy of Garranmore.  Philip M’ Donnell of Cuilosluosty, Teig and John m’ Philip of same, Henry m’ Olay m’ Mathowny duin, Hugh m’ Mathowny duin, Donell m’Rorie of Garrynamona, Teig m’ Rorie of same, Wm m’ Doncuan of Lissinnarigid, Edm O Dullkin of Neaeghe, Gilleduff O Brien of Knockan, Donogho O Gillahnain of Tarmon Tanain, Donell cron of Bealnafivearna , Donill m’Mic Con, of Ceathirmur, John M’Melery of Cuiltimroge, Teig m’Connor of Killvreetian, Brien m. Donoghean Calaith, Cughogiry duff mGillaphoill, Wm m/ Teig m’ Connor of Kilvrerectain, Brien m’ Donoghean Calaith , Cughogrithy duff m’ Gillaphoill, Wm m’ Teig of Curraghe awirin , Peter m’Birragera of Balleinlissin, Piers duff m’ Richard of Baleartye, John O Meary of same, Dermod O Mulryan of same, Donogho O Flathirta of same, Raynald O Keinith of Scribog, Donogho O Kenaith of same, Teig o Kennith of same, Henry m’ Brien of Balaghacapuill, Conor m’ Brien of same, More ny Caroull wife of Terence Y Brien, Margaret ny Kenedy of Moynro , Elinor de Burgo, Onora ny Caroull, of Modrinthy widow, Grany y Teig wife of Gillephoill, Onora ny Grady, Hugh Horgain of Youghaill in Aree, Brien ballagh of Palysha, Maurice m’ Mathowne of Twith, Rorie m’ Conoghor of Carrigwadden. Teig in Galladuff of Ballycomain, Morougho O Kenedy of Aghe - m’ Thomas, Gilleduff m’ Teig of Balemickyn , Brien m’ Teigh of same, Teig m’ Wm m’ Keogh of Inishnacronighty, Donell m’ Donoghe m’ Lurkain, Dermoid O Hicky of Baleconirigain, Diarmuid m’ Connor m’ Dermod Wony, Donill O Clery of Brodir  and Donough m’Shane of Inaghe - Cos Co Tipp.,  and Limk.  Provisions as 4620 - 5 July.


4695 (3835).  Pardon to Tirdagh O’ Brien alias m’ I Brien Arre, Donogh m’ Egan of Sessirighell, Conoghor O’ Thuoty of Crockannemin, Finola my Brien of Palish,

Donogh O Hynnain of same, husb, Cahir m’ Shane glasse of Thonesgreny gent, Gilleduff m’ Teigh of Killneloughert, husb, Shane O Mulrian of Dirreleghe.  Edm m’ Shane Itarmyn of same and Gilleduff O Kennedy of Garranmore gents, Dermot m’ Egan of Brittas clerk, Teigh m’ Conoghr of Curraghduff, Mathew O Hogan of Ballathurussin yeoman, Moritagh O Brien of Moniro gent, Shane O Kennedy of Ballenecleclody, gent., Conoghor m’ Teig m’ Shane of Mondussane and Edm m’ Murrogh of Lyssin yeoman, Matthew O’ Hogan of Belinatha and Moirertagh O Glisan of Kilmore, husb, Mich Bourke of Couckaneth gent, Oen boy m’ Keogh of Kilmacclastery, Donogh cam Makeogh of same and Carbrie m’ Egan of Sesserighkell, husbandmanmen, Wm Butler Fitz, Tho Peirs Drilin of Kilbereghan, Tho Shorthall Fitz Oliver, Donhill m’Donogh of Tulahedy, Honor Grace widow, Patr oge Purcell of Clondoty and Nichol Loghnane - Co. Tipp.,  and Limk.  Provisions as in 4553, Pardon not to included any offences committed in time of government of present Deputy (Perrot) - 5 June XXVII.


4733 (3998).  Pardon to David Fitz Wm Bourke of Derryclowny gent, Jowan Fitz James his wife, Thos Fitz Wm Bourke of same gent, Ellis Fitz William of same, Theobald Fitz Edm Bourke of the Brenseach and Mellery Fitz Walter Bourke of Ballahakaryen (Ballycaron) yeoman, Edm bowy Bourke Koyllyn (Cullen) husbandmanman, Richerd m’ Em bowy of same, Wm m’ Edm Bourke of same, Theobalt begg Fitz Edm Bourke of Ballynhinssy.  Redmund Fitz Jeffery Bourke of same kern, Rich Fitz tho Bourke of Skurlogetton, Tho m’ Rickerd Bourke of Corrogh and Wm Fitz Walter Bourke of Clogheryaddy (Clogherady,) yeoman, Theobald Fitz John Bourke of Derryclowny, Moirtagh m’ Rory O Hiffernain of same rimor, Mulmory O Hiffernaine of same Stockagh, Ferreghar O Hiffernaine of same, stockagh, Teigh m’ Shane I Donogho of Ballalakeyn, Tho m’ Shane I Gonycow of the Old Grang husb, John m’ Donogho V gleassayn stockagh, James Reogh English of Solkoyd, Rich Fitz Walter English of same kern, Laghlin owre m’ Donogh oge of Scronell labourer, Mahowne balfe m’ Teige mac Donell of same, Donogho roe O Kassowe of Beallahakeryn husb, Onora m’ Shane I Donogho, Donogho m’ ‘ Conoher roe kern, Katherine ny Ullick Bourke of Kilmoleagher (Kilmoyler), Edm Looby O Dullaine of Ballakeryn, John m’ Melmery Burke of Cully, stokaghs, Walter Fitz John Englishe, yeoman of Solkoydbegg, yeoman, Katherine Fitz Wm Butler of Rathcorn, Dermod m’ William of Riasg in Valley, Kennedy m’ East of Ballemackergh, husb, Mahowne.  Mac Kenedy of same and Wm O Markaghaine of Castlecowk, yeoman, Donogho O Kermeyck piper, Conoghor O Hiffernane rymor.  Richard m’ Shane y Kayrby of Killmoellaghayn and John m’ Tho I Rian of same, labourers, Philip m’ Thomas of Balleynayrd, yeoman, Rickerd m’Walter English of Solcoyd, kern, Rob Fitz Walter Prindergrasse and John  m’ Dermod I Donell  husbandmanman; Co. Limerick (most if not all places mentioned are in Co. Tipp).  Provisions as in 4475, also excluding any who have obtained pardons or committed offences worthy of death since Easter last.  Not to exoronate anyone of the murder of son of John M’Coghlan knt - 8 July XXVII.


4753 (3989).  Pardon to Cahir Fitz. Wm. O’Mulrean of Owney, Co. Limk. horseman, Conoghor m’Henry O’Mulrean of same, kern, John Fitz. Tho. M’Donell, and Donell m’Cormock m’Shane, of same, husb., Teig m’Mahowny m’Owen boy of Ballegey, kern, Edm duff M’Melaughlen of same, Wm. m’Dermody roo of Killycknegarf, John M’Donell bwlly of same, and Donogho lyeth M’Gilla ny neof of Ballebarre, Husbandmanmen, Teig m’Deirmody M’Sekays of same, shot, John moell M’Cahir of Balleygey, kern.  Ulig m’Wm. derrynach Bourke of same, Edm. roo O’Hee of Britas, yeoman, Maurice m’Rich m’Garralde of Cnocloyngy (Knocklong), yeoman, Ee m’Cormac O’Hee of Carrigogonach (Bilboa), kern, Wm. m’Conoghor reogh O’Hee of same, and Dinell m’Mahowny m’Shane of Imlly, yeoman, Wm Duff m’Melaughlen M’Teig, husb., Garret roe Fitz Wm. Rollie yeoman, Tho Fitz Morishe Walle, kern, Owney m’Rorye O’Heyn, yeoman, Manus oge m’Shehie galloglas, Moriertagh m’Terrelagh, of Kerry, yeoman, Seyf yny Heffernayn of Kurryhy, Gilleduffe m’Donogho of Knocklongy, Donnogh m’Shane M’Keoghan, horseboy, Conoghor o’Marynayn of Cahirkenlis, husb., Melaughlen ruo M’Deirmody of same, Wm. m’Edm m’Teig og Kurragh duff, Conoghor m’Edm m’Teig of same, kerns, Moriertagh m’Eneas O’Hiffernain of Latten, yeoman, James O’Barry of Kilcullen, surgeon, Teig m’Donell of Karigkirryly (bar. Clanw. Limk.), kern, Teig O’Hiffernain of Sronill, yeoman, Teig m’Moroghow m’Rycard, of Arllogh (Aherlow) kern, Tirrelagh ballagh m’Conoghor oge O’Bryen, and Ahayrney O’Hiffernayn of Mychellston, yeomen, Tho Fitz. Redmund Bourke of New Hillston, David Fitz Redmond Bourke of same, and Donogho m’Shane ynerig O’Kromyn, kerns, Tirrelagh moell m’Moriertagh O’Bryen, horseman, Grany yny Hiffernayn of Rahin ny goer.  Conoghor O’ Morissy of Muskrey Kuricke, kern, John m’Moroughowe o’Keally of same, kern, James O’Kearney of Killtilly husb., John Laffon of Nowan (noan).  Rich reoghe Britt of Lyshmorerthy (Lismortagh) yeoman,  John O’Howlleghan of Greyston, tailor, Tho. Fitz David Bourke of Ballegriffin, yeoman, Rich Toben Fitz John of Keyllnequaiff, kern, Mahown roo O’Keynlewayn of Solkoyd, messenger, Teig m’Firr of same, stokagh, Edm fitz Derby Rian of same, husb., and Mahown m’Teig of Downe, husb., in Cos. Limerick and Tipp.  Provisions as in 4620 - 14 July XXVII.




4907 (4005).  Pardon to Connor nymongy O’Dwire of Keillnamenaghe, gent.; Rorie Casagh O’Kenegan, galloglas; Donogho m’Philip I Gwire of Churchston; Rorie m’Shane oge, galloglas; Edw. Mocly of Moclyston, gent.; Everan m’Kenegan, galloglas; Rorie O’Buill, galloglas, Moriertagh O’Dawirne of the Karwe in Kellynnaugh; Gwllanaif m’Teige y Dwir of Beallnakelly, Wm. m’Teige I Mulrein of Goartafroy; Teige m’Shane I Mulrian of Lysduf, kern; Philip m’Wm. Mulryan of Old Balliriogh; Rorie m’Swyny, galloglas; Donogho yteghnaghta O’Dwire of the Laghell; and John Lyagh of Kellnamanaghe, kerns; Walter m’Edm. Stapelton of Durlissbeig; Wm. m’Redmond Stapelton alias m’Ygeill of Keillveill urise; Philip m’Teige Vicke Ytereny of Ormond (kern); Philip m’Donell I Gwire of the Kepaghe roe; Tho. m’Wm. I Mulrian of Drombayne; Dermot m’Melaughlen I Gwire of Clone; Dermot m’Edm. I Qwire of Beallnakelly, kern; Teige m’Donoghe I Gwire of same; and Rich Bourk of Cahirkenlis, Co. Limk. kerns; Tho Moryn of Kellynnenaliff; Teige m’Connor I Coukelly og Konogh yeoman, Tho. boy m’William of same, kern; Hugh m’Connor I Gwigin of the Hospitall, Co. Limk and Gwllanaif m’Dawyrn.  Security as in 900; pardon not to include intrusion into crown lands, or debts to the crown - 14 July XXVIII.


4937 (4097).  Pardon to Peirs Butler Fitz Walter of Pallice, gent., Derbie O’Dowyr of Clowin Ihorpa (Clonyharp), and Cahir Fitz John Glasse O’Mulrian of Gortkally, gentlemen; Edm Butler Fitz Walter of Slanabaliduff, husb.; John Carragh Brenagh of Swineoyn (Synone); Wm Fitz Serwyne Bourke of Bwolenahensy; Walter Stackpole of Ardmailly, horseman; Donell O’Kenedie of Brittas; Teig moeill O’Hesedy of Castlemoell, husb.; Peirs Fitz John Butler of Finnor; Gilleduff O’Mulrian of Slanabothe, and Philip O’Kenedie of Balyanlogha, Co. Tipp.  Provided that they shall appear and submit themselves at sessions.  The pardon shall not extend to any in prison or under bail to appear; nor include intrusion into Crown lands, or debts to the crown; nor persons who have received any pardon, or committed any offence worthy of death in the time of the government of the then deputy (Perrot). XXIX.





4975 (4191).  Pardon to Connor O’Mulrian of Eneghowney, Co. Limk., gent., Anie Mic Brene his wife, John O’Mulrian of Tirreleigh, Co. Tipp., Edm Fitz John O’Mulrian of Ballichoregan, Connor m’Tho O’Mulrian of Beachnochaltie, Thady Fitz Doniel O’Mulrian of Tirreleighe, Donald and Henry m’Edm O’Mulbrian of Curaghduf, Thady Fitz Connor O’Mulrian Wm m’Henry O’Mulrian, of same, Donogh m’Teige O’Mulrian of Rossary, Rowry in Donogh O’Mulrian of same, Donogh O’Mulrowny of Eneghowney, Co. Limk., Teige m’Donell O’Mulrian of Cloeshnell, Edm Fitz James O’Mulrian of Shally (Shallee), Dermot m’Morogh O’Kalle of Ballichahan, Co Tipp., Donell m’Teige O’Mulrian of Carouchele, Rory Fitz Mahowne O’Mulrian of Clonbonny, Donell m’Kennedie O’Mulrian of Cowlewocke, Shane m’Hee O’Mulrian of Clonconer, Thady m’Owen O’Mulrian of same, Hugh boy m’Connor O’Mulrian of Shiaiore, Mahown m’Donnell O’Mulrian of Ballichalan, Philip m’Dermot O’Mulrian of same, Donell m’Glanchie of Grange, Co. Limk., Dermot m’Owen O’Mulrian of Tonrin, Donell m’Connor m’Henry O’Mulrian of Cortentrenan, Thady m’Rory O’Mulrian of Heneglantane.  Roryer ro, of Bellenchlohe, horseboy, Hewney m’Rory O’Mulrian of Beallaghemenocke, Morogh m’Melaughlin O’Mulrian of Kilnelage, Dermot Leigh m’Donnogh O’Mulrian of Clonkine, Laughlin O’Hee m’Moriertagh of Cortnehale, Mahown O’Chohere, kern, Cahire roe m’Donell O’Mulrian of the Shully (Shallee), Donell m’Dermodie O’Mulrian of Coroncharef, Mahown m’Melaughin O’Mulrian, Kenedie Leigh O’Glissane of Fragh, Philip O’Kenedie of Lateregh, Rich Fitz Thomas, Yeoman Donell Fitz Derby O’Mulrian, Conell m’Shane O’Mulrian, David Powre Fitz Rob., Edw Comerton Fitz Patr. and Thady Fitz Donogh of Ballitahire. The Pardon not to include murder, nor intrusion into crown lands, or debts to crown; nor extend to any who received pardon in the time of the present Deputy (Perrot); nor to any indicted or condemned of any treason, robbery or other felony, or who are in prison or on bail to appear; 26 Feb. XXIX


5006 (4314).  Pardon to Dermot O’Brien of Poblebryen, gent., Tho oge O’Haraghtan, Owin m’Donnogh MacCarty, husbandmanmen, Edm m’Rob Pierce, Moriertagh m’Dermot m’Bryen of Poblegreny, Dermot ower mac Philip MacConoghor of same, Teig rowe m’Wm m’Shane of same, and Melaghlyn rowe m’Donell O’Haynyn, footmen, Gohyrie O’Donyall of Ballynybawrasuche, husb., Dermot rowe m’Mahowney O’Hucky of Cahirelly, labourer, Teige Mac Brien Ballagh O’Brien of Tooghessgrey (Tough-aes-grene) footman, Rory O’Hee of same, husb., Dermot cron O’Moghylaughlin of Clangibbons, Conoghor m’Donogho m’Dermody of same, and Dermot m’Edm O’Klaghssy of same footmen, Donogh m’Shane Moell Mac Craith of Galbally, Tho mac Walter Brown, John Fitz Walter Brown, John Fitz David Lopp [  ], of same, labourers, Philip mac David of same, husb., Donogho O’Klocassy, and John m’Conoghor O’Mulcahy of same labourers, Donell O’Hallynan of same, footman Donogh m’Teige O’Brien of same, Donell oge O’Glyssan of Balle Igey, and Donell roo m’Donogho of Beallaghsymon, husbandmanmen John Fitz Edm Fitz Walter of same, gent., John Fitz David m’Thomas of Ballenloghan, husb., O’Harney O’Hiffernan of same, Donell M’Crath of Garreston, yeoman, Walter English of Solkoidbegg, Mahowne O’Hiffernane of Latten, yeomen, Edm. Fitz Patrick m’Reall of same, Labourer, Ullig m’Wm Derry [   ] Bourke of Clonmollen, horseman, Donogh Geankagh O’Duoygin of Sronell, Rory oge m’Donogho O’Hee, in Co. Limk., Tibbot Bourke of Ballevadige, yeoman, John Breagagh m’Thomas of Connollagh, Rich oge White of Loghell, husbandmanmen, Cormoick m’Riccard Oher of Pallyshegreny, yeoman, Rich nykoylly Brenagh of Castelton O’Connagh, and Donnell m’Morogho O’Dworky of Mylston, footmen Mahowne reogh m’Morrogho O’Dwirky of same, yeoman, Donell m’Mahowne O’Dwirky of same, Gilladuff m’Tho O’Hee of Carrickoganagh (Bilboa), husbandmanmen, Donell m’Dermot O’Mulrean of Owney, stockagh, Rich Leas of Toollaobhin, footman, Teig O’Loynssey of Ballybrickyn, Co. Limk., husb, Owney roo m’Mahowny m’Brien of Ballyvonyne Brian m’Owney m’Brien of Knockger, footman, John O’Hogaine of Kwyllnygon, Owin O’Hiffernaine of Bayttonrathe, husb., Ullig m’Riccard Bourke of Barranston, footman, Conaile m’Ee O’Donaill of Carragh, Ellen Hacketh Fitz Wm., of Milliston widow, Conoghor m’Owin m’Dermot, Mahowne O’Howrigiane of Ballybridkyn, labourer, Donell boy m’Owen, Teig m’Rory oge, of Cahirkenlis, Smith, Philip Hurty Fizt Edm of Knorlagh, Donogho m’Teig of same, kern, Tho O’Krighan of same,kern, John O’Dolane of Newcastell, Riccard mac Ullig m’Mellery of Koyllyhenaine John m’Thomas Vernaygh of Keanry, Co. Limk., John m’Edm m’Shane of same, and Edm m’Shane oge of Pallish, footmen, John O’Kerymakyn of Ballynygearde, husb., Donell m’Teige m’ng Gilladuffe O’Brien, John oge m’Shane M’Gerald, husb., and Gerald leigh Peirce - Cos Limk., and Tipp - Provided as in 4937 and also that this pardon shall extend only to those who are willing to submit a pupil such articles as the Lord Deputy shall ordain concerning the lands which any of them had in use or possession, at the time when any of their treasons or felonies were committed, whether the lands have been found by inquisition or not; also excluding murder - 1 June XXIX.






5069 (2912).  Pardon to Tho. m’Brien O’Kernie of Kiltilly, Co. Limk. ( This very long pardon with place, names from all parts of Munster contains also:-). Rory m’Donogho m’Casane m’Shihie of Grange, yeoman; Reynat ny Koyne I Vokane of Castletonogonaghe; Theobald roe Fitz Theobald m’Reynat of Ballingahessie, Labourer; Reiry m’Murrogh ballufe m’Shehie of Grange, husbandmanman; Inkwane m’Swyny of Allinvallane, husb; Morrogho m’Brien dufe m’Swyny of same, labourer; Tho Fitz Piers Purcell gent., of Clonsarrie; Terrelagh m’Brien dowlagh gent (of Karranbeg ?); Rich buy Rolley of Cahircorrie, Labourer; Morrice Fitz Edm, m’Gibbone of Cullaine, labourer; Wm. m’Owny of Aherloe, labourer; Morroghe m’Brien bullaghe O’Brien of Pallis, yeoman; Wm. lith English of Salloghodbeg, labourer; Wm. m’Eustace English of Rahinygorrom, husb; Wm. O’Hogaine of Garriestowne, husb; John m’Tho Omeaghir of Glenveaghe; John m’Philip O’Dwire of Downoghaile (Donohill); John m’Brien O’Kenedy of Cule Rosse (Kilross?), and Donogho m’Nicoll O’Heine of Cahirkenlishe, labourers; Rich roe Keating of Ballindowny, gent., Tho m’Edmund of Mulgorrom, gent., Walter Fitz John Englishe of Rathine, labourer; Matthew Gilson of Allenvollane, husb; Edm Wale of Garriestown, Yeoman; Walter Fitz William of New Castle labourer; Conoghor m’Wm. m’Brien and Teig m’Dermod m’Brien, husbandmanmen; John m’Philip O’Dwire, in Co. Tipp, husb; Reyry m’Donogho O’Dwire, labourer; Donogho boy of creg, Shoemaker; Mahowne m’Morrogho O’Mulryan of Torhin, Co. Tipp, and Gilly duffe m’Teig O’Mulrian of Seisjume, labourers etc.  Provided they shall appear and submit before the justices at assizes in their county at next sessions, and be sufficiently bound with sureties to keep the peace and answer at sessions when summoned, the just demands of all subjects; pardon not to include intrusion into crown lands or debt to crown; and excludes any person not born in Munster, or who committed murder, or any convicted or in prison at time of Pardon, or any who will not submit to the orders of the deputy concerning their lands.  Each must give security by recognisance in the sum of £200 English to abide by such order concerning the disposition of their lands - 21 Nov. XXX.


5085 (6718).  Pardon to Rd. Keatinge of Nicholston, Co. Tipp gent.; Edm. Kestinge of same, and Rory O’Hiffernan of Sroell (Shronell), yeomen; Donnogh induffree O’Hiffernan of Ballinecleraghe; Mealaghlen Fitz Teige en Coule O’Hiffernan; Derby O’Tyerny of Ileagh, and Edm. Salaghe O’Mulduyn of Cames, husbandmanmen; Dermot O’Duir of Clone Ithorp (Clonyharp), gent., Daniel or Donell O’Keinde of Knockillegenan, gent.; Thady m’Moroghe alias M’Morihie of Aharla; Matthew Fitz. Wm. m’Brene, Philip Lopin, of same, John Ithuaght O’Dwull, yeomen; Thomas O’Dwire of Ballinemore, gent.; Dermot O’Hiffernan of Gorttroden husb.; John O’Dwire of Donoghle (Donohill), gent., Thady Enaghe O’Keinde of Belanlogh, Thady Fitz Rory O’Mulryan of Cowlin, John O’Mulryan his son, and Wothney Fitz Richard I Breine of Aharla, yeomen; Ulick alias Hugh Fitz Wm. Bourk of Belankiele, gent; Edm. Bourke of Derryclone, husb; John roe O’Dwir of Rathkena, Dermot Glasse O’Mulryan of Moneyneclegh, and Wm Fitz Hugh  O’Magher of same, yeomen; Thomas Fitz Wm. Bourk of Dericlone, husb; Tyrlagh duffe m’Connygan, horseboy; Gilduffe O’Fahie of Ardemaile Rich. more Fitz Davie Bourke of Pallis, and Matthew Fitz Hughe Fitz Connor O’Mulryan, husbandmanmen; Donnagh en Collin Fitz Teige ny Corky of Ely, yeoman; Thady O’Clery of Balliagh, husb; and Wm. m’Wothney m’Breine, yeoman.  Security as in 5069 et. - 28 Nov. XXX.



5211 (6704).  Pardon to James Butler of Carinlea, Pierce Butler of same, Wm. Bourke of Cowlemoggie, Walter Bourke of Balle [     ], John Butler of Coline, Edm Butler of Wodingston, Edm Bourke of Kilolardry, Cornelius O’Carran of Dirrecloney, Tibbot m’Rich Bourke of Cowlemoghie, Ellice St John of Scadapton (St Johnstown?), Derby roe O’Carran of Rathgowle, James Butler Fitz Theobald of Jordanstown, Wm. Fitz Rich Butler of Oueghter Rath (Outhrath), Shane m’Art O’Brennan, W---- O’Fogertie of carrinlea, James Purcell Fitz Rich of Loghmo, Ullick Bourke of Balliweire, David O’Carran of Dirreleskane, Donill Hickey of the Garrane, James Fitz Edm Butler of Baronston, Wm. ro O’Fowlant of Drangane, David Hickey of Knockgraffen, Tirrelogh O’Brien of Kelteynan, Donill O’Meagher of Glanbehigh, John Bourke of Lismakee, Wm Bourke of same, James Ewstace Fitz Water of Ballycollin, Edw. Walsh of Griffenston, Wm. St John of Lismoynan, James O’Rian of Ballicleise, John O’Carroll of Laghardan, Philip m’Theobald Purcell, Donell moyle O’Kellye, Cohe O’Fogertis of Moen Roe (Murroe?), Rob. Shortall of Ballenebrenagh, Wm. O’Meagher of Carinlea, and Wm Fitz Thomas O’Meagher of Littlegraunge; Co. Cross of Tipp and Queen’s Co.  Provisions as in 5006 (except James and Pierce Butler of Carinlea); they shall submit to such orders as the lord deputy shall make concerning their lands - 28 June XXX.


5247 (6687).  Pardon to Johan’ Ny en goen of the Graunge, Co. Tipp; Edm Purcell of Aghalle, same Co. kern; James Butler of the Nenaugh, and Geoffry O’Rian Fitz Davie of Co. Carlow, kerns.  Provisions as 5246 - 1 Aug.


5282 (6543).  Grant to Sir George Bowrchier Knt. [possession of greater part passed to his son Sir John Bourchier, Knt] lieutenant of the fort of Philipstown, Kings Co.; of castle of Loughgirr with the lough there, and houses and lands belonging, 4pl; castle and lands of Glanogre - 4½ pl; Dromebegg ½ pl; 1/3 of Clarenny in parish of Cockamore; 1/3 pl; castle and village of Ballyregan in occupation of Thos Burgett, in country of Poblebrian, in parish of Ballicashell 1 pl; Ballyhousty beside Kilmallock 2 pl; Ballyvologg in par. of Corckamore 1½ pl; castle and lands of Morrynett, same par. of Morrynett, 3 p; Ballyylought (Kilteely parish) alias Ballyrekenenoghe in occupation of John Brown 3 pl; parcels of possession of Earl of Desmond attainted in all 193/4 pl. Also:- Rahyne ½ pl., Clonnaney 1/3 pl., in Coshma, late poss Teige O’Mulrian, slain in rebellion 3 pl; township of Caherduff late poss of Brian rowe att, ½ pl; Castlenygarde 1 pl; Ballymacrery - ½ pl ; Rathrannoghe ½ pl; Ballymonic of the hills, ½ pl; Carroughemore ½ pl; Flaughmony ½ pl; and Ballintodder, which last 7 parcels being of divers possessions and concealed contain altogether 3½ pl; Castle of Cregan 1½ pl; Ballyneugollo ½ pl; Castle of Ballincollo ½ pl; which last 3 parcels are in Coshma and were possessions of John Suppell, attainted, in all 10¼ pl.  Total 30 pl. at 428 English acres to a ploughland make 12880A.  Also certain rents of free tenants.  Rent £134-3-4; and for rents of free tenants £3-10-0 stg. 2 ½ per acre for land in excess of estimation.  (and see conditions 4901 and 5032) - 2 Nov. XXX.




5461 (4507).  Pardon to Derby Connor of Mylton , Thos Fitz Teige O’ Donner of Clogher and Matthew Fitz Owen Rian of Gorteneskeghe, Co of Cross of Tipp. . Provisions as of 5069,and grant shall not pardon any murder ,or homicide of malice aforethought, burning of houses or corn; nor intrusion in crown lands or debts to crown - 9 Sept XXXII.


5543 (4452).  Pardon to Owen O’Mulrian of Fymon (Kilithmone?) in Co. of Cross of Tipp., and William his son.  Provisions as in 5508:- 30 Mar. XXXIII.




5445 (4393).  Pardon to Worrish FitzThomas of Ballymony, Rory boy O’ Corban, Walter Cullen , Jennet Storie, Edm. Boggod, Jevan yny Tean O’ Duire, Dormot Mconnell, Wm. m’ Edm., O’ Ryan , Pierce FitzPierce of Garrenlashie, Moriertagh Brian of Garrionie ,Donell O’ Twigher ,Teige O’ Dwigher, Sleisse Twigherie, wife of Pierce St John of Roane ,and Teige O’Trehi of Ballecarne , in Cos Limk. and Tipp.   Fine 6/8 each; - 6 Aug XXXII.



5697 (4646).  Pardon to Teige m’Mahowne of Killmascully, Carbry m’Kegane (McEgan) of Sheshirecele, Conoghor O’Regane of Kilcolmane, Teige m’Tirlagh duffe of Cranagh, Donell m’Diermody of Curraghmore, Shane reogh O’Hogane of Knockane, Teig m’Donell alias Teig ne stiell of Knockan, Donell m’Teig of same, Donogh m’Mahon of Cahir racon, Brien m’Donogh en Calhie of Ballyea, Donogh roc m’Kenedie of Fahie, Turrelagh O’Brien of Knockamenyne in Arra, Donogh O’Kenedy of Killonyne, Ogane O’Hogan of Gragnekelly, Hugh Fitz Wm. O’Kennedy of Ballyork, Wm. m’Ea O’Kennedy of Knyghe, Shane O’Hurowe of Enishcacker, James O’Curren of Nenagh, yeoman, James Fitz Wm. O’Kennedy of Ballyork, Edm. m’Davie of Ballynecarrigie, Brien m’Moriertagh of Cloghintaky, husb., Donell O’Bolane of Donaghmore, husb., Wm. reagh O’Deane of Bonnochoen, John m’Donell y Glisane of Killonye, Philip oge m’Crah of same, Mahowne m’Shide of Reneanyn, Teig m’Donogh, husb., Owin m’Donell of Castlenevinanegh, Mahowne m’Gullevoyle of Balliorly, Anthony oge O’Mullryane of Cragg.  Donell O’Brien of Tuogh, Conoghor m’Rorie alias Conoghor ne Kelly of Cowlrieogh, Mortagh O’Brien of Ballihgane, Co. Tipp. yeoman, and Wm. m’Cashidy of Geyshell horseboy - security in Cos. Tipp, Clare Limk - 29th Dec.



5854 (4774).  Grant (under Queen’s letter 29th June XXX) to Patrick Grant; certain possessions of priory of Kills, Co. Kilk., in same Co. (Rent 16/=); parcel of lands etc. of Jerpoint in Kilkenny )6/4); lands of certain attainted persons in Co. Kilkenny, (17/1); Cullaghe, Co. Tipp in Ony Mulryan, parcel of the lands of Daniel m’Knoghor Effollie O’Mulryan of Cullaghe, slain in the rebellion; Inchofogertie in barony of Pobleofogertie, parcel of the lands of Molaghlin m’Shane E Carr O’Fogartie of that place slain in the rebellion, Towrin (Toureen) in Muskriquirk, parcel of the lands of John m’Ulick Bourke of that place, slain in rebellion, Rathgowle (Rathcoole nr. Fethard), parcel of lands pf priory of St. John Baptist without Newgate, Dublin, Cowlegorte in Muskriquirk parcel of the lands of Mahowne ne Bowlye O’Quirke of that place, attainted, Lyssine by Ballinlogan in country of Clanwilliam, parcel of the lands of Thomas Bourke of Cowle  attainted, (Rent 9/73/8); Knockekillie, Co. Tipp parcel of the lands of Peter Butler of that place, attainted of felony, (26/8); Killmocoage in O’Mulryan, parcel of the lands of Donill give O’Mulryan of that place, slain in rebellion, Castleqarr in Arra, parcel of the lands of Morughe m’Knoghor O’Brien of that place, attainted, Curraghnenwony in said Co. parcel of the lands of Knoghor m’Doyne m’Ivannye and Mahoione m’Doyne M’Ivannye of that place, attainted, a third of Boghir in Kilvalloghegertie in said Co., attainted !!!; Crossaryle in Kilnevannaghe (Kilnamanagh), parcel of the lands of Donell m’Donough O’Doyre and Donogh Dullhenrie O’Doyre of that place, attainted; Garrannmore in Ormond, parcel of the lands of Dermot m’Shane O’Glysane of that place, attainted, Kilkerasker in said Co. containing half a carton of land making 3 acres of the small measure, parcel of the lands of Owin m’Maloghlin roe O’Dowdye of Ballycurrye, said Co., attainted; a messuage and garden in Carrigmagriffin in said Co. lying in length between the house of the Earl of Ormond on the west, and the river Showre of the East, and in breath between the house of said Earl on the north, and the land of Patr. Dobyn on the south, parcel of the possessions of the friary of St. John of Jerusalem in Ireland, Ballin’ egillevile in said co. parcel of the land of Rob. duffe Bourke of Ballinegillevile, attainted.  (13/4).  All the premises were concealed and detained from the crown.  To hold for ever in Common socage.  Rent £4-9-03/8 Mar. XXXVI.  (Cal. P.R. p.284), (date Dublin 25th Mar. 1594).


5888 (6203).  Pardon to Mathe Riane of Clomealdy, Co. Tipp husb., Rori O’Mulryany of Oughterlainan, Donald O’Tuogher husb. Tady O’Tougher, Sayeffe wife of O’Tuogher Donowgh Fitz Cormack, of Ballynaclaythe, James Fitz ----- of Killcorgan, Hugh, Meloghlin and Owen m’Shane of same, Owen Duffi Fitz Owen of Clonny, Donald roe Fyt Teige Teige of Cloinleyne, Melaghlin O’Durry of Corry, husb., Patrick Winterford of Killikindon husb., and Brian m’Edmonde O’Farrall of Lisduffe, gent, (and may others); for offences committed before 26th June XXXII.  Provisions as in 5069 (no date. signed by Sir Wm. Fitz William as Lord Deputy and so not later than 11th Aug. 1594 when Sir Wm. Russell took over).


5894 (4762).  Livery to William son and heir of Donald Ryan of Sollohod in Co. of Cross of Tipp.  Saving the benifit of a recogizance for payment of £25 by said William, and Dermot Rian.  Fine £12 - 2nd Oct. XXXVI.  [C. Pat. R. II, 290 - 2nd Oct. 1594].



6082(6252).  Licence to Wm Ryan of Sollohod, gent to alien to Miler, Ab of Cashel or any other of the English nation, the site and possession of the late house of the Francisan Friars of Killally, Co Tipp. (see fiant 379 Hen. viii) .Fine 26/8 -7 May XXXIX.    (C.P.R. p.432).


6109(4924).  Pardon to Brian m’Donogh Kavanagh, Theobald Fitz James of Rahinneleigh, Walter Wale of same, Edm Power Fitz. Rich of Grauntiston, Donagh Beg ,Rob M’Hugh O’Birne, Rich Bulter of Clogaghe, Rich and Wm and Geoffrey Burke Fitz Redmond, Shane O’Doire and Wm and Edmund, Thos Butler Fitz  Piers, Tirlagh M’Hugh Gankagh, Hugh O’Dowlin, Wm. & Edm. Fitz James O’Brenan, Edm Butler Fitz John of Fennot, Rich Fanning Fitz Patr., Wm Faninge Fitz James, Rob Morris Fitz Wm., Edm. O’Lonegan, Hugh O’Kennedie of Fenoghe, Rory O’Cahisse, Shane Enellayne, Rich Fannynge Fitz Oliver, Geoffrey Fannynge Fitz John, Oliver Fannynge Fitz James, Rob Grace Oliver, Rory m’Kearmode, Donagh m’ ‘Owen, m’Arte, Hugh O’Rourke, Shane m’Theobald Purcell, Ammora ny Wolrone, his wife, Edm O’Kellie of Killrushe, Callogh m’Wm Walter O’Donill and Mgt St Leger his wife, Rory oge Wm Rory O’Dwyne, Dermot M’Shane Karagh, Brien m’David O’Dwyre , Philip m’Theobott Purcell, Edm. Butler Fitz James of Cowlers, Theobold Byrke of Cloggknanee, Wm Purcell Fitz Wm of Borieslieghe, Donagh duffe O’Mulryan, Rob Fitz Wm O’Shee, Wm O’Hally alias O’Karroll, John m’Gillefoile, Donald m’Gillefoile, Rich. Butler of Clogaghe, Wm m’Shane Brenaghe, Rich Shortall Fitz Patr., Rob Shortall Fitz Oliver, Patr. Brenan Fitz Edm., Wm. Brenan m’Melaghlin, Pierse Butler Fitz. Edm., Wm. Fanninge, Owen O’Shee, Nich O’Shee, Philip O’Murcho, Edm. Power, and James Leighe Cantwell, Co. Kilk. Recommended by the Earl of Ormond - 6th June XXXIX.   (C.P.R. - 489).


6173(5011).  A long pardon contains, Hugh O’Mullryan of Anagh, Philip m’Shane of same, Donogh O’Brien of Pallice, Tibbot Fitz Rd Bourke of Cahirkenlishe, Donogh m’Maghowne O’Mulryan of Borrisenefarny, Edm. O’Raghell of Templemore, Rob Morrice of Droghednefarny, Rich Fitz John Fitz Edm. of Loudin begg.  (Pardon states Cos Cork and Limk, but some places mentioned are in Tipp.) - 25 Nov. XL.  (CPR-503)


6179 (5009).  Pardon to John Kearney, Morish Kearney, Cornelius Kearney, John Fitz Thos. oge Butler, Ullige Fitz Mery. John Fitz Mery, John Kighe O’Duhartie, Daniel Riane Fitz Henry. Philip Hackett, John Fitz Thos. oge, Cornelius O’Carran, James Hackett, Rich. Hackett, Tho. and David Bourke Fitz Wm., Donough and Teige beg O’Hiffernane, Wm M’Mellaghlen, Morogh O Brien M’Wm, David Boork M’Ulige of Culy; Edm. Quircke, James Freny, Tho. O’Mulryan of Athassel.  John oge Boorke,. Donogh M’Mahony of Owthnimulrean, Donagh Fitz Wm. mael O’Carroll, Meallaghlen O’Moran, Grany duff ny Gulfoll, Piers Butler Fitz Fhibott of Ballibow,

Mellaghlen and Wm. duff O’Mulrean of Garranban, Co Limk.etc.

-26 Nov XL. (C.P.R, 503).



6248(5008). Pardon to Edm. Bourke of Swifin, John Bourke of same, yeoman, Hugh or Ee O’Dwygin, Melaghlin O’Magher, (of Swifin C P R). Edm O’Ryan, Donagh O’Nowlane, James O’Neele, Edm O’Brin Hugh or Ee Cannowane, and Teige O’Broe - of same, yeomen; Tho. Prendergast fitz Rob. of freerhones, Co. Tipp., Deirmot M’Con O’Donaill of Knocklohy, Co Tipp, yeoman; Gerald fitz Edm. Prendergast, and Morish fitz Rbt. Prendergast of same, yeoman; Rich Bourke fitz Ullaig of Bialakelu, Co Tipp, Walter and Wm. Bourke fitz Ulluig, of same, yeomen; John Purcell fity Piers of Clonomockeg, Co. Tipp., Eny Freny of same, yeoman; Sawe Stapleton, his wife; Ellen Leigh Purcell of Ballinrosse Co Tipp., Ellinor Purcell of same; John Grace fitz Walter of Ballifronke, Co Tipp. gent; David M’Donogh O’Guole of Church Claregh, Dermot m’Mortagh O’Gwole of Killmogar, Mahowne roe O’Mulrian of Currehin, Co. Tipp, Thady O’Doyre m’Gilduffe of same, Edm. O’Garvie of Clonmore Co Tipp; Donell m’Wm O’Magher of same. Edm O’Magher of same, Gellenef O’Magher of same; Donagh m’Shanon glasse O’Molrian (a quo Ryans of Inch) of Leseneselle, Co.Tipp; John English fitz Wm. of Ballinorris. Thady m’Knogher O’Corban, Knoghor m’Ecroe of Torhe, Melaghlin m’Ecroe of same, John O’Coman of Corraghmore, Co Wat; John Cantwell of Painstowne, Walter moele Butler of same, Tho. Power fitz Edm Walter Prendergast fitz Rob. Donogh m’David O Kife, of same; Pierce Lacy of Bruff. gent; and many others chiefly of Cos. Wat. Limk and Kilkenny. - 31 Aug. XL. (C.P.R.-503).



6440 (5173).  Pardon to Rd. Pursell of Brownstowne, Co. Tipp. gent., Edw. Pursell Fitz Tho. of same, gent., Tibbot Pursell Fitz James of same, gent., John Pursell Fitz Wm. of same, gent., Connor O’Laffie m’Donogh of same, yeoman, Philip m’Neale O’Doghen, Teige and Dermot m’Philip O’Doghen, Donogh O’Doghen, Owen M’Kegan, Edm. m’Shane O’Magher, Jeffery reogh Pursell, Teige O’Dullany, Donogh O’Dullany, and Rory gare O’Dullaine, - of same, yeomen; Rich more m’Shane Pursell Fitz Patrick - of same, gentlemen; Philip and Donnell m’Shane O’Laffie of same husbandmanmen; Srowe Pursell of Clonedotie, gent; Rich Pursell of same, gent; Donnogh O’Dallarie of Killowrane, and Melaghlin O’Dallarie of same, husbandmanmen; Teige O’Meagher of Loghmey, husb; Patr. M’Kea, Gillernew M’Kegan, and Wm. Kegan; of same, yeomen; James Fitz Jeffrey Pursell, and Donnell m’Shane reogh O’Meagher, of same, yeoman; Wm. M’Owen of same , husb.; James leigh Pursell Fitz Rich. and John ro Pursell Fitz Rich of same, yeomen; Tho Fitz Piers Pursell of Roadston, Geoffrey reogh Pursell of same, Rich Fitz Tibbot Pursell of Rahelty, Patr. Hacket of Ballinhawe, and Tho. O’Lowrone of Ballicormack, yeomen; Cabry m’Teige m’Kegan of same, husb; John Pursell Fitz Tho. of the Gradges, Oliver Faning, Patr. Comerford, and Henry Comerford of same, yeomen; James Walsh Fitz Philip of same, husb.; James Pursell, Patr. Pursell, Tho. Pursell, Rich Pursell Fitz John, Tirlagh m’Firr O’Bryn, John Fitz Jeffery Pursell, Redmund and James Pursell Fitz Jeffery, and Tho. Pursell Fitz Philip - of same, yeomen; Tho. Butler Fitz Edm. of Tullagh, Co. Carlow, gent; and others with Tipp. name of same of Jerrifont (Jerpoint); Tho. Pursell Fitz Theobald of Roadston, Patr. duff Pursell Fitz Rich, James boye Pursell, and Walter Brenagh Fitz John Kearne of same; yeomen; Stephen Pattrick of same, carpenter; Philip O’Hernand of Fullrath, yeoman; Oliver Cantwell of Sutton Rath, husb.; Rich Pardinge of same, yeoman; Ellen, his wife; Uny nyne Tane m’Gillpatrick of same widow; Gillpatrick m’Lisagh; Owen, Rosse, Moriertagh oge, Shane, Lisaghe oge, and Neale m’Lisagh of same, yeomen; Giles nine Lisagh, Uny nyn Lisagh, Katherine ny Lysagh, of same; Murtagh m’Firr O’Brenan of same, yeoman; Connell m’Shane glisse O’Mulryan, Cahir m’Shane glisse O’Mulryan, John m’Teige O’Fogertie, and Wm. m’Teige O’Fogertie, of same, gents; Melaghlin m’Donnogh O’Fogertie, Melaghlin ro m’Donnogh O’Fogertie, Teige ro m’Donogh O’Fogertie, Teige m’Connor O’Fogertie, Melaghlin m’Connor O’Fogertie, Shane ro O’Fogertie, and Patr Stockbold fitz Redmond, of same place, yeomen; John fitz Redmond Stapleton and Edm. Fitz Redmond of same: gents; Edm. more O’Cahill, Shane O’Cahill, and Meloghlin oge O’Fogartie, of same, yeoman;  Connor n’Teige Oforgertie of Dovea. yeoman; Wm Shartall fitz Oliver of same, gent; Rich Nash of same yeoman; James Butler fitz Mich, of same, gent; Owen O’Brenan. Owen McDonnagh Obrenan, and John Purcell fitz Tibbot, of same, yeomen.  Provided they appear and submit themselves before the queen’s commisioners or keepers of the place who for the time being shall be assigned in the said county, at the next general sessions, and be sufficiently found with convenient sureties, to keep the peace and to answer and personally appear in all sessions held in the county when called to satisfy the demand of all the queen’s subjects according to justice. Pardon not to extend to any murder or intrusion whon possessions of the crown or release of any debt, fine of alienation, account or arrears payable to crown - 22 Sept XLIII.    (C.P.R., 575)



6465 (5265).  Pardon to Nich Barrie of Annagh; Sawe ny Dalie his wife; James Barrie of same and Ellinor Lombard, his wife; Rob Barrie, John Fitz James Barrie, John Iterman alias Barrie, Edm buoy Barrie, David Fitz Garett Barrie, John Fitz Redmund Barrie, Peirse Shenan, Donogh O’Hwryn, Dermod oge O’Hwryn, Dermod m’Donogh O’Hwryan, and Teig ny Coutie O’Ronan, - of same; Connor m’Shane Imurroghoe, John m’Conoghor O’Murroghoe, of same; Mahoune m’Connor I Murroghoe, Morris O’Connell, Connor O’Hussin, Teig O’Fieghie, Edm Stapleton, Connell m’Teige, Teig ro O’Connyll, Wm. O’Bradile, Tho m’Donell O’Callaghan, Donell O’Donegan, and Mahoune m’Teig O’Hunwnan - of same; Rob. Fitz David oge Barrie, Gerott Fitz James Barrie of Annagh, Ranell Hurley of Bealincarrigei gent; and many others in Cos. Limk. and Cork.  Conditions as in 6461.  Date destroyed.  Lord Deputy’s warrant dated 27th Jan. 1600.


6479 (5272).  Pardon to Morgan Brian of Twoghesgreny, gent; Teig O’Brien of the Pallace, and Murrogh O’Brien of Dromaltie, gents; Conoghor m’Donell of Cloneyvrien and Carlow m’Wm. m’Brien of Gream, gents; Donogh O’Brien m’Brien duff of Twogh, yeoman; Teige and Murtagh O’Hogan of Dromaltie, yeomen; Teig m’Donell I Brien of Gortniloghie, gent; Edm Fitz Tho I Mulrian of Sullucoyd; Tho. Lacie Fitz James of Clohur yeoman; Moriertagh O’Grady of Elltown, and Tho. O’Murrow of Any, yeomen; Murrogh m’Teig m’Brien of Ballitarsny, Teig and Wm. m’Murrogh m’Brien of same, Gibbon m’Morrish m’David m’Gibbon of Ballinehrnsey gents; Rowland O’Halpin of Rathcannan, Tho. O’Rahillie of same, Tho Fitz Wm. O’Murchow of Tullivine, and Shearhown duff Brenagh of Clangibbon, yeomen; Wm. m’Owine of Rosse, Murrogh m’Wm. m’Brien of same Donogh m’Kenedy m’Brien of Arlow, and Kenedy m’Teig m’Donell m’Brien of same, gents; Tho. Dowartie of Clonbigg, and Teig m’Tho m’Clanchie of Balliglasse, yeomen; Tibbot Fitz John Bourke of Ballinlinty, gent; Richard m’Teig m’Brien of Dromomarky, Dermod m’Teig of same, and Owen O’Cahassie of Arlowe, yeomen; Donogh m’Dermot m’Brien, Mahowne begg and Teig m’Wm. m’Brien, John O’Dowartie, and Kenedy buoy m’Brien, of same, gents; Conoghor O’Gormochan, Wm. m’Conoghor O’Hiffernan, Dermod ro O’Hiffernan, Tirlagh m’Aulon m’Brien, Teig m’Dermody I Mulrian, Conoghor m’Kenedy m’Brien, Morris O’Glassan, Donell O’Dowartie, Moriertagh oge m’Brien.  Conoghor m’Wm. I Hiffernan, and Wm. Duffe Fitz Garret Londry, of same, yeomen; Donell m’Whonie of Dowgrott, Donogh oge O’Dowartie of Clonbigg, James Fitz Edm. Butler of Ballinlinty, Donogh m’Mahownie m’Brien of Arlow, Teig m’Wm. m’Brien, Donogh m’Moriertagh

m’Brien, Mahown m’Teig m’ Richard, Murrogh in Teig m’Brien, Murtagh and Kenedy     m’Whonie m’Brien, of same - gents; Teig m’Mahownie of Corrie, and Km. m’Dermody m’Brien, of same, yeomen. Ulick m’Moelrie Bourke of Ballingurtin, gent; Mary fitz Ulick Bourke of same, widow; Moriertagh m’Dermod ro O’Hiffernan of same, Wm m’ Conoghor m’Brien of Arlow, Melaghlin m’Donell Joanne, murtagh mDermod mBrien and Conell mWhonie McBrien of same, John m’Philip ne Moonie of Elltown, Donogh m’Shane m’Cragh of Bohircarran - yeomen; Katherine fitz John Connor of same, widow; Katherine Prendergast of same, Widow; Hugh m’Donell I Hiffernan of Arlow, Teig M’Connoghor. M’Brien of same, Teig m’Shane m’Cragh of Bohircarrin, and Morris m’David in Cragh of same, yeoman; Owen O’Hassie of same, husb; Connoghor m’Horris O’Mulkerrie of Kilkellan, yeoman; Rich fitz James Martin of same, Melaghlin reogh in Wm I Mullrian of Down, yeoman; Morris fitz James Lacye of Clahir, gent; Donell m’Cruttan of Any, yeoman; Teig m’Donogh m’Ea of Kilmurrie. Donell m’Donogh Imilaghlin of Cahirasssie, yeomen; Gibbon fitz Thos. Fitz morris of Garrineconagh, gent; Peirse Lacye fitz Wm. of Milltown, gent; Rich Whyte of Ballynenante, John and Edm. Whyte of same, gents; William O’Dwartie alias Converbe (coarb) of Clonbegg; Redmund Hashe of Lickydwne, yeoman; Edm Hurley alias Edm y Loghie of same, yeoman; James m’Shane of Lick, Morris m’Shane of same, Manus m’Murrough m Shihie of Twllaght, Moriertagh m’Murrogh m’Shihie, and John m’Teig m’Comyn of same, gents; Rich McShane of Ballikellie, James fitz John of same, gents; Margaret nyne Edm. Shihie of same, wife of John fitz Thos of Ballikeal; Ellen ny Conoghor of same, wife of Tho m’Shane; Brian ny Lawine gent; Edm and Wm m’Morris of Clonemony, gents; Tibbot and Morish Nashe of Ballynecaharagh yeomen; Peirse m’Ulick Lacie of Ballicallhan, gent; Connor m’Ownhie m’Brian of arloe, gent; Pat Fox of Elltown, gent; Edm oge O’Galleduffe m’Quyn of any, yeoman; Tho fitz Morrice of Ardagh gent. (and many others). Provisions as in 6461. - 18 March XIII.


6487(5220).  Pardon to Ulick Wale of Dowmoilon, gent; Honor ny Shihie his wife; Piers Lacie fitz Edm. of Ballynecloghie; Edm oge Lacy of same, hurt, Wm Lacy fitz Edm of same, husb; Ellen Harbert of same, widow; Peirs Lacy fitz Wm. of Miltown, freeholder; Honor ny Connoghor, his wife; James fitz Gerrott Harbert, gent; Joan White, his wife; Rich Histon of Killskannell, gent; Ellinor Lacy his wife; Donogh o’Brien of Downyn, freeholder; Mary ny Shihie his wife; Tibbot m’Richard of Killonayn, gent; Owen O’Cloghessey of Ballenemonie and Edm O’Cloghessy of Ballynard, husbandmanmen; Garrot gankagh Rowlie of Ballemonie, freeholder; Rory and Edm, m’Murrogh m’Edm oge m’Shihie, Brian m’murrogh mShihie of Ballinlynie, gents; James fitz David of Ballynard, freeholder; Wm O’Cahain of Leagharr, smith; Slany ny Brian wife of Tilbot fitz Rich Bourke of Caherkenlesh; Murtagh m’Brien of Castletown, gent; Conor O’Cahill of Cnockelegan, Tirbagh oge mBrien of Ballim’ cloghie, Wm. m’Brien of the Crosse, Kenedy m’Brien, dean of same; Tirlagh m’Brien m’Teige of Knockballiephowcon; Murrogh and Teige M’brien of same; Teige Echoggie alias m’Brien of Moelragh; Mahown O’Riurdan of same, Connor m’Dermod m’Brien of Ballifirrin, Kenedic m’Mahown m’Brien of the Portan; Donell roegh O’Mullrian of Down; Dermot m’Shane, and Mahown O’Mullrian of same; mellaghlin duffe O’Mullrian of Collnemonie; Mahown ro O’Mullrian of Keamnory (Sheveric?); Tho O’Mullrian of same; Donogh O Cahassie of Ballinittie; John Ocahassie of same; Teig ro m’Gillecoill of same; John m’Murrogh O’Hea of Gortwallie; Donell m’Shane O’Mulrian of Liskeon, Donell ro O’mullrian, Teige m’Kenedy O’Mullrian of same; Teige m’Donogh Omullrian of Kilcoger; Earevan m’Conigan of the Kellog; Donogh m’Gilleduff m’Brien of the Portan; Mahown mBrien of Knockballiphowcon, Tirlagh m’Connor mBrien of Killnecoynw, Donogh m’Shane m’Wm reogh of same; Melaghlin reogh O’Mullrian of Down (Doon); Donell m’Cahir O’Mullrian of the glan; Shane m’ Teige O’Mullrian of Killcoger; Connor Leigh O’Mullrian of Keillmurrie; Shane beg Odwire of Kellof; Donnell m’Mahown O’Conor of Ballivisteigh. (many others). provisions as 6441-30th Mar XIII.  (CPR- 591).


6490 (5284).  Pardon to Wheney m’Donell O’Heine of Caherelly, Connor m’Teig O’Heine of same, Wm and John fitz Tibbot of Williamstown, Edm M’Donell O Heine of Ballibrickine, Donell m. Edm O Heyne of same, Tho. Marshall of Cloghevoller, David and Wm m’Cany of the Parke, Gileduffe m’Mahownie of any, gents; Teig and Flan mTirlagh O’Heine of same; John St Leger of Corbally; Wm m’ Tibbot of Carrickperson. gent; Edm fitz Walter of Ballenigard, John m’Hubert of Knockyursnity, Moerere m’Redmond of Knockvalliadam, Cnoghor m’Keoghe of Cloneleafe, Dermot o Donell m’Keoghe of  Cloneleafe, Dermot o Donell m’Keoghe, John fitz Richard, of Garriglasse, and Rd m’ Ulick of Cloncle Ihenan - gents; John fitz David Ballenloghan, gent; Edm. m’Wm. duffe alias Edm Cornyne of Dromkyne, Tibbot fitz Ullick Bourke of Callaghtroe, gent; Filleduffe m’Clancy of the Grenan; Walter reogh Bourke of Coulelenan; Rorie m’Teige O’Heyne m’Teige O Heine of Caherelly, Jeffery fitz Tibbot of Garran Ikea, Ulick m’Shane of Luddenbeg, Richard m’Shane of same, David and Teig m’Owen m’Cany of Caherkinlis, David m’Ullick of Cleymoe, Donell O Hiffernyne of Ballevornyne, John fitz David Bourke of the Parke, the fitz Tibbot of Carrickperson, Owheny m’Koeghe of Annagbeg, Donogh m’Mahowny m’Koeghe of same, Gerrott roe Rawlwy of Ballynymraher, Nich. roe Rawley of same, Tho fitz Barnaby Kearny of Kiltily, David fitz James O’Kearny of same, Morrish O’Kearny of same; John m’Loghellen M’Cany of Caherkinlis, Mahown m’Teige m’Cany of the Parke, Richard m’Ulick Bourke of Cahirkinlis, Brian McDonogh buoy O’Faighe of Carrickerell, Don O’Hogan of Carr ickperson, Gilleduffe O’Hee of Carrigogonoghe, Mahown m’Brien of Ballevoine, Murrogh mEvarsone O’Hee of the Carrig. Tho fitz John Bourke of Drangan, John Eglany O’Hiffernan of Sronell, Donogh m’Shane O’Hiffernan of same, Eneas fitz John O’Hiffernan, Mulmorye m’Gillenyneafe O’Hiffernan, Ferragher O’Hiffernan alias m’Gillenyneafe, of same, Morriertagh m’Eneas O’Hiffernan of Latten, Mahown m’Donogh O’Hee of the Brittas, and Morris fitz Garrot Rawlwy of Ballenymraher, Wm O’Howregan, and Son O’Hogan of Kissecorke, Knoghor m’Shane m’Ee of Gortescrovan, Teig m’Melaghlin m’Teig I Mulrian of the Garran, Morish and Teig O Readie of Callaghtroe Rorie m’Brian of Ballengeall, John m’Donogh m’Keoghe of Callaghroe. John m’Wm m’Keady of Killonan, John m’Morish Gankagh of Downegullin, John O’Markahane, Donogh O’Collhane, of same, Owheny m’Wm m’ keady of Killonan, Ulick 7 Richard mcSherhown of Coulenan, John O’Hanegan of the Parke, Donell m’Clanchie of  Killickingarowe, Wm m’Keady Mullrain of Killonan, Donell O’Griffe of Lissmollan Knoghor oHogan of Killonan, mahown m’ brian of ballevoin, Donogh m’Melaghlin O’Hanhie of Balletarsny, Knoghor m’Brian of same, Loghellen m’Donogh O’Hee and Melaghlin buoy O’Mullrian of Balletarsny, Moriertarsny, Tirleagh and Wm. m’Donoghglasse, of the Garran, Teig m’Richard m’Melaghlin of same, Donell m’Ferorogh O’Hee of the carrig . Owen m’Knoghor McRorie of Balletarsny, Tirleagh m’Wm.  m’Brian of Killiduffe, Knoghor m’Owen o’Hee of the Garran,  (Also some others of Castleconell etc.).  Provisions as in 6441 - 1st April XLIII


6505 (5226).  Pardon to John Bourke of Brittas, Co. Limk. gent; Wm. Marshall alias Wm. ne Buoly of Cloghbuilline, and John Fitz Wm. Marshalll of same, gents; Donogh M’Coyn of same, yeoman; Edm. Bogod of Bogodstown, Kearnie of Balligilrowre, gent; Morish O’Rahill of Dromnyn, yeoman; Rorie O Ruddan of Corte Ruddrie, smith; Onora ny Conyrie, his wife; Donogh O’Skanlaine of Clugher, yeoman; John Fitz James of same, yeoman; Ellis Gancagh of same widow; Wm. M’Dermot O’Sannaghan of Brohill, yeoman; Donell mRorie Undoun, Morcertagh O’Skanlane, and Morish In Donell I Cahill, of same, husbandmanmen; ........of Thomastown, gent; Rich Faunt of same, yeoman; Nich. Lawles; Rich Frustine of Oldecastletown, husb; Edm. Poore of same, husb; Jovan ny Kihie of Ballissallagh, widow; Wm. m’Teige I Mulrain of Ballinard, yeoman; Tho. O’Marcus of Newcastletown, husb.; Nich. O’Dawyr, Teig oge O’Connyll, of same, Brien M’Onlie of Bunboy; Wm. M’Dermod O’Heallahie of Ballichinsie, - m’Edm. reogh I Cahill of Castletown and Donogh mEdm. rough I Cahill, Shane m’Edm. m’Shane Imulguryme, of same and Teige mDonogh Idonill of Carrickinlish, Tho. m’Conoghor O’Hallie of same; Teige O Donill of Killinan, Teige O’Halie of Clohannaboy; Donogh Mgillpatrick; Donell m’Edmund, of same, Wm. m’Shean O’Riegan of Ballygreynan, Donogh O’Cullan of Ballinytties, Philip buoy m’Rorie m’Cusack, and Conor m’Fynyne I Mahownagh, yeoman; Mahown oure O Brien of Tuoghgreny, gent; Mgt. ny Edmund m’Rudderie, his wife; Tirlagh m’Brien of Loghort, gent; Conoghor m’Donell oge O Mulbrian of Tomlonie, Rory m’Donell oge O’Mullrian of same, Brian O’Bovile of Castletown, and Donogh m’Wm. leigh I Mullrian of Keillroilin - yeomen; Gullucuelly O’Hickie of Dromyn Illea and Donogh O Hickie of same, Chirugeons; Moroghow ne Kelly O’Mullrian, of Mongfine, gent; Dermot m’ Donill M’ Imcellie of Mongariff, Dermot oge O’Byrrin of Longart, Donnell alias Gilleduffe M’Owen ruo I’Coghor, Donogh Ladir M’Mahown Imullrian, of same, Donogh M’Langhlin I Mullrian of Killinepissie, Mich. O’Riuirdan of Coghan, Donogh, M’ Tiege Melaghlin I Mullrian of Down, Ferdorogh alias M’Cragh O’Mullrian of Castletown, Donnell dullagh O’Mullrain of Keillmoroghow, and Gibbon Tobin of Ballinlynie - yeomen;  (members from Lisinuskie and  Knockvillie etc), James in Rob Lowes of Ballynecloghie, Sile nyn Dermund Iywogane of same; Tho Fitz John Fitz Morish Gerald of Ballenemona,  gent,; Jeffrey FitzTibbott of Ballivoryn, gent; Shane Pilline of Bulligidmedie and Donnell in Cormuck of Cnocklungie, husbandmanman;  Tho. White of Corballie, gent;  Edm. FitzJohn oge of Garran James, gent;  Ellis White, his wife; John FitzThomas Gancagh of Inshynecrynagh gent;  Laghlin M’Owen M’Anna of Karkirlish, Conoghor M’Mahown of Cnocknebuolly, Tho O’Neaghtin of Ballinlyney, Yeomen (& numerous others).  Provisions as in 6497. - 6 May X/IIII.  (C.P.R. - 576)


6511 (5212).  Pardon to Tho Magner of Teaghcloige; James White of Corbally; John Supple of Eughtermurroe; Donell M’Engane of Cloghkeatinge, gent; Connor M’Shane Mullrian alias Annoran, Wm. oge Hurley - of same;  John Hurly fitz Denis of Knocklongy, Moriertagh O’Hagh of same, John Fitz Gerald Morrish and his wife, Donogh Fitz Edm. Fitz Morish, Yeoman, Owny m’Teig Carrell, Ellis nyn Hogan, his wife, Eustace Browne, Morroghowe m’Edm. M’Rorie M’Shihie, Connor Duffe O Donell of Corgragl, yeoman; James Lystawne of Skeahannagh; Shane O Donnegan of same, Morogh M’Shane of Cnocklonghy; Conill M’Donnell of Ballinister; Gerrot Nugent of Kilfrushe; Thomas, John and Wm. Nugent of same; John roe m’Deirmody of Cnocklonghy; Wm. O’Hanim, Wm. Duffe O’Hanrighan, Philip Hurley Fitz Edm, Teige O’Hallinan, Donogh M’O Kenny Donogh m’Teige Leigh, Hugh O’Dalie, Derby Hurley in Moroghow, Mahown duffe O’Cahon, Cormock Hurlye, John Hurly - of same; John O’Hiffernane of Ballim’ sie, Derby O’Grady FitzLoghlen of Any; Katherine ny Vorin, his wife; Moriertagh m’Teige/ Grady, Wm. M loghlen/ Grady - of same; Donell Hurly of Cornelogstowne, gent; Fynoly ny Tier (ney) his wife; James Foxe of Bulligyddin, gent and Joan Lacey his wife; Art O Moryn of Knockderke, Jeffery Nugent of Kelfrush, Rich Nugent of same; Derby McShane M’Melaghlen riough of Dune; John O’Hyffernayn, Donogh O’Hiffernane, Eanes O’Hiffernan, and Derby M’Ea O’Hiffernan, of same; Morrogh N’Kellie O Mallrian of Mongfeon, Rob Browne of Cnockminjie; Philip McShane ne Manistrah of same; John Barrie of Gerran Ikeath, Chr. Nugent of Kilfrushy; Walter Nugent of same, etc. etc.  (This pardon the longest yet - 67 closely printed pages - contains pardons to Donell O Swillevant Beare (of Caghfine?) and many Sullivans, McCarthys etc).  Provisions as in 6497. - 9 May X/III.  (C.P.R. - 587).


6513 (5228).  Pardon to John Bourke of Knockintancastlan, gent, Connor McBrian, gent; Rich. Fox of Cahirkenlesse; Wm. Bourke, Tho. Bourke Fitz Rowland, John Bourke alias ni Conte, - of same; Edm. Fitz John Bourke of Castke lurkin; Wm. M’Connor of Knockneigh, Henry M’Connor of Brittas; Edm. ro O’Hee of Hive; Donell O’Hea of Gurtineniskeigh; John ny Counte of same; Rory oge O’Hea of Gurtineachelly; Donell Fewme O’Mullrian of Brittas; Richard m’Ulick of same; Ever O’Hourigan of Knockineigh; Ulick m’Richard oge of Dromkine; John O’Kellie of Brittas; John O’Kennedy Donell A’Glissane, Downe O’Moylaurie, Brian Boye, - of same; and Tirlagh m’Moriertagh of Grynan.  Provision as in 6497. 14 May X/III.   (C.P.R., 577).



6519 (5243)  Pardon to John O’Kenedie of Lackine, Co. Tipp, gent; More mye Dorie, his wife; Jilleduffe O’Kenedy of Ballingarrie, gent; Donogh O’Kenedie of the Colrosse; Brien O’Kenedy of Pallice, Yeman; Kedagh O’Kenedy of Killecharan; Loghlin O’Henry of Lackin; Phelim moynagh, Donogh, Connor, Murtagh, Fardorough and Owen O’Dean - of same, yeomen; Kenedie of Ballafinewey, gent; Carbery m’Egan of Lessine, Dermot O’Cahessie, Ec O’Couloghan, Shane O’Reggine - of same, Donogh O’Kennedy of Ballykiven, Teige O’Clere of Annagh, Ee O’Kenedy of Carreggin, John and Rorie O’Kenedie of same, Donogh O’Kenedy of Gortinvolin, Fardorogh O Clere of same, Rory O’Kenedy mDonogh of Lackin, and Gillpatrick O’Lonane of same - yeomen; Wm. O’Chone O’Kenedie of Ballichaill; Brian O’Kenedie, Teige mRorie O Kenedy, Edm. O’Mullowny - of same; Teige O’Tierna of Killohane, Owen and Gillenenewe Otierna, Owen O’Maddin, and Cowehogry m’Gillepholle - of same, yeomen; Thoge Tobin fitz Tho of Kilaha, gent; Theobald fitz Edm. Butler, Edm. Tobin fitz Rob, Rd, Theobald, and Walter Tobin fitz Edm, Gibon Madoge fitz Rob, and Rd fitz Edm Tobin, - of same, yeomen; Tho Jordan, Morish fitz Walter O’Shee, Edm Mswynie, and Tirlagh m’Swyny - of same, husbandmanmen; Rich Burke of Grenan, gent; Morryn Ny Doyre, his wife; Tho Bourke fitz William, David m’Tho Bourke, tho buoy m’David, Donogh m’Teige O’Hogan, and Mahowne m’ William O’Quirke - of same, yeomen; Phelim m’Richard O’Hogan, Riccard m’ William O’Hogan, - of same, yeomen; Donell m’Teige O’Hogan of same; Tho Butler fitz Edm.of Ardmayle, and Kennedy O’Brien of Lissine, yeomen; Dermot O’Kennedy of Downally, gent; Philip O’Hogan of Hollycrosse husb; Theobald Bourke of Ballioste, yeoman; James fitz William Pyrsell of Ballicormick, gent; Walter Quirke of Newcastle and Walter fitz Rob Prendergast of Knockinlosky, yeomen; John Berrin of same, husb; Jeffery Prendergast fitz Edm., and Morish Prendergast fitz William, of same, yeomen; Morish Berren of Ballinemony, Derby Berren, Rob reogh Prindergast, Garrott fitz Edm Prindergast, Garrott Fenell of same, and Tho Brasell of Raghogelly - husbandmanmen; Ellan Prendergast fitz William, of same; Tho Laffan of Grelagh, gent; James Purcell of same, yeoman; Donell in Shane O’Flahertie, and Edm. Purcell of same, husbandmanmen; Rob Meale Grace of Dremnemeghan, yeoman; Teige m’Dermod O’Lalor of same; Jasper Grace of same, yeoman; Piers fitz Tho Purcell of same, yeomen; John Reoghe O’Macher of Ballinemeck and John O’Kearnie fitz Patrick of Killconill, husbandmanmen; Feachery O’Kahasie of Knockarny, Theobald fitz Edm. Bourke of same, Philip oge O’Mullrian of Bollenehowe, Gilleduffe alias Shane O’Mullrian, Richard Oge Bourke, Connor O’Shanachane, Teige m’ Rorie O’Shanachane, and Teige m’ Shane O’Mulrian -of same, Yeomen; Mahowne McTeige O’Mulrian of same, husb; Mahoune and Murogh McE O’Mulryan, Mahowne McDermod O’Mulryan, Mills Bourke, Shane and Thomas M’Wm Shanachane, Fardorogh O Spillan and Mahowne Reogh O’ Shanachane-of same, yeomen; Ullig Bourke of Garran, yeoman; David Bourke of same, husb; Shane and Thomas m’ Philip O’Mullrian, Shane m’ Mahowne duffe O’Mulryan, and Edm Duffe O’Mulryan-of same, yeomen; Ullige Bourke of Rosenemoltiny, Shane Bourke, Donogho O’Shanachane, Connor O’Shanachane, and Connor McLoughlin O’Shanachane -of same, husbandmanmen; Morogh O’Quintreny, Donell O’Connor M’ Rorie O’Mulryan, and Mellaghlin O’Spellane - of same, yeomen; Donogh O’Shanachane, Donogh, Edm. and Gilleduffe O’Spillane, Wm. and Donell m’Philip O’Mulryan, Molaghlin, Thos. and Wm. m’Shane O’Shanachane, Shane m’Donell O’Shanaehane, and Shane roe O’Spillane - of same, husbandmanmen; Rorie O’Spillane, Tho Moyle Bourke, Shane reogh Bourke, and Rich m’Ulick Bourke - of same, yeoman; Hubert and Rich Bourke of same, husb.; John m’Teige Bourke, Tho Bourke, Wm. m’Teig Bourke, Ullige Bourke, and Wm. m’Shane Bourke of same, yeomen; Geoffrey Bourke of same, husb; Teige m’Rorie O’Mulrian, Mahowne and Donogh O’Mulrian, Rich more Bourke, Shane m’Ullige, Edm. Bourke, Edm. m’Swyny, Moynus O’Muldowny, Shane m’Hugh O’Mulryan, Dermod m’Teige m’Cragh, and Wm. m’Hugh O’Mulryan - of same, yeomen; Donell O’Daverrin of same, husb.; Connor O’Kenedy of same, yeoman; Donogh O’Kenedy, and Hugh O’Shanachane of same, husb.; John O’Higirdell, and Wm. Oge Bourke, - of same yeomen; Giles Doyne, Anstace Morris - of same; Rich Russell, Rowland Bourke, Donell m’Teige m’Cragh, Wm. m’Dermod m’Cragh, Shane reogh O’Mulrian, and Teige O’Quirk of same - yeomen; Wm. m’Shane Drom, of same, husb.; Donogh Higirdell, Molaghlin O’Haly, Wm. Conyne, Edm. Commyne, Teig duffe O’Hingirdell, Richard O’Spellane, and Donogh m’Wm. O’Shanachane - of same, yeomen; Mahowne O’Mulryane, and James Keatinge - of same, husb.; Nich m’Code of same, yeoman; Wm. leighe O’kenedy of Tombreccan gent; Hugh Fitz James oge O’Kenedy of Terglashe, yeoman; Donogh O’Kenedie Fitz Dermod of Porttolichan; (Portland) Teige O’Kenedie Fitz Kaddagh of same, yeoman; Shane Oge O’Madden of Tombreackan, Owny O’Kenedy Fitz Donogh, of same, Philip O’Kenedy of Ballafenvoy, Edm. Fitz Tho. Bourke of Cowlane, Teige m’Wm. O’Macher of Parke, Cosny Duffe M’Egan of Knockagh, John O’Cahell of Ballecahell, Donell Maghlin of Bures oleogh, Donogh Moore O’Macher of Cowlecormuck, Tho. oge Omacher of Gorternan, and Flan m’Wm. m’Eagan of Ballenemone, yeomen; Donogh m’Teig of Rathmoles, gent; Wm. M’Mahowne of Shanballeard, Conor m’Wm. m’Teige of Garrelasse, Shane M’Richard Oge, and Wm. M’Richard - of same, and Teig Roe O’Doyre of Kilnemanagh, yeomen; Wm. Lawles, Tho. Oge Butler, of same; Rich Butler of Cnockgraffin, gent; Teige O’Quirke, Shane M’Mahowne, Edm. M’Philip Prendergast of same, Wm. Bourke of Balle Thomas, Loghlin O’Mulrian, Morish Englishe, and Donogh M’Quyn - of same, yeomen; Owen m’ Shane O’Mullowny of Grantestowne; Rich Cantwell of Glangole, yeoman; Knogher O’Kenedy of Skriboge, James O’Kenedie, Donogh O’Kenedy, Shane O’Kenedie, Brien m’Thirelagh, and Miles Cantwell of same; Oliver Fawning of Garrynnegri, Edm Butler Fitz Walter, Tho O’Macher, of same, Rob Hackett of Garren, Oliver Hackett of same, Teig m’Eagane of Rodine, Walter Morris of same, and Edm. Butler of Nenagh, yeomen; Tirlagh O’Reily M’Donell of Ardmayle, David Kearney, Shane O’Kearney, Shane and Tho O’Mulrian, Donogh O’Brien Shane Oge, Bourke, Theobald - of same; Edm. Stapleton of Thurles, Peirs Stapleton, Wm. Staunge, Philip Hackett, Philip O’Macher, - of same, Derby O’Macher of Castell Moyle, Peirs Fitz David White of Clonmell, and Tho O’Cassin of Tulle yeomen - in Co. Tipperary - Garrett Wale of Feglasse, Co. Tipp, gent; John Butler Fitz John of Nenagh, John Butler of Ballenoran,- Co. Tipp gents; also some others of Cos. Kilk. and Carlow.  Provisions as in 6440.  Provided also that pardon does’nt extend to any murder committed by these persons before they entered into rebellion, nor acquit any intrusion on possessions of the crown, or any debt, fine of alienation, or arrears due to crown, or to any in prison, or bound to appear at sessions, or to any not living in Cos. Tipp, Kilk., and Carlow - 18 May XLIII.


6521 (5232).  Pardon to Tho Butler of Shanballeduffe, gent; Rob Prindergast, gent., Rich Morris, of Killmore farmer; Philip English of Ballengarran, gent; Patr. English of Ballyea, gent; Edm. Fitz Morris Lonergane of Garraynroe, farmer; Wm. Keatheinge of Nichollstown, Peirs Butler of the Glen, Peirs and Edm. Butler Fitz Rich of same, and Redmund Reogh of the Grenane, gents; John O’Marie of Knockenrodie and Redmund Morris of Killmore, husb; Teige O’Cahesie of Clonmell, tailor; Flam m’Owen of Ballelomasne and Rorie m’Thomas - of same, farmers; John m’Owen of same, farmers; John m’Owen of same, gent; Edm. m’Morris Prindergast, Teige O’Fahie of Armestowne, husb; Dermod O’Fahye of same, and David Quirke of Skarrteghbeg husb; Gerrod Prindergast of Crovane kitt; Edm. Prindergast of Kilnecare, gent; John Fitz James Prindergaste of Newcastle, Owen m’Donogh m’Cragh; Walter Fitz John Prindergast of Kilgrowge gent; Edm. Fitz John Prindergast of same, farmer; Rob Fitz John Prindergast of Killanie, Wm. O’Donell of Loghogherbegg, husb.; Dermod O’Donell of Ballenemone, husb; Tho Wale, John O’Kenedy, Conoghor M’Granell, Edm. Prindergast, of the Freehan, Jefferie Prindergast, Wm. O’Carran, and Edm. Keathinge, farmers; John Fitz Rob. Prindergast Morris Carragh Prindergast, of Ballisallagh, husb; Tho leith Prindergast of Garriduff and Tho O’Keathen of same, husb; Morris Brenagh of Newcastle; David m’Shane m’Craigh of Mulleigh husb; David m’Shane, John m’Rowrie alias John m’Craigh, of Mullagh, husb.; Walter Prindergast of same, yeoman, Rob Fitz John Prindergast of Kellunymie, and Morris O’Birrin of Newcastle, husb; James Fitz Tho Prindergast of same, yeoman, Wm. Gorman of same, husb; John Fitz Gerrod of Dromannye esq; James Laffan of Laffaneetown, gent; Daniel m’Philip M’Rorie m’Craigh, gent., Brian O’Kenedie, Teige O’Brien, Tirlagh O’Kenedy, Wm. O’Clearie, Connor O’Magher, Ulick Bourke FitzWm. Fitz Tho, Honora Kenedy, his wife, Morris Brenagh, Edm. Fitz Philip Prindergast, John Birne, of Ballemorris; Wm. Fanyne Fitz James, Wm. Grace Fitz Alexander, Tho Butler Fitz Wm. John Bulter Fitz Tho, Ellice Butler, John Kellie Edm. m’Wm. m’Edmund, Melaghin m’Rorie O’Grogan, Mgt. ny Fynine, John m’Mahowne O’Hogan, Tibbot Butler Fitz Peirs, Tho Laffan , Teige O’Corran, Neyll O’Connow, Wm. Nunsell, Wm. Britt, Philip Britt, Teige O’Loghan, Wm. Hinsin, Morris m’Tho Geraldine, Gillpatrick M’Conoghor Oge O’Kenedie, Rich Naddie, Morris m’Thomas, Wm. O’Myanie, James Nashe, Tibot Butler Fitz Walter, George Comyne Fitz Piers, Edm Meagher, Nich Hickie, Tirlagh m’Cragh, Walter Hackett Morris O’Bearne, Wm. M’Teige O’Meagher, Ellen Comyne, John m’Teige O’Magher, Teige Geomkegh, James Britten, Wm. Kearnie, Wm. Comyne, John O’Sheanneghane, Peirs Butler Fitz Tho., Tho m’Coghie Fitz Edm, James Prindergast Fitz John, Gerald Prindergast, Morris O’Dornane, John O’Fowly, Patr Roe Stapleton, Neovane O’Mullrian, Rich O’Mullownie, Peirs Convey, Rich Heydine Fitz Peirs, John Fitz Richard, Rich Fitz Theobald, David m’Richard Bourke, Ellice nyn Thomas, Simon Cahill, of Clonemill, yeoman, Wm. Fitz Matthew O’Quingane, husb., Tho m’Edmund of Killinanighane, David Fitz Edm. O’Donell of Mullagh, John Fitz Morris m’Dermodie of Mullagh, John Fitz m’Adam of Balle - m’Adam, Alestrem Bourke Fitz Richard, Walter Prindergast of Freaghane, gent; Felix O’Mullrian and Simon Lonergan, of same, kerns; James Fitz John Prindergast of same; Tho. O’Murrishie, husb., David O’Healie, husb., Doneghow O’Fynosie of Ballidreanane, Smith; John Fitz Wm. Lonergan of same, husb; Mahowne O’Quirke of Keilloquirk Walter Fitz John Bourke of Biallane kelly, David Fitz Tho Bourke of Biallanely, Walter Bourke Fitz Ulick.  Rich and Wm. Fitz Ulick Bourke - of same, Tho Bourke Fitz Rich, of Knockeraffan, Donogh O’Murresie, Rorie ne Teige O’Mullrian, of same, Donoghow Reogh of same, husb., Morrish kirragh Prindergast of Garriduffe, Tho Leigh Prindergast, Tho Keathinge, of same, Morish Brenagh of Newcastle, David m’Shane m’Cragh, John m’Rorie m’Cragh, of same, and walter Prindergast of the Croan, husbandmanman; Rob. Fitz John Prindergast of Killinigane, Morris Birrin of Newcastle, husb., James Fitz Tho Prindergast of same, yeoman; Wm. Gormane of same husb.; Rob Fitz Tho prindergast of Ratogally, and Donogh oge O’Hellin of Corraghlony, yeomen; Tho Fitz John Fitz Jefferie of Ballymorish, Rob Fitz John Prindergast of Knockinboske, Walter Fitz John Prindergast of Killimymie, Wm. O’Mayntoy of Ballemorris, husb., Wm. and John Fitz Tho m’Craighe of same, and Wm Flaghie of Mullaghe, husbanmen; Conoghor O’Cullenan of Gurraighclonyne, Othnie O’Finie of Baltemorris, husb.; Prindergast of Newcastle, carpenter; Morris Prindergast Fitz Wm. yeoman, Rorie gawe, Walter Hackett, of Ballenowloreth, husb., Derby O’Celly of same, Tho Fitz war Prindergast, of Raghine gent; Walter and James Prindergast Fitz Tho. of same, yeomen; Donell M’Ea buy, husb., Edm Kellie Fitz Barnaby, John Keathinge, Morris O’Halleghane, Tho O’Hallaghane, Edm. Keathinge, Edm. Prindergast, Tullawe, Teige m’Donell Lonergane, husb., Dorie m’Eaneas m’Craigh, John Fitz Wm. Conell, Wm. m’Shane m’Craigh, John O’Kenedy, Teige O’Kenedie, Wm. Couggellie, of Drom, Derby duffe O’Keneally, Wm. Fitz Edm. O’Kellie, Teige m’Craigh, John O’Mulmurrie, m’Gillecollyn, Wm. m’Tho O’Shee, Redmund Bourke m’David, Oliver Hackett Fitz Edm, John Butler Fitz James, Tho Fitz Derby, Gillenenewe m’Dermod, Rorie m’Conoghor, Philip Raughtor, Cornell m’Melaghlin, Hugh m’Teige, Donogh m’Cormock, Edm. Bourke Tho Fitz Edm, Peirs Fitz Wm. St. John, Margaret ny Carran his wife; James Fitz Peira St. John m’Donogh O’Mulcaha, Teige m’Donogh O’Meagher, Melaghlin O’Carran, Rob, Nugent, Cormock Fitz John Fitz Cormock, Wm. Fitz Morris, Mahowne O’Brien m’Conoghor, Tho Christor, John Oge O’Kellie, Tirlagh m’Donell O’Quinegane, Rich bane O’Meagher, Lisagh O’Birne, Gillpatrick M’Donogh O’Rian, John Fitz Butler, Wm. Butler Fitz Edm, Philip dove O’Rian, Peira Butler, Theobald Balloue Butler, Shanaghan O’Mullconery, Teige m’Dermod O’Carran Conoghor m’Teige O’Carran, Henry Power, of Mogorban, Theobald Power, Kellagh m’Terrelagh, Teige m’Kynine, Shane O’Phelane, John Sall, James Fitz Rich Butler, John Fitz Richn Butler, John O’Meagher alias John ny Safegh, Kennedy m’Shane O’Hea, Daniel m’Donogh O’Meagher, Peirs Londres, John m’Tho Tobyn, Edw Sall, Wm Comyn, Edm. More Butler, John m’Teige gancagh, Oliver Grave, Joames Butler, Walter Wale.  Redmund Brannagh, Teige O’Hurren, David Allin, Derbie Kellie, Brian More Fitz John, John Fitz Edm Keathinge, John English, of Soleghod, and Edm. m’Richard Bourke,  Provisions as in 6497 - 19th May X|III.



6522 (5246).  Pardon to John O’Dwyer of Dondrom gent; Joan Butler niece of E. of Ormond his wife, Connor ny Munge O’Dwyer of Ballilorken, Derbie oge O’Connor of Dondrom, gent; Margaret Arthur Fitz Rich of same, Wm. and Teige m’Donell m’Melaghlin Rian of Clonneghyhill, Hugh ny Bowly Rian, Connor O’Farrell, of same, Teige m’Melaghlin O’Dwyer of Bealnykill, Donegh m’Tho O’Dwyer of Doneghhill, (Donohill ?) Edm m’Donegh Y Connor of Dondrom, Derbie O’Hogane of Pallice, John m’Ownhy leigh O’Dwyer of Dondrom, Teige m’Wm. Ryan of Synnodestowne, Edm. m’Ullick (Bourke ?) of Killarderye; Wm. Rich, Tho, and John Fitz Edm. Bourke of same, Hugh O’Doulie of Lism’eA (Lismacue), Moriertagh O’Dowlie, Redmund Fitz Rich Bourke, of same; Rorie m’Ea Mcragh of Burges, Hugh m’Rorie m’Cragh of same, Giles ny Kellie of Our Lady Abbey Ardfinnan (Hore ?), Brien O’Berne alias Croghan of Ardfynan, Edm. Brennagh, James Butler Fitz Theobald, of same, Wm. oge Bourke of Gralegh, Eward Sawle of Ballyone, Tho O’Dwyer of Ballinemony, Gillenewe m’Teige O’Dwyer of Liscreagh, Theobald Fitz Morris Carregh Bourke of Fyherd, David Fitz Walter Bourke of Cappagh, Theobaald Fitz Ulick Bourke of Graleigh, Moyler m’Shane Bourke of same, Connor O’Quirke of Pollegh, Edm. O’Heyn of Cappegh, Edm. Fitz Richard Bourke of Moskry, David Fitz Richard of same, Edm. Moecler of Balleclereghan, Jeffrey Moecler of same, Edm. Travers of Bealadrohed, Philip Travers Fitz Rob. of Mortelstown, Shane m’Walter Bourke of Ballnecloghy, Wm. Kellie of Shirpeston, Shane m’Tyrny of Killoghy, Edm. Pursell of Aghsallagh, Wm. Pursell of same, James Leigh Cantwell of Kyllynes, Grany ny Carrule of Lisrahoune, Rob Pursell of Cloane, Wm. Keating of Nicholstowne, Patr. Kente of Graqnegraunte, Ullick Bourke of Ballytoste, Teig O’Dwyer of Farren Rory, John O’Neale of Ballyneclone, Teige m’Gillenenewe O’Dwier of Clone, David Archer of Killtynan, Donell m’Shane O’Dwyer of Raghkynan, Cahir m’Shane glasse of Clonegart, Edm. of Kedagh m’Cahir O’Mulryan, Arthur m’Kedagh O’Mulryan, Rorie m’Teige O’Mulrian, Donogho and Cornell m’Rorie O’Mulrian, Gilleduffe m’Teig O’Mullrian, Donell and Melaghlin m’Donogh O’Mulrian, John M’Kyghan, Edm. m’Tho O’Mulrian, Mahowne m’Dermod O’Shannaghan, Donogh m’Wm. O’Mulrian, John m’Melaghlin O’Mulryan, Hugh m’Donogh O’Mulrian, Philip Fitz Wm. O’Mulryan, and John Fitz Teige O’Mulrian of same; Conoghor and Mahowne m’Ea of Fynehy, Melaghlin m’Donnogh of Ballenemony, Gillenenewe Meagher of Ballintot, Diermod O’Carrylin of same, Diermod m’Donnogh of Ballenmony, Murtagh O’Glissane of Killmore, Wm. Butler of Lisnemrok, Peirse Laffane of Nuan, Deirmod O’Cluan of same, Redmund Bourke of Cappegh, Joan Bourke of same, Wm. Fitz Thomas Fyn of Garryduffe, Shane O’Shee of AghLenise, Walter Hackett of Garran, Rich Bourke of Ballinelogh, Wm. Fitz Eustace of Raghinegoer, Wm. Bourke of Lisshine, James Fanyne of Ballingarry, Peirs Butler of Balleartel, Tho Prindergast of Rahin, Tho Butler of Shaneballyduffe, Tho Fynnosy of Clogh Cullin, Wm. Kellie of same, Theobald Butler alias m’Eleany Morris m’Donell m’Hugh, Nich roe O’Donell, of Ballyvadrig; Edm. Barrie, Donogh m’Donnelll, Tibbot and Ulick Bourke Fitz Rich of same, Wm. m’Shane oge I Clonery, carpenter, Deirmod m’Tho m’Cragh, husb., Donell m’Donogh m’Cragh, Donogh Halowrane, of Kyltinan, Teige of Halowrane of same, Donogh oge O’Hallowrane David and derby Fitz Donogh O’Quirke, of Torny (Bridge ?), Tho Butler Fitz Rich of Uprath, Tho m’Ea m’Loghlin O’Bryen, Wm. Fitz James Brennagh, Ardfynn, David O’Quyrke, Teig O’Loughnane, Katherine nyn Teige, John Mully m’Gillecallyn, John m’Owen O’Mullcahy, Morish O’Caffoe m’Dermod, Morish Nugent Fitz Rob, David O’Fowle m’Richard, Donell m’Philip m’Cragh, Tho Tobbin Fitz Philip, Tho m’Shane More, Philip O’Mohellaghan m’Dermot, Tho O’Dwysy m’Philip, Donell moell m’Donogh m’Cragh Gilleduff alias Melaghlin O’Skeghan, Margaret Hicky, of the Grange, Owen O’Hirick, Morris Daniell alias Nysury, Tho O’Kyen of Lisernonegh, Peirse Butler of same, John Wale of Rochestown, Redmund Inglishe of same, Edm. Keatinge of same, and Teige Etermen m’Gillpatrick.  Provisions as in 6497 - 19th May XLIII.


6531 (5254).  Pardon to Dermot O’Dwyer (the chief Sherriff of Tipp 1600-1) of Clonehorpe, Co. Tipp. gent., Ellen Gibbon, his wife; Mahown m’Edm. Dwyer of Bellaghan, gent; Wm. Fitz Donell Ryan of Ballihinod, gent; Dermod m’Shane Ryan, yeoman; Owin O’Quirke of Millowne, and Donogh O’Brynn of Gortnaskeagh, husbandmanmen; Moore ny Conogher Ryan, his wife; Conogher O’Brynn of same, Smith; Wm. Fitz Derby Conor of Duncomen, and Teig m’Shane O’Ryan of Ardlaman, yeomen; Donogh duff m’Encrogh of Bealagh, husb., Dheff Snobny Dermod Dwyer, his wife; Teig m’Shane Dwyer of Bealnakille, yeoman; Wm. and Mahowne m’Melaghlin Dwyer of same, gents; Donogho O’Doroghie of Clonechorpe, and Hugh m’Deirmod Maghir of same, yeomen; Philip Fitz Edm. Dwyer of same, yeoman; Dermod m’Edm. Dwyer of Clonerosse, and Dermod Fitz Philip Dwyer of same, gents; Teig m’Wm. Ryan of Ballagh, Rory m’Dermod Mahir of Keappagh, Conoghor m’Wm. Dwyer of Clonesboe; David Quirke of Gortnaskegh, John m’Rorie Ryan of same, and Donogh O’Kennegan of Kellenecred, yeomen; Owney ny Tho Dwyer of same (gent?), Wm. m’Conoghor Dwyer of same, gent; Edm Hackett of Ballinecottagh, Conor and Donell m’Philip Dwyer of Clonesboe, yeomen; John m’Dermod Connor and wife of Duncomyne, gent; Conoghor m’Gilleneffe Dwyer of Garreduff, Teig m’Wm. Ryan of Ballyinodd; Dermod Fitz James Imollaghny of Kellvallinecassegh, Wm. Fitz Garrett English of Garrymore, Dermot m’Shane m’Rorie Ryan of Glanpaddyne, and Tho m’Gilleneiff Dwyer of garreduffe, yeomen; Terrelagh m’Cragh of Garremore husb., John m’Morogh O’Dwyer of Ballinecrottagh yeoman; Rorie m’Donogh O’Dwyer of bealnakille, husb; Dermot m’Rorie Dwyer of same, and Donogh oge m’Donogho O’Carroll of Birra, yeomen; John m’Tho I Kynlegan of Parke, husb; Teig buy O’Mullrian of Knockannarogee, yeoman; More ny Dermod o’Dwyer of Lisslorishe, widow; Margaret Fitz Edm of same, Tho Pilline of Duncomyne, husb; Dominck and Edm. Pilline of same, husb; Teig m’Hugh Hiffernard of Killshane yeoman; John O’Cronogan of Bonare, tailor; Moeryry Fitz Englishe of Rahengore gent; Gillpatrick m’Gwyer of Milltowne, and Tho m’Teige Moyle of Grageone, yeomen; Wm. Fitz Donogh O’Hiffernen of Kilchanane, husb; Dermod duffe O’Dwyer of Morestowne, and Donogh m’Tho Dwyer of same, yeomen; Dermot m’Melaghlin Ryan of Boylivonen, gent; Donogh m’Shane moyle Carroll, Wm. O’Boghan, of same, John O’Davoryn of Dundrum, and Edm. Foxe of Clonehoripe yeomen; Walter Fitz John English of Killine, gent; Feragher m’Gilleneiff Heffernan of Kilshane yeoman; Conoghor Dwyer of Clonerosse, gent; Philip m’Donogh Dwyer of Clonesboe, Rorie buy Rian of Inchenscollopp, Mahowne and Melaghlin m’Teig Dwyer of Mogher, and Conoghor m’Shane Ryan of Garremore, yeomen; Donill O’Kenedy of Milltowne, horseboy; and Terlagh oge m’Swyny of same, gent.  Provided they appear and submit before the seneschal of the liberty of Tipp. and one other justice of the peace in the said Co. within 3 months.  Other provisions as in 6519.  Pardon not to extend to any in prison or bound to appear at sessions; nor to any but persons residing in County and Cross of Tipp; nor to any of the O’Connors and O’Moores of Leix and Offaly - 27th May XLIII.


6531 (5254).  Pardon to Dermot O’Dwyer (the chief Sherriff of Tipp 1600-1) of Clonehorpe, Co. Tipp. gent., Ellen Gibbon, his wife; Mahown m’Edm. Dwyer of Bellaghan, gent; Wm. Fitz Donell Ryan of Ballihinod, gent; Dermod m’Shane Ryan, yeoman; Owin O’Quirke of Millowne, and Donogh O’Brynn of Gortnaskeagh, husbandmanmen; Moore ny Conogher Ryan, his wife; Conogher O’Brynn of same, Smith; Wm. Fitz Derby Conor of Duncomen, and Teig m’Shane O’Ryan of Ardlaman, yeomen; Donogh duff m’Encrogh of Bealagh, husb., Dheff Snobny Dermod Dwyer, his wife; Teig m’Shane Dwyer of Bealnakille, yeoman; Wm. and Mahowne m’Melaghlin Dwyer of same, gents; Donogho O’Doroghie of Clonechorpe, and Hugh m’Deirmod Maghir of same, yeomen; Philip Fitz Edm. Dwyer of same, yeoman; Dermod m’Edm. Dwyer of Clonerosse, and Dermod Fitz Philip Dwyer of same, gents; Teig m’Wm. Ryan of Ballagh, Rory m’Dermod Mahir of Keappagh, Conoghor m’Wm. Dwyer of Clonesboe; David Quirke of Gortnaskegh, John m’Rorie Ryan of same, and Donogh O’Kennegan of Kellenecred, yeomen; Owney ny Tho Dwyer of same (gent?), Wm. m’Conoghor Dwyer of same, gent; Edm Hackett of Ballinecottagh, Conor and Donell m’Philip Dwyer of Clonesboe, yeomen; John m’Dermod Connor and wife of Duncomyne, gent; Conoghor m’Gilleneffe Dwyer of Garreduff, Teig m’Wm. Ryan of Ballyinodd; Dermod Fitz James Imollaghny of Kellvallinecassegh, Wm. Fitz Garrett English of Garrymore, Dermot m’Shane m’Rorie Ryan of Glanpaddyne, and Tho m’Gilleneiff Dwyer of garreduffe, yeomen; Terrelagh m’Cragh of Garremore husb., John m’Morogh O’Dwyer of Ballinecrottagh yeoman; Rorie m’Donogh O’Dwyer of bealnakille, husb; Dermot m’Rorie Dwyer of same, and Donogh oge m’Donogho O’Carroll of Birra, yeomen; John m’Tho I Kynlegan of Parke, husb; Teig buy O’Mullrian of Knockannarogee, yeoman; More ny Dermod o’Dwyer of Lisslorishe, widow; Margaret Fitz Edm of same, Tho Pilline of Duncomyne, husb; Dominck and Edm. Pilline of same, husb; Teig m’Hugh Hiffernard of Killshane yeoman; John O’Cronogan of Bonare, tailor; Moeryry Fitz Englishe of Rahengore gent; Gillpatrick m’Gwyer of Milltowne, and Tho m’Teige Moyle of Grageone, yeomen; Wm. Fitz Donogh O’Hiffernen of Kilchanane, husb; Dermod duffe O’Dwyer of Morestowne, and Donogh m’Tho Dwyer of same, yeomen; Dermot m’Melaghlin Ryan of Boylivonen, gent; Donogh m’Shane moyle Carroll, Wm. O’Boghan, of same, John O’Davoryn of Dundrum, and Edm. Foxe of Clonehoripe yeomen; Walter Fitz John English of Killine, gent; Feragher m’Gilleneiff Heffernan of Kilshane yeoman; Conoghor Dwyer of Clonerosse, gent; Philip m’Donogh Dwyer of Clonesboe, Rorie buy Rian of Inchenscollopp, Mahowne and Melaghlin m’Teig Dwyer of Mogher, and Conoghor m’Shane Ryan of Garremore, yeomen; Donill O’Kenedy of Milltowne, horseboy; and Terlagh oge m’Swyny of same, gent.  Provided they appear and submit before the seneschal of the liberty of Tipp. and one other justice of the peace in the said Co. within 3 months.  Other provisions as in 6519.  Pardon not to extend to any in prison or bound to appear at sessions; nor to any but persons residing in County and Cross of Tipp; nor to any of the O’Connors and O’Moores of Leix and Offaly - 27th May XLIII.


6532 (5277) (q.v.).  Pardon to Mahown O’Hickie of Reighill smith; John Fitz Bourke and Tho Fitz John Bourke of same, husbandmanmen; Edm. m’Morris of same, tailor; Awliff m’Teige, Wm. m’Owen, and Edm. O’Donell of same, husb; Owen O’Cahill of same, shoemaker; Derby m’Shane of same, husb; Joneck Perrot of same, carpenter; Edm. O’Doyne of same, husb; Teig O’Hiffernan and Walter Nele of same, yeomen; Morrish m’Shane and John mDoneghy, of same, husb; Rich m’Morrish more of same, Smith; John ,’Philip. Derby O’Meagher, and John O’Horgane, of same; husb; Shane m’Donell of same, carpenter; James and Patrick O’Hagir of same, yeomen; Shane Crone and Philip Braghan, of same, husb; James Nelane, Hugh Keogh and John Bathe, of same, yeomen; John Roche of same, carpenter; Shane ne Moyle of same, husb; Tho. Clansie of Cahir husb; John Keathinge Fitz Rich duff of Moretown; David Bourke of same, yeoman; Derbie Galgane of Cahir, Wm. O’Feigha, and John O’Hanyne, of same, husbandmanmen; David Galgane of same, Mason; Wm. and Mahowne m’Shane boy, of same weavers; John Fitz David Lonergane of same, yeoman; Teig O’Bryn and John Kysyn, of same, labourer; Teig m’Ea. of same, husb; Walter Toben of same, yeoman; Morrish Mergine of Cloghbrida, tailor; John and Derby O’Caffoo of same husb; Tho O’Sisnane of Kilcoman and Owen m’David of same, horseboy; Tho and Philip O’Fynosy of same, smiths; Derby O’Mullany of Garranvelly, and Kenedy m’Ricard of same, husb; Conoghor O’Doyn of same, labourer; Rob Fitz Tho Megeon of Loghloghery, yeoman; Wm. Fitz Rich O’Donill of same husb; Derby O’Moholleghan of Cahir husb; Wm. O’Mullany of same, Cottier; Knoghor O’Dogheran of same, labourer; Patr English of Carreganeroo; Donell reogh O’Kenna of Knockane, husb; Wm. Hyky of same, weaver; John O’Hilane of Cloghyn, shoemaker; John O’Ryedy of Reighill and Mahown O’Hee of Killcowcane, husb; Donogh O’Mullowny of Gracecastell, smith; Derby O’Doane of Garriduff, Wm. m’Donill of Dromloma, Wm. m’Tho fyn, and Donogh O’Loghnan, of same, husb; Mgt. Carrell of Morres of same, husb; Walter Morres of same labourer; Donogh m’Mahowny of same, Teig O’Quirke of Scartaghbeg, Dennise O’Morris, and Connoghor O’Hanyne, of same, husb; Wm. O’Fouloo of same, labourer; Philip Tobin of Kilcoman, Wm. Bourke, Wm. m’Teig beg, of Cahir, John O’Herrige of same, and Rorie Bath of Kilcoman husb; Philip Tobin Fitz Morris of Cahir, and Donell m’Wm. Moore, of same, carpenters; Teig m’Shane of same weaver; Edm O’Dorane of Garranevelly, husb; Morris O’Leary of same, Smith; Peter and Redmund English of Cahir, yeomen; John O’Hogane of Kilcoman, and Tho m’Ea O’Mergyne of same, husb; Edm. Bathe of same, and Wm. Lonergane, yeomen; Wm. O’Hanyne of Ballybraddo, John O’Heany of same, John O’Heanyne of Garranevelly, Donogh O’Hanyne of Same, and Wm. O’Cahill of Scartagh, husbandmanmen; Morris Tobin of Cahir, yeoman; Tho m’Cragh of Scartagh, Tho O’Kenedy of same, John O’Quyn of Killaloane, and John O’Kenedy of same, husbandmanmen; Moris O’Hee of Balliee, yeoman; Wm. O’Heyne of same, James Hicky of Reighill, Donell O’Heine of Bollenegarran, and Wm. O’Lonergane of same, husbandmanmen; Deirmod roe O’Lonergane of Ballim’addam, labourer; Conoghor Ro of Corraghtore, shoemaker; John Loghanane of Dromloman, and Donough O’Kennedy of same, husb; Wm. m’Bryen of Garranevelly and Rorie m’Shane of same, labourers; Rich English of Rochetown and Philip oge Lonergane of Tibbrod, yeomen; Deirmod and John m’Ea Tobin of Cahir, Owen Claneghie of Reighill, and Tho Tobyn of Garranevally, yeomen; Edm Prindergast of Killmyn, husb; Walter Bourke of Ballibraddo weaver; Derby O’Leary of Garranevally, and Derbie m’Teige of same, labourers; Wm. Ggreeghan of Tibbrud and Donell O’Rely of same, husb; Eustace English of Ballide Connoghor O’Mullcahie of same, Teig O’Faghie of Ballem’Addam, smith; Derby O’Fahie of Cahir, Smith; Donegh O’Dowdy of Killcow[e?]ane and Derby O’Dowdy of Garranvelly, husb; Tho Browne of Cahir, carpenter; David Mergine of Garranvelly, husb; Donegh O’Meeghan of same, labourer; Wm. Herrig of same, husb; Redmond Mageon of Loghloghery, Wm. m’Evarde of Knockane, husb; Edm. Kente of Cahir, labourer; John ro O’Moholleghane, and Edm more O’Donill of same, husb; John m’Wm. O’Donill of same, carpenter; Thonyn Fitz Wm. Butler, and Conoghor O’Doire of same, labourers; John Boghelly of Cahirabby, husb; Teig O’Markellie, John Roe, Rich O’Quyn, of same, labourers; Philip O’Mullawny of Garranevelly, cottier; John O’Kenedy and John O’Hilane of same, labourers; Donogh O’Kenely of Cahir Morish O’Kenedy, and Donogh m’Conoghor Lonergane of same, yeomen; John O’Molrany of Cahirabbey husb; David O’Bryne of same, labourer; Mellaghlin Quyn of same, shoemaker; Tho O’Connell of same, husb; Derby O’Rian of same, Wm. Duff, Conoghor of Cahir, and Jeffrey Prindergast of same, labourers; Tho O’Conoghor of Garriduff, tailor; Edm. m’Murrogh O’Lonergane and Brien m’Murrogh of same, yeoman; Wm O’Cleary of Cahir, labourer; Teig buye O’Connell of same, husb; Tho Fitz John Lonergane, yeoman; Teig m’Carhie of Garranvelly, husb; John ro O’Sisnane, Wm. O’Doyne, of same, labourer; Donell O’Cahessie of same, husb; Rich more m’Shihie of Caher, yeoman; John m’Rory of same, carpenter; Peirs Mageon of Loghlaghery, husb; Edm. m’Shane moile of Kilcoman, tailor; Conoghor O’Slattery of Donnaghmore, yeoman; Morrish Fitz James O’Phellane of Ballendony, husb; John Fitz Wm. Butler of Cahir, yeoman; Donel m’Teig m’Kenely of same, horseboy; Morrish Fitz Rob Prindergast of Knockyne, yeoman, and Philip Prindergast of Newcastle, yeoman.  Provisions as in 6497 - 27th May XLIII.



6534 (5200).  Pardon to James Laffan of Graiestown, gent; John Tobin of Comyse, Mich Fitz Rob O’Shee, Walter Crooke, and Tho Fitz James Tobyn - of same, gents; Wm. O’Conelly, tho Prowte, and Rob Fitz Nich O’Shee of same, yeomen; Edm Fitz Walter Tobin, and Tho Fitz Wm. Tobin, of same, gents; Wm. m’Rorie O’Kenedie of Crannagh, and Tho Bourke of Laghcallie yeomen; John Bourke, Theobald Bourke, of same, Tho buoy Bourke of Kiffekill, Knoghor O’Fogertie of Ballipatrick, Walter Bourke of Laghvallie, Ullick Bourke of same, and David m’Edm. Gladie of Grage, gents; Rich Grace of same, gent; Rob Walsh Fitz Wm. of Castlehowell, Daniell Griffin of Killorogh, Wm. Sweeteman of Castellife, gents; Daniel duffe O’Dwire of Goertmakellis, Shane oge m’Shane o’Mullmoy of Crannagh, Cormock O’Morrishe of same, Morish o’Birne of Newcastle, and Teige Etermon m’Fymine m’Gillpatrick of Killnefarriboy, yeomen; Rich Astekon Fitz Rich of Stammcartie, and John Power of Powerswood, gents; Wm. Bolger of the Graunge and Shane Keaho of same, yeomen; James Prendergast of Ballifermoke, and Edw. Prindergast of same, gents; Gerrot Sulton Fitz David of Ballenemony, yeoman, John Flemmynge of Milltowne, labourer; Gerald Prindergast Fitz Edm. of Ballefarnoke, yeoman, Wm. Rian of Tipperary, gent; Margaret Cantwell his wife; Wm. Comerford of Kiltowle, James Fennell of Ballybeg, Adam Tobin Fitz James of Killagh, and Piers Butler of Williamstown, gents; Wm. m’Rorie O’Kenedie of Crannagh, Dermot O’Fogertie of the Inshe, and Edm. Purcell of Clondotie, yeomen; (some of those and many others in pardon are in Cos Kilk and Carlow - all mixed together).  Provisions as in 6519 - 29th May XLIII.  (C.P.R. - 588).


6538 (5245).  Pardon to Ullick Bourke Fitz John of Swiffin, gent; Tho Bourke Fitz Rich of same, gent; Tho roe O’Donoghe, Rich O’Donogho, Donell m’Shane m’Teige O’Dowgen, and John O’Hogan Fitz Wm. of same, yeomen; Edm. Bourke Fitz Wm. of same, gent; John m’Teige O’Hiffernan, and Denis m’Teige m’John O’Hiffernan, of same, yeomen; Wm. Bourke Fitz Tibbot of same, gent; David O’Donogho, John Fitz Connor O’Hiffernan, Donell Fitz Rorie O’Hiffernan, Wm. O’Keavicke, Owen Albenagh m’Donogh, Teig O’Donogho, Philip O’Donogho, John Barry Fitz Wm. Rich English, and John Hogan Fitz Matthew, - of same, yeomen; Ullick Bourke Fitz Tibbot, and Theobald Bourke Fitz Ullick, of same - gents; Tho Slatterie Fitz David of same, yeomen, John Bourke Fitz Ullick of same gent; Murtagh O’Hiffernan, Daniell O’Mullrian, O’Maghesse, of same, yeomen; Owny m’Mullrony O’Carroll of Moderheny, Callough O’Carroll of same, Tho Bourke Fitz Rich of Ballilogan, and Rich Fitz Tho Bourke of Ballescorlocke, gents; Melaghlin oge m’Shane of Kilshane, and Wm. m’Owly of Kilshenell, yeomen; Rich Fitz Tho Bourke of Ballilogan and Theobald Fitz Wm. Fitz John Bourke, gents; Hugh O’More Fitz Tho of Roscrea, Gillpatrick and Cormock O’Corkeran of same, Donell m’Donogh of Tullehedy, and Adam O’Shea of Graunstown, yeomen; Wm. m’Teige de Callough of Sallaghode, husb; Wm. Bourke Fitz Wm. Garreduffe, gent; Hugh O’Grady of Moynerly, husb; Rorie O’Kennedie of Ballim’dirry, Teige Fitz Rob O’Shee of Brickendowne, John Stapleton of Kilmolkearishe (d. of T. Mcgrath?) wife of Peter Sweetman, of Abbey of Athashell, gent; John O’Moone of Gurtten, husb; Donell m’Derbie O’Donill of Hogedstowne, Peirs Cantwell of Graungstowne (Grantstown), Leige O’Harvey og Killerowlagh, Edm. Fitz Rich Poore of Grauntstowne, Derby O’Kenedy of Themoyle, and Donogh O’Daile of Burgesse, yeomen; Joan ny Gerrald of Boytonrath; Wm. Fitz John O’Lonergan of Abbey of Cahir, yeoman; Tho Fitz John O’Lonergan of same, plowman, Wm. Daton of Carrickm’griffin, yeoman; John Neale of Ballineclone, gent; Co. Tipp; (Also others, chiefly of Co. Kilkenny).  Provisions as 6519 - 29th May XLIII.



6552 (5264).  Pardon to Connor O’Mullrian of Annagh, esq, chief of his name, and Anne, his wife; O’nor O’Mullrian ny Conor, widow of Tho Bourke; Wm. O’Mullrian, Edm m’James O’Mullrian, Rorie and Wm. O’Mullrian, Teige m’James O’Mullrian, Donell m’Dermod O’Mullrian, Donell m’Dermod roe O’Mullrian, Edm. and Dermod m’Donell O’Mullrian, Teig m’Donogh enchalle, Wm. m’Morogh enchallie, Donogh m’Donell O’Gleasune, Em. m’Teig o’Mullrian, Teig m’Edm. O’Mullrian, Edm. m’Shane O’Mullrian, Owhin m’Rowrie O’Mullrian, Dermod m’Shane m’Rowrie O’Mullrian, Owhin m’Conchor O’Mullrian, Wm. m’Donell m’Conochor O’Mullrian, Donogh m’Donell O’Mullrian, Demod m’Conochor O’Mullrian, Melaghlin m’Owhin O’Mullrian, Donell m’Melaghlin O’Mullrian, Dermod m’Owhine O’Mullrian, Edm mTeig entogher o’Mulrian, Owhin mConnor oge O’Mulrian, Cormock O’Burrin, Sheane m’Hugh ne beollie O’Mulrian, Dermod m’Wm. m’Teig O’Mulrian, Shane m’Dermod O’Mulrian, Edm m’Wm. O’Mulrian, Wm. m’Henrie O’Mulrian of Carraghduffe, Philip m’Donell O’M., Henry m’Edm O’M., Murogh m’Henrie O’M. Donell m’Teig reogh O’M. Donell m’Kenedy m’Wm. O’M. Shane m’Donogh O’Glessaine, Donogh m’Teig O’M. Mahown m’Wm. O’M. Wm. m’Donell m’Rowrie O’M. Dermod m’Sheane O’M. Hugh and Owhin O’Mulryan m’Connor, Wm. m’Donell m’Teig O’M. Dermod mConnor O’M. James Donell and Hugh O’Barrie, Rowrie Rowrie o’Moell Fitz John Keally, John m’Demod O’Cormin, Rowrie m’Donegh meoll O’M. Morogh mKenedie O’M. Owhin m’Donell mLeisagh O’M. Daniel m’Shane o’Kellie, Donell, Shane and Dermod m’Teig O’Kellie, Teig m’Donell O’M. Mahown O’Mulryan m’Melaghlin, Donell m’Cormack O’M., Mahowne m’Kenedie O’M., Tho m’Philip O’M., Deirmod duffe m’Gourroe, Fennolley ny Viren, widow, Joan ny Moriertagh Ocarrane, Edm. O’Hogane, Teig m’Dermodie O’Hallorane, Deirmod roe m’Shane O’M., Mahown, Teig and Donell m’Philip O’M., Melaghlin m’Rowrie o’M., Owhin reogh m’Donell O’M., Wm. m’Donell reogh O’M., Dermod mOwhine O’M., Donell m’Edm O’M., Dermod m’Owhine O’M., Shane m’Connor O’M., Shane m’Dermod Marvine, Tho Morgane, Teig m’Shane m’Morogh, Wm. m’Owhin mRowrie O’M., Donell reogh O’m., Wm. m’Connor O’Mullrian, of Glancullie (Glenculloc) Mahown owr mMahownagh O’Mulryan, Dermot leigh m’Donoghoe O’M., Edm. m’Philip brick O’M., Philip m’Edm. O’M., Dermot m’Cahir O’M., Edm m’Shane O’M..  Provisions as in 6497 - 10th June XLIII.


6564 (5255).  Pardon to Walter Tobin Fitz James of Clonegoeste gent; James m’Codie of Balliclereghan Nich m’Codie of same, yeomen; David Sutton Fitz John of Caher, yeomen; Peirse duff Butler of Ballihartell gent; Oliver Sinot of same, yeoman; Donogh O’Fahhe of Tipper, husb; John Toben Fitz Rich of Tamplevihille, gent; Nich Toben of same, yeoman, Peirse Ulfe of Donedrome, carpenter; Walter and John Fitz Wm. O’Shee of Clonshee, yeomen; Mgt. Butler wife of Philip Traveres of Kedagh; Rob Hacked of Derreloskan, Philip Comen of same; Tho m’Teig m’Ecroe of Sronell, yeoman; Edm. Toben of Doneskeech, gent; Donell boy O’Mallone of Mollessen, Wm. and Peirse Cantewell of Athasshell; husbandmanmen; Margaret Morrish wife of John Cantwell of same; Wm. and Tho Fitz John Bourke of Ballem;keade, yeomen; Theobald and John Bouricke Fitz Tho, John O’Lehyne, of same, Donogh roe m’Teig O’Hiffernain of Tipper, husb; Edm. bwy Fitz Theobald Engles of Sollihoid, husb; Donogh m’Crahe O’Hiffernain of Tipper, husb; Mahown duffe O’Dermodie of Sollihoid, Edm. Pursell Fitz James of Ballicormicke (Cormockstown); Teig Dullomaine of Ballym’keade, labourer; Daniel O’Hogan of Ardehrony, gent; Tho Stapleton of le haboy de thashell (Athassel), Hugh Odwigen, Tho St. John of Mortelstown, Tho Butler of Ballikirne, James O’Morie of Caher, John McCormock of Ballidroghed, David Henes of Hollicrosse, Wm. St John of St Johnstown, gent; Wm. Pursell Fitz Wm. of Lishmoyneane, Edm. St. John Fitz James Bourke of Cowle, gent; (Comen of Kilnonill, gent - stuck out); Philip Hackett of Sherpstowne; Tho Bourke of Knockballenoe, paul Kerny Fitz Patr. of Cashell; Pierse Convey of same; Tho Butler Fitz Piers of Clonmell; Tho Butler Fitz Edm. of same; Tho Fitz Rob O’Shee of Cappoge, John Bourke Fitz Tibbot of Corranginge Cormac Heykye of Garrintibot, Redmund Fitz Tho Bourke of Lelancheele, Walter Fitz Tho Bourke of same; edm. m’Wm. O’Slattery of Rahinegore; Wm. Bourke Fitz Tibot Of cappagh; Ullog Fitz Wm. m’Edmond of Coleyort; Wm. Leigh Englishe of Salloghod beg; Tibbot m’Walter Bourke of Kiltinehe - (in Glenbane Lattin) Dermot mOwin of Gurtin Edevaene, Gouan ny Claneghie of Grauntestown; Katherine nyne Richard O’Shee of same; Seyve ny Yellegane of Brenesegh :; James Bottiler Fitz Edm. of Clonmell; Knoghor O’Hiffernan of Laten; John O’Mollowne of Grauntestown; John Bourke of Nicholstown, yeoman; Patr. Cantwell of Ballenowran, yeoman; Redmund Butler Fitz John of Bealacarren, yeoman; Hugh m’Morgh o’Dwygin of ballogan; Philip Keatinge of Rathmore Ustace Englishe of Rahine (Solohead); Tho Botler of the Old Graig; James Brenagh mPhilip of Kileashe Rich Bourke Fitz Wm. of Lissine; Melaghlinge O’Dowan of Cloughculln; Edw Butler of Cahir, yeoman; Redmund Gouldinge of Cahir, horsekeeper; Tho Butler of Brittace; Patr. Boyton of Cashell yeoman; James Prendergast of Pollitarre, yeoman; Walter Fitz edm. Stappellton of Ardmayle; Edm. Boyton of Cashell, yeoman; James reo Woodlocke of Woddingstowne; Connor Karny of Ballidwagh; Wm. Karnyof Cashell; Edm Butler Fitz John of ardmaile; Tho Butler Fitz John of same, yeoman; Walter roe Butler fitz Pierse of Brittace, yeoman; Patr. Shall of cashell; Philip Kerny, Tho Fowlowe, Simon Sall, Peirse Conway, Paul kerny - of same; brene killy of Carick; Mahise Brenagh of Kileash; Wm m’Shane Gerralde of Keadraghe; John mDermot O’Dwire of same; Tho Stapleton of Athasshell, yeoman; Edm Bourke of correghene; Rich Melod of Killurne; Tho Bourke Fitz John of Cowle; Teobot Bourke m’Rob of lasserine; John m’Enes mCraghe of Bureisee; Donogh O’Daly, David Fitz Moris mCragh of same; Patr Fleamine Fitz Rob of Cashell, yeoman; Theobald Fitz Rich Butler of ardmaile, John a Fahe Fitz Tho of same, Tho m’Owle O’Leine of Waddingstown, and Rob Wale Fitz John of Moclere - yeomen; Pierse Wale Fitz John of same, James Qummerforde Fitz Nich. of Mortelstown, Donogh mClanghie of Killahie, Pierse Englishe Fitz Edm of Rochestown, Geoffrey Comen of Kilconnell, gent; Conogher mWm. O’Mullrian of Ballentane, John m’Crahe of Brensagh; Teig O’Magher, Rich duff Fitz Redmonde - of same Wm. Butler of Balliboe gent; Ellin ny m’Swine his wife; Edm. O’Moroghow of Bealanough more; David m’henry Bourke of thomastown; John mConoghor Shannaghan of Kilmolasse, Owin roe o’Kive of Tample Ehenna, Ellan Lasie O’Crowine, edm. O’Meele, of Hollycrosse, yeoman; Edm. m’Tho Bourke of Cowle, gent; Geoffrey Comen of Kilconnell, gent; Redmund reogh Purcell of Graigera; Wm. Rich and Geoffrey Purcell Fitz Redmund of same; (Gerald Fitz Lewes Brean of Liseperlinge gent; Edm. Blandfielde and Milstowne and his wife Anastace Coddie; Nich Quimereford of Clone; Ellan duff Grace of the Lowe Graunge; Walter Walsh of Lestrolen; Wm. Fitz Oliver of same; Patr. duff Fitz Purcell of Burresslegh; George Dodd of Thomastown; meeg Gall alias Mgt. Dode his wife; Barnaby Fitz Lewis Brian of Whitwall, gent; Pierse Dode of Thomastown; Meg St Leger of same; Etc) (All these in Brockets would seem to be of Co. Kilk).  Provisions as in 6519 - 4th Aug. XLIII.


6565 (5197).  Pardon to Peirse Butler Fitz Edm of Roscrea, gent; Redmond Morris of Knockagh (Drom), gent; Katherine ny Kegan, his wife; James Fennell of Ballibeg, and Denishe Dalie of Waterford, physicians; Peirs Butler Fitz Walter of Moially (Moyaliff), gent; Mary Plunket of Kelaghre wife of the Baron of Loughny (Purcell of Loughmore); James Laffon of Greistown, gent; Rob Keathinge of Nicholstown, yeoman; Adam Tobin of Ballidowgin, gent; John m’Donill Fynn of Grauntestown, husb; Rich Comerford Fitz Rich of Danginmore (Co. Kilk?) gent; Edm Archdeacon alias Codie of Garrihibberd (Co. Kilk?) yeoman; Oliver Shortall of Ballihowe (Co. Kilk?) gent; Rob Shortall of Ballilorkan (Co. Kilk?) yeoman; Philip Travers of Keadragh, gent; James  Daton of Carrick and John Welshe of same, yeoman; David Kearny Fitz Tho of Ballidwagh, husb; Rich Fitz Edm Butler of Moleffane, Mellisan and Donogh m’Shane Etlea O’Carroll of Cowllolan, gents; John O’Banane of same, husb; Donell m’Gillephoile of Shihenrone, yeoman; Melrone duffe O’Carroll m’Shane of Cashellrane, and Rich Butler Fitz Tibbot of Direloskane, gents; Rob Hacket and Philip Comen of same, Derby O’Leine of Holiecrosse, and MacCragh m’Rorie of same, husb; John Bourke m’Ulluge of Killmolegher (Kilmoyler) and John Daniell of Balliheny, gents; Daniel m’Rob O’Shea of Clonoshea, husb; Wm English Fitz Eustace of Rochestown, gent; Tho Bourke Fitz Wm of Ballenlogan (Lagganetown?), gent; Walter Fitz tho Bourke of Cowlegh, Rowland Bourke, David m’Ullig Bourke - of same, husbandmanmen; Rich Stackbold of Holy Crosse, Mahoun O’Hogan, Ed. Fitz Patr, Darby Gillpatrick; Hugh m’Teige O’Hiffernan, of same, husbandmanmen; David Bourke Fitz Edm of Ballilogan, gent; Derby Mulrian, Hugh m’Murtagh O’Hiffernan, Murtagh m’Enees O’Hiffernan, of Laten, and Rich Stackbold of Caregenveogh, husbandmanmen; Eneas roe O’Hiffernan alias O’Hiffernane of Sronell, and John O’Hogan of Cowlenegon, gents; Edm O’Hogan and Donell O’Hogan of same, yeomen; John m’Ecroe of Ballenglanne and Wm. O’Donoghowe of same, Teige m’Cragh of Bealacarren (Ballycarron), John O’Conill of Garrenscot (Deepark Shronell), John m’Gillebride of Shronell, Henry Bourke of Bealacarren; Rob Purcell of Moyallie, husb; Teige O’Carroll m’Donogh ne Boely, yeoman, Tho O’Mary, of Loghyny, Arte O’Murphy, Brian duffe O’Corckrane, and Neale Gallehow, of same, husbandmanmen; Sawry ny Juan of Modereny; John Purcell Fitz Jefferie of Ballybristy, gent; Edm. and Redmund Purcell Fitz Jefferie, of same yeomen; Owen m’Egan of Brittas, Donogh m’Denige of Tamplemore, Donell O’Molrian of Killenelongerte, Wm. Stapleton of Clonewilliam. Patr. Fitz Walter Stapleton of same. Rich Stapleton of Killhagan, Edm. oge Styapleton of same, Daniel O’Tohill of Pallice, and Hugh O’Mullrian of Lishneselle, husbandmanmen; John Morresh of Clonemanemnane, gent; John O’Magher of Ballengarry, and Tho O’Magher of same, husbandmanmen; Jeffrey Faning Fitz Edm of Killmocollomiogh, and tho Faninge of Mogowry, yeomen; Donell O’Mullrian Fitz Henry of Monekentonney, Teige O’Dwire, Rich Comen, and Edm English Fitz Eustace, of same, husbandmanmen; Katherine nine Donnogh O’Mullrian of same; Donogh m’Thomas of same, husb; Alexander Grace Fitz Patr. of Moyglasse; John m’Cragh m’Eneas of Burgeise, gent; Peirs duffe Butler of Balliartille, yeoman; Rob m’Donell O’Shea of Killahe, Redmund Fitz John of same, Tho m’Encroe of Casse, Dermot O’Fian of Granesaghbeg, and Wm. Fitz Morrish English of Sallechoide, husbandmanmen; Peirs Sweetman of Athassell, gent; David Bourke of Gortneskeagh, husb; John Fitz Tibbot Bourke of Cordangin, Wm. and James Fitz Edm. Butler of Molessane, yeomen; Peirs Cantwell of same, husb; Flan m’Egan of Croaghketinge, yeoman; John mDaniel O’Dermody of Loghney Hugh m’Murtagh O’Dwigin of the Abby of Rathassell, husbandmanmen; Donell m’Mulrony O’Carroll of Tullo, gent; More ny Dulchontie, his wife; Owhne m’Donell O’Carroll, his son; Ullug Bourke m’David, Wm. oge of same, and Tibbot Bourke of Laten, gents; James Condon of Ballenchellie, Dermod O’Byrran of same, Donogh O’Fahie of Tipperary, Shane O’Marie of Kilachie, and Adam Aspres of Meylodstown, husbandmanmen; (Patrick Den of Grenan, (Co. Kilk?) Brian O’Kellie of Killedaton, Rich Graunte Fitz David of Corloddy, and Rich Graunt Fitz Rich of Ballypillekog, gents; [Co. Kilk?] ).  James Purcell Fitz Jefferie of Ballebristy, yeoman; Rich roe English Fitz Walter of Sollichode, husb; Rich Graunte Fitz David of Corilodine, gent; Rich Forstall of Killferraghe, gent; Tho Kennedy of Glasscragh, husb; Tirlagh of Kellie of Curragh, gent, and Mgt ny Garret his wife, and Mgt. his daughter; Teig m’Mortagh oge O’Lawlor of Phowlkscourt (Co. Kilk.?) gent, and Mgt ny Dwigin his wife; Donell m’Murtogh oge O’Lalor, Edm. and James m’Murtogh oge O’Lalor and many other O’Lalors of same place.  (Also several others presumably of (Co. Kilk.).  Provided they personally appear and submit themselves before the Queen’s commissioners or keepers of the peace in the several counties in which they live, at the next or 2nd sessions after the date of pardon; and shall then be sufficiently bound, with convienient sureties to keep the peace and answer in all sessions in the several counties when called to satisfy the demands of all the Queen’s subjects according to justice.  Pardon not to extend to any murder committed by any of these persons before their entry into rebellion, nor intrusion on possessions of crown, nor to remit or release any debt, account, or fine of alienation, due to crown.  Those engaged in the redemption of the Earl of Ormond from captivity among the rebels, exempted from proviso requiring security.  The pardon recommended by the Earl of Ormond - 6th Aug. XLIII.  (C.P.R. - 591).




6583 (5403).  Pardon to Gilleduffe O’Kenedie of Castletoune, gent; Irrell O’Kenedy of Garranmore; Hugh O’Kenedy of Rappallagh; Hugh O’Kenedy of Castletoune, Wm. O’Kenedy of Rappallagh; Konoghor O’Kenedy of Latheragh; Dermot O’Kenedy of Ballinaclohie; Shane O’Kenedy of same; Owlie m’Donell O’Kerry O’Kenedy of Lisballagh; Donill m’Rorie oge O’Kenedy of Portollechane; Hugh m’Teige legh O’Kenedy of Keltefada; Philip O’Kenedy of Tombrecane; Donogho O’Kenedy of Annagh; Teige O’Kenedy of Shanballyiard; Henry O’Kenedy of same; Wm. oge m’Brien O’Kenedy of Ballirok; Hugh and Knoghor m’Wm. O’Kenedy of same; Onor nyne Donnoghoe O’Carroll of same; Owthny m’Donoghoe en valla O’Kenedy of same, gent; Morroghoe m’E m’Owly O’Kenedy of Gortinadohe, and Donill m’E m’Owly O’Kenedy of Cranehorte, gents; Shane O’Hea of Donally, yeoman; Tho m’Dermot oge of Corraghiquyn, Doniell m’Morroghoe O’Glisane of Tollemoylin, Brien m’Wm. O’Kenedy of Lyssynarreged, Donill m’Morrertagh O’Glisane of Killmore Morrertagh O’Glisane of same, Henry m’Donoghoe O’Kenedy of Ballenamony, and Morroghoe O’Keandy of Brocagh - gents; Shane alias Gilleduffe O’Kenedy m’Moroghoe of Rahine; Dermot O’Kenedy of Kinegh, Gent; Philip O’Kenedy of same; Peirs Butler of Balliartile; Hugh m’Egane of Brittas, gent; Dermot m’Egane of same, gent; Behellagh m’Egane of Clonelahe, gent; Morroghoe m’Edmonde of Balligibbon, gent; Dermot O’Caryn of Ballintotte, yeoman; Eneas O’Callenane of Killruffed, gent; Knoghor m’Brien of Ballintotte, yeoman; Teige m’Tirrelagh of Dawrie, gent; James lyagh Cantwell of Killines; Wm. Bourke Fitz Tibbot of Moneryeffe, gent; Kellagh m’Shane Fitz Patrick of Ardfinan, gent; Onor nyne Donill of same, spinster; Donill mShane of same, gent; Rich Fitz Hubert of same, yeomen; Edm Hackett of same, gent; Tho Stapleton Fitz Rob. Gankagh of Kilahegard, yeoman; Riccard Tobin Fitz John of Garrangibbon, yeoman; Alexander Fitz Terrelagh of Clonannenane, gent; Farriegh m’Tirlagh of same, gent; John O’Donill of Ardfynan, David Hicky Fitz Tho. of same, Peirs Forstall of same, Geoffrey Fitz Tibbot Purcell of Ballenacloye, Donill oge m’Mahowne Riogh O’Glisane of Mone, Mahown Riogh m’Donill O’Glisane, Teige m’Mahowne O’Molrian, of same, Owny boy m’Mahown O’Molrian of same, Wm. m’Mollaghlin m’Doniell Shiraghedo - yeomen; Dermot m’Mahown O’Mulryan of Ballimkeogh gent; Mahown m’Wm. m’Teig I Molryan of Mone, Rory boy m’Donoghoe more of same, Don m’Donill Roe O’Brien of same; Mahowne O’Cormicke m’Shane O’Molryan of Knockenyrre - yeomen; Conill oge O’Mulryan of Clonfynen, gent; Caher I’Molryan of Derreliagh, gent; Caher O’Molryan Fitz Wm. of same, Gent; Edm O’Molryan of Mone, gent; Wm na Manestreagh O’Mulrian; Henry Fitz Edmunde of Curraghduffe gent; Donill Fitz Edm of same, gent; Philip m’Donoghoe O’Meagher of Rathlesse, yeoman; Rich oge Bourcke of Moneryeffe, gent; Wm Bourcke of Balleviagillevile, gent; Tho O’Fahie of Templenyre, clerk; Da riogh Bourck of Ballenaclohie, gent; Katherin Fitz Wm Bourcke of Killvelegher; Da boy m’Shane Edirre, of Biallankelle; Dermot O’Dohie, yeoman; Rorie and Dermot of Birrain of Bansagh, yeomen; Katherin Grace of same, widow; Ullig Fitz David Bourke of same, gent; Shane Bourke Fitz David of same, gent; David O’Henes of Mogorban, clerk; John Butler of Cabragh, gent; Walter Butler of same, gent; Brien O’Broke of Swyfyn, yeoman;Geoffrey Britt of Lismorehirte (Lismortagh?) gent; Symon Cantwell of Ballibeg, gent; Oliver Grace Fitz Edm. of Thurles, gent; Gillpatrick riogh m’Owyn m’Gillekyffe of Sollochoidbeg, and Philip m’Owyn of same, yeomen; Edm Butler of Rathcon, and Morish Englishe of Rahynagoer, gents; John Hicky Fitz Wm of Cronevoyn, yeoman; Knoghor Fitz Edm O’Dwyre of Beallagh, and Walter Fitz Pattrick of Drome gents; Peirs Fitz John of Inan, yeoman; Katherine Boorke of same, spinster; Cnoghor O’Gormoge of Glanbeg, Donoghoe O’Trehie of Cloncrokyn, Wm. Fitz Rob O’Shea of Comsy, Edm. O’Meolle and James Ballagh Tobyn of Comsy, - yeomen; Knoghor m’Owen O’Mulryan of Grienan; David Fenell of Biallaconmyske yeoman; Rich Forstall of Killferre, gent; Rob duffe Grace of Killines, yeoman; Wm. m’Dermot O’Doyle of Rathkyvane yeoman; James Daton of Ballin’crone, gent; Wm m’Donoghoe O’Brien of Leaghvally, and rich St John of Mortelston, yeomen; Tho St John of same, gent; James St John of same, Morroghoe O’Doly of his m’Ea, Donell O’Felane, Eustace Cantwell, of Cloneorke, John Morres of Drohidnafearrye, and Ed, Morres of same - yeomen; Teige m’Wm Ryan of Synodstown; John Fitz Edmunde of Killarderrye; Rorie m’Ea m’Cragh of Burges; Giles ny Kelly of Our Lady Abby; Teige O’Dowyre of Farrinrorie, yeoman; Art m’Caher of Camgort, gent; Wm Butler of Lisnamrocke, Teige O’Quirke of Scartaghbeg, and Shane m’Mahowne of gortquyllyn - yeomen; Wm Boorke of Ballithomas, gent; Rich Butler Fitz Peirs of Solochoidbeg, gent; Annor ny Brien his wife; Loghlin O’Molrian, Morrish Englishe and Donogh m’Ouyn, of same, yeomen; Salomon White of Ballijames gent; Donoghoe O’Bolan of same, yeoman; David Fitz Walter Boorke of Keappagh, gent; Gillpatrick Oge O’Crocrane of Inan yeoman; Fardorrogha beg of Loran, gent; Hugh O’Maaky of Clasballyconnelly, gent; Redmond O’Rian of Tolle, John Comyn of Doally, Owyn O’Neele of Ballenalony, Neile O’Neele of same, and Wm. Fitz Edm. ower of Downskyagh - yeomen; James Fitz Edm. Butler of Mohobber; John m’Donogho O’Brien of Tullyhedy, gent; Brien m’Owly O’Kenedy of Annagh, gent; Walter Archer of Archerstown, gent; Peirs Archer of same, gent; Geoffrey Boorke of Lissine, Peirs Fitz John of Fens, and Walter Hackett Fitz Redmond of Ballitarsyne, yeomen; Edm. Fitz Tho Butler of Ballinacloghie, gent; Nicholas Fannynge Fitz Edm. e valle, Rich O’Dolin, Geoffrey Morres, and Wm O’Loghnan, of same, Redmond Forstall Fitz Garrot of Kilmanehin, and Tho. St. Leger Fitz Oliver of Tollechambroge, yeomen; Rob Forstall of Kilferre, gent; Shane Fannynge of Lismalyn, gent; Gilpatrick O’Shallowe of Lysmalyn yeoman; Tho Butler of Brittas, Oliver Grace of Archerstowne, Mollrony O’Fogirtie of Boleduffe, Molaghlin O’Fgirtie of Inse, Tho Butler of Croaghan, Edm Fitz Walter Tobyn of Kelnagananagh, Edm Fitz Ricccard Tobin of Balliwater, Riccard Fitz Edm Tobin of same, and Riccard Fitz Walter Tobin of Gortine - gents; Adam and David Fitz Walter Tobin of Kappagh, Wm riogh Butler, of Ballivadley, Teige m’Philip O’Shea of Ballecullin, Philip Fitz Teige O’Carran of Goell (Gaile), and Tho duff Carran of Kilconnill, yeomen; Edm Comerforde of Liaghmokevoge, gent; Gerrot Comerford of same, yeomen; Morroghoe m’Cnoghor O’Dowyre of Cleynaboll, husb., John m’Wm. O’Meagher of same, yeoman; Anstace nyne Donoghoe of Loghkeant, widow; Philip O’Murryn of Carrindea, husb; Wm. Rothe, gent, Cyprian Horsfall , gent Tho oge Butler, of Bialladrohid, Theobald Fitz Tho Butler of same, and Daniel Kearney of Redcittie, yeomen; Donill O’Kerry O’Kenedy of Lisballiagh, gent.  Provisions as in 6497.  Provisio excepting crimes committed after date of Lord deputy’s letter is omitted; and the date of the lord Deputy’s warrant for the pardon inserted in the body of the patent as the period up to which offences are pardoned.  John Comyn excepted from proviso excluding any in prison or on bail - 4th Feb. XLIV.

In grants of custody of minors there is now a clause that they be educated in Trinity College.


6707 (5459).  Pardon to Terence or Tirlagh MaGrath of Ballimacky, gent; Redmond MaGrath of Killoghe (Killough) gent; Barnaby MaGrath of Bleyne, gent; Neile MaGrath Brother of Miler of Camass, gent; Joan Barron, his wife; (These seem to be Miler’s sons, wife excepted); Tho O’Doyre of Ballynemoany, gent; Margaret Carroll, his wife; Grany ny Carroll, her sister; Rich Poer of Pierston, John O’Doyne of Dondromy and Ireyle O’Kenedy of Kilowneyne, gents; Edm Comerford of Leamchevog, gent; Giles ny Meara his wife; Tirlagh Fitz Morris MaGrath, gent; Rich and Gyllepatrick MaGrath of Bleynie, husb; Edm Fitz Rich MaGrath, yeoman; John MaGrath of Ouskeigh, husb; Donell Fitz Matthew Ryan, husb., John O’Collenane, of Killogh, husb; Onory his wife; Wm. Fitz Matthew Rian of same, Tirlagh roo O’Connor of same, Edm. m’Entreyney, John Fitz Donill O’Mearan, Alexander Fitz Tirlagh O’Donyll, Donogho O’Mearan, John O’Mearan Fitz Patr., Donell Fitz Edm. Swyny, Dermod O’Tierny, and Andrew m’Neale MaGrath, - yeomen; Donnogho O’Ballevan, labourer; Andrew Ultagh MaGrath, Edm. m’Crefford, Gerrot Comerford, and Melaghin Leigh, of Burries, yeomen; Gilleneneave O’Tierny, Smith, James MaGrath Fitz Patr. yeoman, Farrell roo O’Rithe, husb., Hugh O’Hanreghan, mason, and Brian O’Hogain, husb - In Co Tipp..  Provisions as in 6579.  Excepting also any in prison or an bail.  Recommended by the letters from Earl of Ormond - 18th Nov. XLV


6628 (5409).  Pardon to Rich Purcell of Loghmore, esq Mary Pluncket, his wife, Ed. Purcell Fitz Geffrie of Ballivrestie, Conell m’Shane glass O’Mulrian of Bollinehowe, and Patr. Stapleton Fitz Redmond of Killvoilchorisse, - yeomen; John O’Fogertie of Beikstown, Edm Fitz Peirs Purcell of Ballinrosse, Conoghor m’Donchie oge O’Laffie of Bollienehowe, Connor O’Laffie of Dovea, Philip O’Laffie Fitz John of Klondotie, Teige m’Donchie O’Fogertie of the Insew (Inch), Rorie O’Mulvihile of Killachre (Killahara), Arte O’Morochowe, Teige m’Casshine, and John m’Kegane, of same, James Purcell Fitz Patr. of Klondotie, James Purcell Fitz Geoffrey of Ballyvrestie, Geoffrey reogh Purcell of Roreestown, Dermot m’Conchie O’Fogertie of Insew, John O’Dermody of Kelucherie, Wm. oge O’Meagher of same, Jovan nyne Reiry of same, widow, Dermod buy m’Teige O’Mullrian of Beakstown, Dermot O’Helie of same, Donill duffe O’Mulane of Loughmore, Donchie m’Teige oge O’Fogertie of the Insewe, Shane O’Kahile of Ratheltie, Wm. O’Kegane of Brownstown, Philip m’Donchie of same, and Philip O’Doughen of Kilkilacher.  Provisions as in 6579 - 14th May XLIV.


6706 (5425).  Pardon to Rich Commerford of Ballyburr (Co. Kilk) gent; Remund Morris of Templemore, gent; Katherine ny Keigan, his wife; Adam Tobin of Garraigibbon, Rob St Leger of Baleneow, Tho Mery of Callan, Petter Cantwell of Oldtowne, Redmund Purcell of Graigerawe, and Rich Purcell of same - gents; Geoffrey Purcell of same, yeoman; James St Leger of Ballenow gent; John Walsh of same, yeoman; Rob Walsh of Ballenecowle, gent; Donnogho O’Meagher of Kilcowle, Donogho O’Shea of Graidnowe, Nich Fitz Rob Gerrald of Liscolyn, Rob Grace of Meylerstown, Rich Tobin of Ballaghoge, Edm O’Brennan of Ballingowan, John O’Fahy of Ardmaile, Teige O’Meagher of same; Donell m’Owen of Ballinbeghin, Peter O’Brennan of same, Donell O’Nolan of Kilcowle, Edm Butler of Mongan, Donogh O’Magher of same, Philip Prowte of Graunge, Walter Forstall of Kilbride, John O’Bolger Fitz Tibbot, Oliver roo Shortall, of Garriduffe, Edm. O’Brennan of Kildergan, Awly O’Bolger of Bellenefrona, Rowrie O’Carroll of Cowleghmore, Redmund Grace of Boylener, Nich Grace of same, James Fitz Tho Prindergaste of Rathogallagh, Teige O’Morroghowe, Oliver Fanynge, of Cappagh, Nich O’Shea of same, Oliver Shortall Fitz Nich of Claragh, Rich m’Teige O’Riergan of Poerstown, and Morrish O’Hicky of same - yeomen; James Daton of Ballemacrone, gent; Gillpatrick roo m’Shera of Busshopscorte, Dermot O’Mulbridy of Ballilorcan, and Patr Bergin of same, yeomen; George Commerford of Ballebut, gent; Tho Shortall of Claragh, John Barron of Burnechurche, Edm Sweetman Fitz Wm of Castleleiff, yeomen; Rich Fitz Nich Grace of Confeyle, gent; Tho Fannynge of Buylekele, gent; James Cleere of same, James Drylen of Kilbergin, Wm. Drylin of same, Hugh O’Neale of Upperclaragh, abd Brian m’Cabbe of same, yeomen; Gerald Fitz Lewes Bryn of Listerlyn, gent; James Dullard of Ballenefunshog, Morris Dowage of same, Teige O’Kelly of Curragh, Murrogho m’Artte Cavenagh, Oliver Morris of Knockagh, Wm. O’Herke of Drome, Tho Fitz Donogho O’Skanlane, Brian O’Kenny, of Drome, and Philip O’Neale of Croghan, yeomen; Wm. Aylward of Aylwardstoune, gent; Peter Aylward of same, yeoman; Wm. Purcell of Aghaley, gent; Edm Purcell of same, gent; Donell O’Cahell of Ballichaell, and Patr Stapleton of Kilclone - yeomen; Dermot and Edm O’Dwyre of Clonehorp, Peter Butler of Moyally, Walter Lawles of Keatingston, and Edm Butler of Lismalin, gents; Hugh m’Eigan of Brittas, yeoman; Katherine Bourke of Roscree, sprinster; Edm Fitz James of Shally, gent; Roree Fitz Edmunde of same, Daniel m’Dermod of same, Teige m’Donogho ne Kylle of Ballicaghan, Edm. m’Shane O’Fogorte of Inshy, Shane O’Fogorte of Grallagh, and wm O’Slattery of Dromdile - yeomen; John Neale of Ballincle, and Walter Stapleton of Drome, gents; John Hickey Fitz Wm. of Cronvone, yeoman; John Butler of Cabbragh, gent; Edm O’Brenan of Croyt, Rich and Edm. Croke of Grage, Philip m’Donogho Crone, Rickard Tobin of graystoune, and David buy of Granerahy, yeomen; Edm m’Shane Termone, gent., James Fitz John Glasse Purcell, gent., Peirse Pursell, of Ballinrosse, gent; Edm Purcell of Dove, Teige m’Shane m’Ecro of Ballicormick, Rorie Carrell of Moghobbur, Philip O’broher of same, and Teige O’Shea of Moddessell - yeomen; Hugh O’Coghy and Gilliduffe O’Kenedy, of Garranmore, John O’Kenedy of Urregh, Hugh O’Kenedy of Raplagh, Deirmod O’Kenedy of Bogherleigh, Edm. O’Kenedy of Ballintot, Brian O’Hogan of Monse, and Wm O’Cleere of Broder - gents; Edm O’Slattery of Dromdilly, Teige m’Donogh of Ballecahane, and Teige O’Gormoge of Balligalverd, yeomen; Tho. Bourke of Balliglass, gent; Peter Purcrll of Munselstoune, yeoman; Rich Stapleton Fitz John of Kilclona, Deirmod O’Haghe of Aghnenurlin, and Teige O’Caffo of Grenan yeomen; Belagh m’Byrrecha of Sragh, gent; Philip O’Mulrian of same, yeoman; Philip O’Kenedie of Tiraglasse, gent; Rob Purcell of Moyally, and Donogho m’Murrogho O’Kenedy of Ballequirke, yeomen; Peter Stapleton of Cloniswelline (Clonismullen) gent; Peter Stapleton of same, yeoman; James Purcell of Balecormick (Cormackstown), gent; Wm m’Gilleduffe of same; Peter Fitz Tho Purcell of same, and Donogho m’Eigan of Lisbane, - yeomen; Rob Purcell of Cloane (Clune) and Nich Callor of Latteragh, gents; Owthney O’Fahy of Ardmayle, Cahir boy of same, Tibbot Fitz Tho Butler of Ballkiren, Walter roe Stapleton of Ardmayle, Tibbot Fitz Rich Butler of same, Florence Fitz patrick of same, and Wm O’Fyan Fian of Synon, - yeomen; Tho Butler of same, gent; Wm O’Feaghe of Balleneclogher, Philip O’Cormick, Edm Fannynge, Tho Fannynge, and Wm O’Magher, of same, - yeomen; Brian O’Kenedy of Traverston, gent; Tho O’Mulrian, Edm O’Hogan, Gillpatrick O’Gilsan, and Donell ne gnave, yeomen; Donell O’Mulrian of Killinleigh, gent; Teige O’Mulrian of Rossnebollegy, Mclaghlin m’Donell of same, Donell O’Mulrian of same, Dermod ballagh of Killineleigh, yeomen; Peter and John Butler Fitz Tho. of Ougterrath, gent; Shane O’Mulriam of Coulien, and Rorie O’Mulrian of Bollebane, gents; Tibbot Bourke of Cowlagh, Dermot m’Shane O’Magher, and wm Stapleton of Clonswillin (Clonismullin), yeomen; Wm. m’Knoghor O’Mulrian of Balleheynod, and Melaghlin O’Kenedy of Seskin, - gent; Rorie O’Horan of Glanbride, yeoman; Wm. O’Dwyre of Cloane, gent; Tho Fitz Piers of Modessell, yeoman; Donell O’Togher, gent., Deirmod O’Clery, yeoman, John oge O’Donell, of Cahir, yeoman; John Bourke of Cloghusalla, gent; Onor Bourke, spinster; Hugh O’Hogan of Oghyll, gent; Owen m’Swynie, Donell O’kenedy, of Dorre, James Cantwell, Terlagh O’brine, of Derreclone, Peirs and Wm Shortall Fitz Leonard, yeomen; Teige m’Eigan of Rodine, Bealagh m’Eigan, Wm Roth Fitz Jefferie, Edm St leger, of Graignekylle, and Wm St Leger of Dirintoake, gents; James Brennagh of Lismalin, and Tho oge Purcell of templeno, yeomen; John O’Hogane of Raogalle, gent; Rich roo Stapleton, Wm Fitz Patr. Stapleton, of Drome, Wm Shallowe, James Stapleton, and John Butler, of Tullaghossane, - yeomen; Cahir O’Mulrian, gent., Tho Shortall of Clarragh, yeoman; James Butler of Kilalgoe, gent; Connor O’Kearney, and teige oge O’Boyle, yeomen, Theobald and Walter Butler Fitz Edm of Annagh, gents; Melaghlin O’Mulrian of Glasderregane, yeoman; John O’Kenedy of Lackeyne, gent; Wm. Cantwell of Kyllines, Rich Fitz Walter O’Shea, Nich O’lahie, Lismalin, Peter Laffan of Noan, and Edm Comyn Fitz Wm. - yeomen; Gerald Grace of Leagane, gent; Oliver Waton of Watonsgrow gent; Edm. Waton of same, Humphrey Bolger of Dongarvan, John O’Mulreane of Leagan, Teige O’Corban, Jeffrey Purcell, of same, Donogh m’Costely of Nenagh, Edm m’Murtagh of same, James O’Quyrrine of same, Rich m’Costilo of same, and Wm Duff of same, yeomen; Hugh O’Mulreane Curraghin, gent; Wm Encoyne O’Kenedy of Ballechiell, gent; Edm Clinton of Morkilly Owen O’Hiffernan, Tho O’Shea, Donogh O’Shea, James Cooke, Teige O’Kierny, of Shanekell, and Tho Butler Fitz Rich, - yeomen; Teige m’Cahir O’Mulrian, gent; Garret Wale, Rich O’Hally, of ballickive, James Fannynge of Bollenvale, and Donill O’Mulrian of Rosseneboggie - yeomen; Kenedy m’Richard m’Brien, clerk, Walter Brennagh Fitz Peirs, Rich Blansvild, of Ballinbloghny John O’Faghie of Ardmaile, Edm O’Connowe Gawran, Murrogho O’Rian of Gurtine, Patr. Fitz Nich m’Coddie of Garran Morrish and Daniel m’Coddie of same, Wm. Tobin Fitz Rich of Gawran, Morrish O’Rian Fitz Peirs of Stackelly; Gillpatrick O’Doyne, Tho Butler Fitz Walter, of Gawran, Donell m’Shane O’Shea of Clonihe, John Fitz Edm beg Tobin of Monnenehone, David Sutton of Cahir, and Tho Tobin Fitz Wm. of Grangemoclyer, - yeomen; Robt Purcell Fitz Jefferie of Glaine, gent; Elizabeth Barron, his wife; Edm m’Cahir, gent; Robnet Purcell Fitz Tho. of Fowkrath gent; Gillpatrick O’Kellie of Glann, yeoman; John Rocheford of Killary, John Tobin of Killahie, Walter Moore Butler of Lackagh, Peter Butler of same, Tho Butler of Ardmaile, and edm Butler of same, gents; Tho White of Callan, burgess; Cyprian Horsfall of Inisnage, James Laffon of Lorge, and Owyne O’Carroll of Modryne, gents; James m’Shane m’Surley, John m’Cormick m’Ela, and Walter Tobin, of Ballagho, yeomen; Owen O’Kenedy of Ballihagh, gent; David O’Coman of melagh, yeoman; Mahowne O’Brien of Ross, gent; Patr boy Hackett, yeoman, Murrogh O’Kenedy of Ballinder, Theobald Bourke of Ellanemore, John Fitz John Fitzpatrick of Ballegihin, and Redmund Purcell Fitz jeffrie of Ballibriste, gents; Patr Purcell Fitz Jefferie, yeoman, Mgt Fitz John Fitzpatrick, of same spinster; Donogho bane O’Meagher of same; Tho. boy Borke of same, Brian Fitz John Fitzpatrick, of Ballegihin, yeoman; grany Fitz John Fitzpatrick of same, spinster; Donell Fitz John Fitzpatrick, Donnogho Fitzpatrick, and Tirlagh Fitz John Fitzpatrick, - yeomen; Philip O’Dwigin Fitz Wm, gent; Daniel O’Rian of Curraghlain, James O’Rian of Ballekannowe, Teige O’Rian of Curraghlain, Derby O’Rian of same, Peirs O’Rian of Stockane, Teige m’Edm. O’Rian of same, John O’Murrihey of same, Rich m’Peirs O’Rian of Pollagh - yeomen; Deirmod Evalle m’Kiermodie of Bannaghdogh, gent., and his wife; Finyne m’Dermod, Wm. m’Dermod, Teige mDeirmod, and Donogh O’Moran, of same, yeomen; Tho Comerford Fitz henry, gent; Walter Denne of Ballehomoge, gent; James m’Coddie Fitz Nich of garren, yeoman; Caher m’Shane O’Mulrian of Cappagh, gent; and Rich Hackett Fitz John Burgess.  Provisions as in 6537.  The prviso for submission and security (in Cos Tipp. and Kilk) applies only to the last 41 persons beginning with Mahowne O’Brien.  Rob Walshe excluded from provisions excluding from pardon any in prison or on bail - 18th Nov. XLV.





6765 (5473).  Pardon to John Grante of Lishenearch, yeomen; Conoghor and Moriertagh O’Glissane of Killmore, and Tho m’Dermod oge of Courgh quyn, gents; Daniel m’Moriertagh O’Glissane of Kilmore, yeoman; Brien O’Kenedy of Anagh, yeoman; Cahir modderie O’Mulrian of Dirrenelaght; Teige m’Shane glasse O’Mulrian of Lisanselle, gent; Patr. Hacket of Ballytarsny, gent; Walter Hacket Fitz Patr. of same, and Edm. Morris Fitz Wm of Latteragh, yeomen; Philip O’Kenedy of Lyegh, gent; Tirrelagh m’Shane O’Donyll of Monkestowne; Rob Fitz John Prindergaste of Knockynleskie, gent; Philip O’Fowlowe of Castleconagh, yeoman; James Purcell Fitz Wm of Blackcastle, John O’Fieghidie of Ballynclohy, James Purcell Fitz Rich of Corbestoune, and John Purcell Fitz Piers of same, Alexander Croake of Capaghidden, Walter Croagh of same, Rich roe O’Miaghan of Corbestowne, Teige O’Many of Keappaghhiddyn, and Tho Purcell Fitz. Wm. of same - yeomen; Irriell O’Kennedy of Garranmore, gent; Cahir m’Shane glass O’Mulryan of Lisnaselle; Rich Graunt, yeomen; Wm. m’Teige Bourke of Cowlequyll, Shane m’Fihie of same, Donogho O’Cormoicke of same, Ullig Fitz Wm. Bourke of Cowlagort, and Rickard Fitz Redmond Bourke of same, - yeomen; Margaret nyn Donell O’Brien of Ballynekelle, widow; Katherine Bourke of same, widow; Miles Cantwell of Killines, gent; Tho Cantwell of Aythasshell, gent; Tho m’Donogh m’Cragh of Caherneleghie; Geoffrey Sall, Merchant; Leonard Grace of Rathsnagg, yeoman; Edm Hackett of Moglasse (Tipp?), Mallage O’Loghnan of Seyeony, John Walsh alias Brennagh of Moglasse, John O’Neale of Borestowne, Oliver Hackett of Syneony, and Tho Butler of same, - yeomen; James Butler Fitz reogh of same, and Tho Fitz Theobald roe Bourke of Finisoge, gents; Wm Bourke Fitz Theobald of Moneaneriffe, yeoman; Donell m’Donogho O’Brien of Twlleheden; John O’Bey of Garran, yeoman; Mahown O’Many of Caddirre, John Fitz Edm Grace of Moyaliffe; Wm O’Glissane of Garrycloghy, gent; Wm. O’Cahy of Derrevorhele; Honora Davides, his wife; Walter Hacket of Syneony, Brien O’Neale and Wm O’Fyan, of same, - yeomen; Henry m’Brien O’Kenedy of Scryboige, gent; Wm. and Conoghor O’Kenedy of same, yeoman; Shane m’Wm. O’Kenedy of Kney Knigh, gent; Andrew m’Grany Fitz James of Ballyvollan, Donell m’Conoghor, m’Tho. Ryan of kelnathlonegort, James Mellegh Tobyn of Comsye, John m’Carrigillassa of Busshopcorte yeoman; Edm. O’Clavun of same, yeoman; Conoghor O’Haghieryn of same; John O’Conell of same, yeoman; Derby m’Tho m’Cragh, David m’Dermod m’Cragh, and Conoghor m’Tho m’Cragh of same, yeomen; James n’Wm. oge Butler of Tullaghea, Nich Fitz Wm. of same, Rich Butler of Nicolstowne, and tho oge Butler of Shaneballyduffe, gents; Derby O’Beghane, husb; Shane Naside of Rechill, shot; Conoghor O’Dae of same, yeoman; Philip Englishe of Ballynegarran, gent; Donogh m’Cragh of Our Lady Abbey, husb; Edm. m’Morrish Prindergast, John Hickey Fitz Wm. of Skartagh, Donogh O’ Mullowny of same, husb; Rich O’Mullowny, Philip O’Hickey Fitz Wm. and derby Hicky of same, husb; Brien m’Tirlagh o’Donell of Balletrasny, Tirrelagh m’Quyn O’Donell of Kiltegane, John Fitz Derby Daniell of Ballyvylishe, James Walsh of Poolcurry, John and Daniel O’Keife of same, yeomen; Philip O’Myagher of Newcastle, and Hugh O’Meagher of same, carpenters; Edm. Tobyn Fitz James of Cappaghnengerran, Cappanagranagh Rich m’Edm. beg Tobyn, and Theobald Fitz Edm Tobyn, of same, yeomen; Benet Sall, Edm Rushell m’Philip, of Lesmore; James Fitz Wm Butler of Lisnatubbered; Anstace Naddy of Prierstoune, spinster; Wm. O’Morroghow m’Donnogho of the Grange, yeoman; Tho m’Morrogh O’kenedie of same, husb; Tho Bourke Fitz Rich, Edm. Bourke Fitz Edw., and Daniel O’Hogan Fitz Tho, of same, Rob Fitz John Power of Ballylagh, John m’Hugh O’Mulgeran, and Wm. Daniell - yeomen ; Edm m’Manus O’Grogane of Ballnamascregh; Redmund White, yeoman, Wm. O’Kellie, yeoman, Philip Keatinge of Morristowne, gent; Tho Butler, butchers Wm O’Mighan of Gracecastle, yeoman; Donell O’dwyre of Ballydawghane, husb; Derby O’Dowan of Garryduffe, harper; Rich Fitz John Hacket of Garran, yeoman; Patr Boyton, Edm o’Muldowny of Garran, yeoman; Philip m’Tho m’Dermod m’Cragh, Dermot m’Shane oge m’Cragh, and Donogh O’Hogan, of Kellirhernagh, yeomen; Rich Mylode, husb., Edm Fitz Morris Power of Rathgormick, yeomen; John Rochan of Abbey of Slonaght (sic), tiler; Philip m’Wm. O’Neal of Priorstown, and Philip O’Conell of Killshelain, yeomen; Shane O’Kenedy of Balleneclaghie, gent; Owen m’Teige O’Kenedie of Curryhinnorryn, Conoghor alias Gillegarraffe O’Hogan, gent., John O’Hogan of same, yeoman; Wm. m’Shane O’Dwhye of Ardmaly, Rich oge O’Shea of Grantstoune; Henry O’Shea of same, yeoman; Dermod O’Hely of Killanaill, James Marryenell of Philipstoune, gent; and Daniel O’Nowlane of Killcowle, Rich Tobyn of Ballydae, John Laffan of Nowan, and John Fanynge of Bowllekeill, yeomen; Oliver Grace Fitz Edm., Daniel m’Hugh O’Mulryan, gent., Donogh m’Donell O’Mulryan, Tho Butler, of Syneoin, gent; Cahir m’Eagan O’Mulryan, Wm. m’Teige Bourke, of Curraghbehy, Shane m’ Shihie of Killardarry, yeoman; Syve ny Carreghlane and Fynolla ny Veagher, of same, spinsters; Wm. oge O’Doniell of Killardarry, yeoman; Daniel m’Wm. m’Kiernane, Cormick m’Cowehnoagh m’Kearnane, Laghlen m’Edm. m’Kearnane, Wm Walsh, of Rathkyvane, yeoman; Tho Bourke of Ballygriffen, Wm. and John Moell Bourke of same, yeomen; Mary Roch Fitz John of Rosgrelle, Theobald Boorke of Nihirly, Edm Bourke, Rich Bourke, of Ballygrenane, Donell O’Cormocke of Middletowne, Edm Wall Fitz John, Rob Power Fitz Morris, Walter Power Fitz Wm. Morris O’Collenain, Owen m’Cormock m’Cartie, James Kenedy, Gerrot Tobin Fitz Davy, Rich Power Fitz Edm, Edm Fitz Rich Power, Teige O’Hally, Teige O’Leyne, Lewis Brennagh Fitz Rich, Walter Gall Fitz Rich, Rich Gall, Rich Wall, - of Newtoune Anor, Edm Power, Donogh and Edm. m’Bryan Fitz Wm. O’Bryan, Morris m’Geralt Fitz Art Kavanagh, John m’Kelly Fitz Patrick, of Ballykeylie, gents; Wm. Higges alias Wm. Gald, Donell m’Shane O’Brian, Lisagh m’Shane O’Brien John O’Meary, of Farrynray; Brian in Donogh O’Brian, Morgan m’Murtagh Kavanagh, Edm Cowsin m’Morrish, of Kilbreckane (in Loughmore) yeoman; Ferdorgh m’Vicken m’Nemarrae of Carownever, gent; Rorie m’Connoghor m’Fynen m’Loghlen of Ardclony, Loghlen m’Connoghor m’Nemarra alias Loughlen Veskarty of Ballycharhy, Teige O’Brien m’Moriertagh mergagh of Carrowick Shane duffe, and Conoghon O’Brienm’Dermod in Tobber of Monygeffane-gents; Gillegromy O’Melane of Kylkydy and Donell O’Greffane of Killcurryhis, yeomen; Moriertagh mergagh m’Brien of Ballyarhynny, Phelim m’Tirrely of Killenogen, and Connor m’Donell O’Groman of Cahermorroghowe, gents; Tho m’Moriertogh O’Gorman of Kahirkanevane, Connor m’Moriertagh of Clonekylly, and Donell m’Shane m’Cody of Knock, yeomen; Teige m’Mahowne roe m’Nemarra of Moughane, Donogh Inchullyn m’Fynine m’Nemarra of Rosse roe, and Hugh m’Clanchy of Balliboa, gents; Moriertagh m’Clancy of same, Donell m’Donogh m’Morogh buy m’Considin of Tirvickclane and Morrogh m’Shane m’Cloane of Cahir roe-meyne-necrirye, yeomen; Morrogh m’Brien roe of Colmyne, gent; Morogh O’Cloghane of Dangane yeoman, Mahowne m’Reynie of Carrowdotie, husb; Mahowne m’Shane m’Dermot of Downemore, Dermot m’Shane m’Dermod of Dyrrycrossane, yeoman; Teige m’Teige O’Harroghow of Downmore, Scalane m’Teige m’Gillpatrick of Ligearde, yeoman; Mary ny Hyene, his wife; Dermod O’Fahy of Turmore Smith; Teige m’Morogh roe m’Mahowne of Dirrycrossane, gent; Donell O’Cahir of Loghnewerie, Moriertagh oge m’Encarigie of Loughbullygin, Teige m’Donogh m’Loghlin of Disduffe, teige m’Fynine buye m’Nemarra of Gortffine, Donell m’Gormane m’Mahowne of Ballym’kea, Donell m’Connor m’Nemarra of Ballyshalline, and Rorie m’Morogh m’Bryn of Raghclaghin, yeomen; Connor O’Brien of Drombyne gent; Morris O’Mulchonile of Ardchile, Shane O’Mulchonile and Shane Parke O’Mulchonile, of same, yeomen; Teig m’Nemarra of Rathnahynie, gent; Fynine m’Dermod m’Fynine m’Gillepatrick of Ballevecoskie Connoyhor O’Nealane m’Conn of Ballebrogheran, Donogh m’Tirrely of Glankyne, Moriertogh m’Connor m’Shihie of Ballyasshey, and James reogh O’Caghan Fitz Nich of Killrusshe, yeomen; Donogho Grana m’Brien ne Mohoyrie O’Brien of Mowgowny, gent; Nich Wyat of Downe Imullvihill, yeoman; Fynin O’Halloran of Killenany, gent; Donell O’Grady of Cahernekearny, gent; Hnora Duffe, his wife; James O’Kirenie of Carrigowle, yeoman; Donell O’Dae m’Vic Cragh of Disert, gent; More ny Voelane of Ballycany; Denis Clancy m’Connor of the Inse, gent; Emyne duff m’Ne Cormane, his wife; Collo m’ Owen m’Swynie of Cahir; Edm m’Cahan of Killeraghe, and Wm o’Hogan of Lismoeloryney, gents; Donogh m’Cahill O’Roghan of Illane Inshecronane, Mortagh m’Conell O’Meagher of Balleboa, yeomen; Hanora ny Mahowne ny m’Cormane of Ballem’Ea, Cahell m’Connor roe m’Enormoyele of Caherrushe yeoman; Shane oge m’Shane m’Richard of Rosse, Teige O’Colman of Croabryde, and Donell ny Grye m’Shane buye of Clonyne, yeomen; Fynarrag ny Flannagan of Ballemahowny; Mahown O’Gegin of Bealletyrrie gent; Donell of Gegin of Knockowhny, gent; Donell grawy m’Edm. reogh of Carragh, gent; John ne Knave m’Edmund of Cahir Eknaggery, yeoman; Laghlin m’Owen of Poltylebane, Donogh m’Cragh of Clonesyde, Owny oge O’Mulryan of Cappoghchullin, and Wm. m’Connor Evalle O’Mullrian of Rath, gents; Patt O’Dwyne of the Abbey of Owghny, and Connor O’Meagher of same, yeomen; Adam Walsh of same (Owney) St. Peirs Butler Fitz John of ther Nenagh gents; Donogho O’Slatterie of Knockenanymy, Donell O’Slatterie O’leyne of Athasshell, Geoffrey Cantwell Fitz Walter, Rich Comyn Fitz Tho of Kiltenan, Rich Hackett Fitz Philip of Graige, James Britt of Kilkmockan, and Redmund Britt of Cowlemore, yeomen; Tho Butler Fitz John of Ballevadle, gent; James Harrold, Rich Laffane, Walter Graunte, Kenedy O’Hogan, of Grauntstown, and Dermod O’Shanaghan, yeomen; Peaddurus m’Birrekry of Ballemabellynagh, gent L Oliver alias Gilleneneffe m’Berrickerey of same, Wm Fitz Tho Butler, John St. John, and Rich Fitz Edm St John, yeoman; Rorie roe, husb; David Bourke m’Moyrere, yeomen; James Butler Fitz Wm. of Tullaghea, gent; John and Nich Butler Fitz Wm. of same, Walter O’Shea Fitz Rob of Glanneskeagh, Wm. O’Meagher of Ballequylline, and Peirs Hackett Fitz Philip of Ballenmony, yeomen; Ellice Bourke nyne Tho. of same, spinster; Ellice ny Magher, widow and John St John Fitz Wm. of Mortlestowne, Tho Mockler of Rathdromy, Rich and Peter Mochler, and Cornelius Fitz Rich O’Kearny, of same, Owhny O’Carroll of Drangane, Wm. Kearny Fitz Patr. of Knockeraffon, John Butler Fitz Edm of Tullaghlassan, Jordan Comyne Fitz Peirs of Bellenennan, John O’Shea Fitz Tho. of same, Hugh O’Comane of same, Teige O’Shea of Balleloneghan, and Redmund Purcell Fitz Rob of Athnyd, yeomen; Anastace Flemynge of Loghkente, widow; James Butler Fitz Tho of Ballevadyn, Hugh O’Mulrian Fitz John of Cloran, Wm. O’Shea Fitz Tho of same, James Walle Fitz John of Newtoune Anor, Rich and John Birmigham alias m’Keorish of Momockstowne, Philip Fitz Rich Stackbolde of Killnegannagh, Wm. Roegh Butler Fitz Tho. of same, Tibbot Butler Fitz Tho of Cappaghmore, and Teige Fitz Rob O’Shea of Cappeoge, yeomen; Wm. Teige O’Gormogan of Gracescastle, carpenter; John O’Hicky m’Donell of same, Dermod m’Donell O’Rien of same, carpenter; Gillepatrick O’Hickey of same, smith; Rich Englishe of same, husb; John Engleshe of same yeoman; Dermod m’Philip O’Keherne of same, weaver; John Fitz Tho Lonergan of Burges yeoman; Dermod m’Teige O’Gormogan of Garrangibbon, carpenter; Wm. O’Corban of Whyte Church, husb; Oliver Fannynge Fitz James of Garrynegrey, gent; Wm. Cantwell of Glingoell, yeoman; Rich moell Purcell of Garrecloghie, gent; Philip alias Gilleduffe O’Kenedy of Ballencasselane, gent; Kyen O’Carroll of same, yeoman; Irriell O’Kenedy of Garranmore, gent; Tho O’Coman of Ardfynan, Edm. Blake of same, Donogh m’Cragh of Our Lady Abbey, and Wm. O’Slatterie of Dromdlyle, husbandmanmen; John Tobyn of Cappagh ne Garran, James Purcell Fitz Wm. of Burresleagh, and Teige O’Meagher Fitz Wm., yeomen; Rich Fitz Tibbot of Balleowen, husb; Edm Hacket of Homoskstoune, Donogh oge m’Donnogho m’Cahir of Cloghtany, Walter Butler Fitz Tho m’Edm. of Knockgraffan, Kenedy O’Hogan Rob Casse, Rob duffe O’Naddy, Edm. Fitz Rob duffe O’Naddy, Philip O’Dwyre, of Cloran, yeomen; Peirs Sweetman of Knockagh, gent; Connor m’Thomas of Buylenehawe, Edm. buye O’Hogane (or O’Hegane) of Killahere, Donnogho O’Laneghan of Duffey (Dovea); Cornelius o’Mulrian of same, Teige Fitz Wm. O’Meagher of Burresleagh, Rosse m’Keadagh O’Moloy of Loughmoye, Piers Butler Fitz Nich of Ballenecloghy, Walter Fitz Rob O’Shea of Kilmanemnaine, and Rich Prowte of Garrangibbon, yeomen; James English of Gracescastle, John glasse Fitz Daniel O’Mulrian of Kilnathlongart, gent; John Fitz Moriertagh O’Kenedy of Kilmonie, Morice Fitz Rob Prindergaste of Knockinlosky, and Donogh m’Mahowne of Abia ne Sleonaghta (sic), husb.  Provisions as in 6497, save proviso excepting crimes committed after the date of the Lord President’s letter is ommitted, and the date of the Lord Deputy’s warrant for the pardon inserted in the body of the patent, as the period up to which offences are pardoned.  Pardon not to extend to any murder committed by any of parties before they entered into rebellion - 3rd March XLV.   (C.P.R, 634).


6766 (5477).  Pardon to John White of Cloanemell (Clonmel) esq., late late Sheriff of Co. Watr.; John Tobin of Killaha esq; Ellenor Butler nyne Rich of Ballettobyn; Ellen Tobin, his daughter; Rich Kearnie of Ballydowagh gent; Jeoffrey Prendergast of Newcastle, gent; Edm. Butler of Mollagh Emona, gent; Henry Brennoge, Donnogho buye O’Clery, Alson Topell, spinster, Tho Fitz Rich Butler, of Knockcraffon, gent; Wm. m’Connoghor O’Mulrian of Ballyhinod, Peter Grace of Synon, gent; Teige O’Carran, victler, John O’Henry, husb., Brien m’Tirrelagh O’Donell of Reghill, Kenedy m’Connoghor O’Lonergan, yeoman, John Wall, Killehehetagh, husb; Wm. O’Herrigg of Kedragh, Moenus m’Shihie of Whitechurche, yeoman, Rich Fitz Morris Prendergaste of same, Edm. Fitz Johnin, and John Brennagh, of Balleknockan, yeomen; John O’Mulrian of Rathm’cartie, and Philip O’Mulrian of same, husb; John Neale of Ballencnockane; Brian m’Donogh Kavanagh of Balleloghan, gent; Dowle m’Moriertagh O’Birne, Salomon Whyte, of Russelstoune; Rob Naddy of Priorstoune, husb; James and Walter Butler Fitz John of Waddingston, gents; Edm Fitz Morrogho O’Lonergane, Edm Power, of Rathm’cartie, and Peirs Butler Fitz Tho of Ballenarde, yeomen; Conleigh O’Birne m’Gillepatrick gent., Dermod m’Donogh m’ Morrogho by m’ Considin of Tirvicklane, and James O Helane m’ Donell buy of Agherim yeomen; Jeffrey Fannyngl m’ Edm of Kilmokyn, Mgt. Flood of Kilkenny, Derby Kavanagh of Tullogh, James O Brennan of Cloghgrennan, Edm fitz Rob Swelteman of Castleleive, Geralt Wall of Clonemell merchant, James Bulter pity Wm of Graige, Rob fitz Jefferie Prendergast, gent, Owen O Keefe of Kelshelane, Wm m’ Connoghor o Mulrias of same, David O Keefe of Abbey oughny, Donell O Cronyne of same, Thos. Bulter fitz Edm. of Tullahasony yeoman.  Provided they appear and submit before Nick Walsh, Knt., Chief Justice of the Common Bench, W. Sarey the Chief Justice of Munster, John Everarde, Second Justice of the place, Gerald Comerford, Second Justice of Munster, and Dominick Sarsfield, queen’s attorney of the province, or 2 of them, within 3 months, and be sufficianthy bound with sureties; and that all recognyances taken be recorded in the council book of the province of Munster, at the next sessions in the county where the parties live.  Unless the persons aforesaid find security within 3 months, the pardon, as to them, to be of no effect.  Pardon not to extend to any intrusion on crown lands, or debts to crown - 3rd Mar. XLV.  (C.P.R.-629).